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Interview with Zachary Levi & Joshua Gomez from Chuck

Zachary Levil (Chuck) & Joshua Gomez (Morgan) recently spoke with reporters and bloggers about the return of the NBC show, Chuck. Check out all the questions & answers below, then be sure and watch the return of the show tonight on NBC at 8/7c.

I know that you’re on Twitter Zach and I was wondering how important has social networking sites been for Chuck’s campaign to keep the show around and to, you know, promote the show in general as well?

Zachary Levi: Well, you know, as far as getting the show back I wasn’t on Twitter before that so Twitter wasn’t really a part of that as far as I was concerned but I know that a lot of fans certainly utilized it and utilized Facebook, you know, got the word out. I mean, the Inter-Web at large is just a huge and great way to virally get information around and keep fans informed.

And so I, I mean, I think it’s fantastic. I think that Twitter – I’ve, you know, come to really embrace it when I first heard about it. I thought this is absolutely ridiculous it’s like just, you know, Facebook status updates all the time and that’s like the worst part of Facebook. I don’t need to know when everybody’s taking a poop.

But I’ve quickly come to realize that it’s a really great…

Joshua Gomez: Everybody poops.

Zachary Levi: …you know…


Joshua Gomez: Oh.

Zachary Levi: That’s great. Well I read a book about that when I was a kid so I already…

Joshua Gomez: Yeah, yeah.

Zachary Levi: …knew that. But a two-humped camel has a two-hump poop. Just kidding.

Joshua Gomez: Yeah.

Zachary Levi: But at any rate I really think it’s invaluable especially nowadays, especially with so many people, you know, watching entertainment online or DVR, you know, whatever, it’s a way to really stay connected and kind of give back to your fans, little Easter eggs, little nuggets, you know.

Nathan Fillian, for example, came and visited the set the other day. And I know how many fans of ours are also fans of Nathans because, you know, they followed Adam from Firefly and, you know, it’s just the whole geekdom world that I very much include myself and to be a part of and I know Josh does as well. If you can embrace it and utilize it it’s just good for everything.

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