If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/23/15

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

theamazingracesmallWhile I’ve been enjoying this season of The Amazing Race, there’s one team I really want gone…and it seems like most of the others do as well. Last week, the teams headed to Zambia, and brothers Tanner & Josh offered the second Express Pass to whichever team U-Turned Justin & Diana. However, the brothers jumped the gun and wasted their Express Pass on an easy Roadblock, only to discover the next leg didn’t even start until the next morning, so all of the teams were caught up before the U-Turn. Justin & Diana got to the U-Turn first but decided not to use it and ended up making it to the pit stop first. When Tanner and Josh reached the pit stop, they discovered the leg was not over and that they were still racing. However, it was time for them to choose who gets the Express Pass – and we were left hanging as to their decision.

Who will Tanner and Josh give the Express Pass to? Will they stick with their partners, the news reporters (who they don’t realize also have a deal with Justin & Diana), will they go with a strong team so that it doesn’t make a big difference, or will they go with some other strategy? And who will be eliminated this week? I really hope somehow tonight the incredibly obnoxious and annoying Justin goes from first to last!

On tonight’s episode, “King of the Jungle (Zambia, Africa),” the race continues in Zambia, Africa, where racers plunge more than 250 feet over the Zambezi River, feed a trio of crocodiles, and walk with lions through a jungle.

To see which team goes home, tune in to CBS at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Undateable, Truth Be Told, Z Nation, and The Knick.
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Jenny’s Choice

hawaiifiveo1023smallMy favorite story line on last week’s Hawaii Five-0 had to be Adam’s kidnapping. This poor guy just can’t catch a break! First he was trying to legitimize his family’s business, separating it from the Yakuza. He ended up leaving for a while, and when he came back and he and Kono decided to get married, he decided to sell off his remaining shares of the business to the bad guy (a man who’d been friends/partners with Adam’s father for a long time). Then the day after their wedding, Gabriel (Chin’s former brother-in-law and all-around bad guy) tortured them in order to get the money Adam was going to use to pay off the other bad guys. Now that Gabriel’s in the wind with the dough, Adam can’t pay off the other guy, and that’s not good. Last week, that guy had him kidnapped and forced him to beat up one of Gabriel’s men they’d captured, in the hopes that he would give up Gabriel’s location. In the end, he either didn’t know it or refused to give it up, and Adam’s kidnapper killed him, telling Adam that now he knew he’d do whatever it took to get the money back. So the target on his back – and Kono’s – is even bigger than before. And of course he didn’t tell Kono what happened. *sigh*

Case-wise, a wealthy recluse was killed, but it turned out to be by accident, which was a shame since he was trying to drop off a ransom to rescue his pseudo-daughter, who’d been kidnapped. In the end, the team figured out where she was being held and who’d done it and rescued her, but the guy was still dead, and that was pretty sad. I do so love seeing Willie Garson as artist and con artist Gerard Hirsch. He’s always hysterical.

On tonight’s episode, “Ka ‘alapahi nui (Big Lie),” Five-0 must interrogate members of a stunt bikers gang to find a killer who escaped by jumping his motorcycle from one roof onto another. Also, the team prepares to race in a Tough Mudder competition. American daredevil Robbie Knievel (son of Evel Knievel) guest stars.

Check out the team’s workout for the Tough Mudder tonight on CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Amazing Race, Last Man Standing, Truth Be Told, Undateable, Blue Bloods, & BBQ Blitz.

Megan’s Choice

bluebloods1023smallI realize that I recommend a lot of procedural dramas, but I love each one for a different reason. For example, I love Blue Bloods because of the cast and the family dynamics displayed by the Regans. Jamie is still one of the best characters in my opinion because he has both the legal mind of a lawyer and the detective skills of an officer, all wrapped in an exterior that’s definitely easy on the eyes.

On last’s week episode, Jamie and Eddie handled a call about a woman wandering around in traffic, but when they got there, they realized that she was a mentally disturbed girl and Jamie managed to talk her down. They brought the girl home to her dad’s house, where we found out that she had schizophrenia and that he couldn’t afford a private home for her but won’t place her in a state home because of their awful conditions. This didn’t sit well with Jamie, and he started trying to find a way to help her. Unfortunately, they got called back to the house because the daughter stabbed her father in the arm because she thought he was trying to take her somewhere. It was all a misunderstanding, but Jamie managed to talk her down before the officers who first responded shot her for having a knife. By the end of the episode, Jamie had found a way to get her into a private hospital, but what’s terrible is that when he went to talk to her father, he found out the daughter committed suicide. Jamie was heartbroken and went to speak with the commissioner, who decided – after Jamie’s recommendation – to order a committee for working with the mentally ill, but only if Jamie agreed to head it up. Such a great moment between them.

On tonight’s episode, “Backstabbers,” Danny joins the hunt for two escaped convicts after hearing one of them is someone he helped to wrongfully imprison. Also, Gormley criticizes a plan from Trey Delgado, an NYPD sergeant who Gormley thinks is having an affair with his wife.

Find out if Gormley can control his temper tonight on CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching The Amazing Race, Hawaii Five-0, Dr. Ken, and Undateable.

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