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If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/19/14

Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians! I hope you have all had a relaxing weekend like me, and for all you Americans…don’t worry, your turn is coming soon. While I soak up the last hours of the first long weekend of the summer, let’s see what we’re recommending to entertain you tonight.

Megan’s Choice #1

mikemolly519smallMike & Molly has had a different season than the past three, with Molly no longer teaching and her character becoming a little more rough around the edges. All the changes aside, I’ve enjoyed it, especially with all the great guest stars, like Susan Sarandon and Kathy Bates. It’s been fun to watch Molly pursue her dreams of being a writer, but I’m concerned that it may wreak havoc on their marriage. I guess next season will tell us that, right?

On tonight’s season finale, “Eight is Enough,” Molly gets accepted into an elite eight-week writer’s workshop in Iowa, but faces a big decision when Mike asks her not to go.

To see if Mike will let her follow her dream, tune in to CBS at 9/8c.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/14/14

It’s the start of another week, but thank goodness it’s a short week, with Easter at the end of the tunnel. Let’s see we’re recommending tonight to help us unwind after another manic Monday.

Megan’s Choice

bones414smallBones has been having a really strong season, but I’m also really loving the move to Mondays. The character development has been great, especially when it concerns relationship growth for Booth and Bones. Last week’s episode brought up quite a controversial issue about marijuana used for medical reasons, with the victim of the week being a woman who was suffering from MS and worked at a dispensary. The issues were intensified when Wendell came back to work and admitted that he was using cannabis to help with the side effects from the cancer treatments. Cam fired him because, even if it is legal in DC, the Jeffersonian is federally sanctioned, and on a federal level, marijuana is illegal. This caused a rift in the team, but in the end, Booth helped Wendell get a job back at the Jeffersonian as a consultant, because that makes it out of federal jurisdiction. I loved how this subject was handled and how the team eventually came around and helped each other.

On tonight’s episode, “The Cold in the Case,” the team investigates the death of a woman who is cryogenically frozen; Cam is hesitant about meeting Arastoo’s parents; Booth is up for a promotion. Shohreh Aghdashloo (Grimm, 24) guest stars.

To see what kind of promotion our favorite FBI agent is up for, tune in to FOX at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching The Voice, Mom, Star-Crossed, The Following, & Rick & Morty.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/8/13

Geez louise! We’re already into the second week of July! A friend told me Sunday night that we had like 170 days until Christmas. Insane, I tell ya. Time flies, whether your having fun or not. LOL So to help us pass the time—since it’s flying anyway!—here’s what we recommend for tonight’s TV. 🙂

Jenny’s Choice

kingmaxwell78smallI am still loving King & Maxwell on TNT. Last week’s case of the kidnapped little boy was great. We got to watch Sean & Michelle work to solve the case, putting together clues (with the help of the fantastic Edgar) to figure out that the mother used to be an art thief, and her old partner was out of jail and holding her son hostage in exchange for her stealing a painting from the museum she worked at. The way they set up the bad guy at the end was great, although how they got out of the car with no one noticing, I dunno. Also, Edgar continued looking into the video of the day Sean’s political candidate was shot and killed…and he thinks he’s come up with something that proves Sean was set up to be blinded so the guy could be shot. That’s how I’m taking it, anyway. Hopefully we’ll learn more about it tonight!

On tonight’s episode, “Loved Ones,” when the son of one of Sean’s old associates commits suicide, suspicions regarding his death arise. King and Maxwell’s investigation opens up an unexpected case involving a killer targeting the family members of former Secret Service agents.

See if Michelle can keep Sean safe while they find the bad guy tonight on TNT at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing American Ninja Warrior, The Glades, Major Crimes, Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, Longmire, Siberia, Under the Dome, & Warehouse 13.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/1/13

Happy first day of July, people! It seems fitting that the second half of the year starts out on a Monday. It can only go up from here, right? No? *sigh* Fine. 😉 Well, there’s a lot on to help us start the week out right, so check out our recommendations!

Jenny’s Choice #1

warehouse1371smallOh dang. Warehouse 13 is kicking it into high gear leading into next week’s season finale. It doesn’t seem possible that we have 8 episodes to go, including tonight’s penultimate episode. Last week, we learned more about Charlotte Dupres (the Countess of St. Germaine) and Nick…her son. It doesn’t seem like they’re the bad guys I was expecting them to be, unless we haven’t yet seen everything we need to see. It wasn’t Nick who bronzed Claudia. It was the evil alchemist, Paracelsus, who Nick de-bronzed and set free. I know Nick and Charlotte supposedly need him to help break the curse of immortality, but this guy seems like BAD news. Claudia is in a bad way. She wasn’t bronzed or stored correctly, so she’s dying, even though the bronzing process is supposed to prevent that. Also last week, Myka admitted to Pete about her cancer diagnosis. It was a heartwrenching moment—especially after seeing her funny daydreams about his possible reactions.

On tonight’s episode, “All the Time in the World,” time is quickly running out in the Warehouse 13 team’s search for the evil alchemist who bronzed Claudia and stole the only artifact that can reverse the condition—and it seems Mrs. Frederic and the Warehouse are affected, too.

Find out if the team can save Claudia tonight and the futures of their fearless, mysterious leader & the Warehouse too on Syfy at 10/9c.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/17/13

I hope everyone had a great weekend—and if applicable, I hope you spent time with the special dad in your life. Our Father’s Day was pretty good. I got to catch up on some much-needed sleep while Scott & Josh went to the movies to see Star Trek, and then we made ribs for dinner & played cards while they were cooking. Then after dinner, all of us played Uno for a few minutes and spent some time together as a family. So it was good. But the weekend’s over, which means work…but also some great new TV. So check out what we’re recommending tonight!

Jenny’s Choice

majorcrimes617smallI have to admit, until last week’s season premiere, I hadn’t seen a single episode of Major Crimes. I loved The Closer, but I hated the story line with Brenda at the end—against the one “big bad” and then the story about going after her in court…so I quit watching before the show ended. I wasn’t a big fan of Captain Raydor whenever she showed up. But…I’m missing shows like that right now, where there’s more drama & cop stuff than humor (even though I love those shows, like Castle, Bones, & Rizzoli & Isles when it starts up again), so I decided to try it out, figuring the season premiere was a good place to start. I had kind of been keeping up with the show because of the recaps/reviews Lindsay writes on here, so I wasn’t completely lost. I knew about Rusty and about him living with Captain Raydor. So I had some ideas going in. But I was more than pleasantly surprised when it really felt a lot like The Closer always did. The team was strong, there was a bit of humor, and the story was strong. So I can’t wait to continue watching in the hopes that I continue to enjoy.

On tonight’s episode, “False Pretenses,” a complex murder-suicide case has the department reeling. Meanwhile, when Rusty receives a mysterious and threatening letter, Emma demands that he be relocated. Torn between her desire to protect Rusty and professional duty to the case, Raydor is forced to seriously consider Emma’s request.

See if Raydor gives in or fights to keep him with her tonight on TNT at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Defiance, The Glades, Longmire, Warehouse 13, Diners, Drive-in & Dives, & King & Maxwell.
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