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Trailers for New Fall Shows on CBS & Our Thoughts

You saw all the trailers and our thoughts on the new shows for ABC, NBC, & FOX. Now check out the same for the new CBS shows!

Link to Elementary on CBS.com.

Jenny’s Thoughts: It’s a cop show, which I love, and Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are fantastic as Sherlock Holmes and a female Watson. I really loved the trailer, so I’m anxious to see more of this one. I think if you like The Mentalist, you’ll enjoy this one, too. – Excited
Megan’s Thoughts: Pure brilliance. I love the fact that Watson is a woman, and I love the eccentric, harsh character that Holmes is. It’s bound to be a hit if they can keep up the witty banter in the script while still solving crimes. I’m hooked already. – Excited
Kyle’s Thoughts: Did we really need another Sherlock Holmes adaptation? While the answer is “no,” I do like Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, and this does look like a good show. This version of Holmes kind of reminds me of Patrick Jane with a British accent. – Excited

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