Kate Moss & DJ Fat Tony Pair Up for Fat Moss


After many years cementing her stature as one of the most popular supermodels the world has ever seen, Kate Moss is still at the top of her game, commanding up to $400,000 a day for a shoot, and has extended her talents to a collaborative musical venture with DJ Fat Tony as an act dubbed ‘Fat Moss’.

When scouted by Sarah Doukas, of the famous Storm Models, Moss was only 14 years old in 1988, spotted by Doukas at JFK airport while with her father on a business trip with Pan Am. She rose to fame during the 90s, forming part of the heroic chic movement, a movement emphasising a thin, pallid and angular look with dark shadowed eyes, as opposed to the previously popular healthier looking models Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer.

During this period, Kate Moss’s famously slim frame no doubt assisted her success during the obsession for models to reach size zero in order to see any sort of success. The media meanwhile began to take an active interest in her lifestyle, filled as it was by drug taking and frequent partying.

Frequently recognised for her contribution to modelling, Moss won an award at the British Fashion Awards in 2013 for her efforts and has also turned her hand to a number of musical ventures. For those looking to book a Kate Moss DJ set, her recent partnership with experienced DJ Fat Tony is now available as ‘Fat Moss’ to book through MN2S Booking Agency in London, and has seen them perform at Chopard in Cannes.

With hugely popular work for Topshop under her belt amongst many other high profile campaigns, Moss was rightly voted one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the World by TIME magazine in 2007 and was voted 9th on Maxim’s “50 Sexiest Women of 1999” and 22nd in FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women of 1995”.


She has understandably been the subject of many works of art, arguably the most impressive of which was an incredible hollow 18 carat gold statue of the model by Marc Quinn valued at £1.5 million and exhibited in the British Museum, who described his subject as “the ideal beauty of the moment”. The subject of paintings by famous artists such as Chuck Close and Lucian Freud, the latter’s painting of the star sold for an astonishing £3.93 million at Christie’s.

After 28 years in partnership with the agency that made her name, Storm Models, Kate Moss recently split from the company to form her own agency, although the model’s 18 year old half-sister Lottie Moss remains one of their clients. Spotted at an even younger age that Kate, Lottie was just 13 when she was picked up by Storm Models, scouted when she appeared as a bridesmaid at Kate’s wedding to Jamie Hince. The partnership was fruitful for agency and Kate Moss alike, with Sarah Doukas telling of how she said to Kate Moss, “’I’m going to make you a star.’ I didn’t know I was going to make her a superstar.”

In spite of initial disagreements with her mother at the very beginning of her career, Moss’s determination proved one of the keys to her success in the fashion business, a passion for which she exhibited in childhood when dressing up her brother in women’s clothes and naming him Sylvia under said guise.


From humble beginnings growing up in the rough South London suburb of Croydon, Moss comments, “My brother still lives near there, and he doesn’t really go to pubs there, it’s so rough. But it was quite fun growing up there, because it is so rough. There’s street stuff going on. Everyone used to hang out in parks and have fights and go to the cinema and have fights. Bit of a fight culture in Croydon.” Having been asked if this created something of a desire to escape, Moss explains: “I don’t mind a fight,” says Moss. “What I wanted to get out of was the whole thing of, this is it. This is what life is. I never had that feeling of, that’s your lot.”

Such a hugely popular figure in the fashion world is understandably in high demand worldwide, and now with another string to her bow with her ‘Fat Moss’ venture, she is a perfect addition to the classiest of events, and can be booked through London based Talent Agency MN2S.

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