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Interview with Willie Garson from White Collar

Willie Garson (John from Cincinnati, Sex and the City) spoke the other day with the press about season two of White Collar. He was all too happy to talk about his character, Mozzie. Mozzie, Neal Caffrey’s most trusted friend and co-conspirator, Mozzie has deep ties to the criminal underworld and can get just about anything for Neal, from classified secrets to cutting edge technology.

Mozzie’s encyclopedic knowledge of cons and schemes, along with a wealth of shadowy connections, allow Neal to play on both sides of the law. With each case Mozzie’s expertise helps solve, he further entrenches as an invaluable ally to Neal, but also a useful source for Peter Burke and the FBI.

Don’t miss the season premiere of White Collar tonight on USA at 9/8c, and jump with me to read the great interview with Willie Garson! Continue reading

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