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In Memory of Adam Wright (February 22, 1988-January 17, 2013)

Usually, our posts have something to do with television or a recent interview. Today, this post is about something more sombre but someone who was a star in a lot of eyes. Adam Wright, creator/editor-in-chief of the website TVDoneWright.com, passed away recently at the young age of twenty-four.

Adam was a force to be reckoned with as a writer and as a TV viewer. In fact, his anger at some moments on popular shows led him to create the hashtag #AdamRage – justifiably so. If I’m honest, there were many times I wanted to unfollow him on Twitter because his rage at certain shows (Glee…) was driving me bonkers. However, Adam, I should tell you… You may have been smarter than I was. It’s really terrible lately.

Adam guest contributed to TVIsmyPacifier a while back, to our “If We Controlled Your Remote” column. He was funny, poignant, and as always…purely Adam. I had the pleasure of sharing a few chats with him, bonding over our being Canadians and a love for Tim Hortons coffee. (Although, he won because he drank WAY more than I did.) Adam was quick to invite me over to his site to live-blog during award shows, and I found myself with lack of comments because I was so enthralled in his minute-by-minute commentary.

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