Recap/Review – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 11/4/16

Yesterday was a new episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, titled “All Signs Point To Josh… Or Is It Josh’s Friend?” As always, I enjoyed it, so check out my recap/review now!


crazyexgfrecap114smallIn the beginning of this episode, we find Rebecca and Josh in bed together, then Greg shows up with a pizza. (What?!) They invite Greg into bed with them, and they seem cozy together. They’re all in agreement that being in a relationship together is a fabulous idea.

While this seems ridiculous…it is! The scenario is actually Rebecca questioning a thrupple she found on Craiglist, who are in a polyamorous relationship. She thinks that her relationship with Josh and Greg is like theirs. They explain to her that their relationship isn’t a “default” option for Rebecca’s inability to choose between the two men in her life. They tell her she’s in a love triangle.

Rebecca breaks into a Marilyn Monroe-esque song about love triangles entitled, “The Math of Love Triangles.” In the song, a group of men dressed like professors attempt to explain the geometric part of “love triangle” quite unsuccessfully, and by the end of the number, Rebecca hasn’t learned much about her predicament.

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Rebecca visits with Dr. Akopian, who explains to her that (1) neither Josh or Greg is offering a relationship to her, and (2) because of her mental health issues she shouldn’t be in a relationship with anyone at that point. Rebecca fights her on the issue, saying she feels it’s her destiny to be with one of them. She puts her faith in the universe and cuts the session short. Rebecca leaves, and Dr. Akopian wonders to herself if its ethical to take Rebecca’s money anymore, but she really wants a kayak.

Rebecca is walking down the street and tells the universe she’s ready for sign. A little boy walks by in a karate outfit, so that is one point for Josh, and then accidently kicks a whiskey bottle on the ground, which adds a point for Greg. She continues walking, waiting for more signs to make a decision for her.

Greg comes home to find his father in the final steps of selling the house without informing him. Marco is giving Greg half the money to pay for Emory. Greg’s only concern is staying sober at the moment. Marco explains that he would have sold the house years ago but was waiting for Greg to get his life together. And he’s ready to move on to a “singles” retirement home. Greg explains that he is afraid to make any big changes while he’s in recovery. Marco tells Greg the decision is final.

Paula and Rebecca are in the lunchroom, and Rebecca is bummed that she can’t make a decision since she sees signs for Team Greg and Team Josh everywhere. Rebecca gets a notification on her phone that it’s Period Day. Since she and Paula are on the same schedule, they find it strange that they’re both late. Paula vents to Rebecca on how hard it is to wait for her acceptance letter to law school. Darryl comes into the room and gives the girls chocolate since he also got a notification of their period. Paula wonders aloud why Darryl is wearing a hiking outfit, and he explains that he and White Josh frequently go to Heritage Bridge, a romantic spot in town. Rebecca runs to the garbage can and throws up, coming to the realization that she is pregnant.

Paula questions Rebecca on her jumping to conclusions that she is pregnant because she threw up once. Rebecca thinks she is because she ate an egg sandwich, which was always something her mother got sick on when she was pregnant. Paula urges her to take a test, but Rebecca knows that the universe is sending her a sign that she should be with Josh. Paula leaves to go to the store to get a test for her anyway.

Greg and Guardrail are in the park having coffee. Greg opens up and tells him that Marco has given him his dream on a silver platter and he doesn’t know if he should be making a big change while in recovery. Guardrail tells Greg that these rules are more like guidelines, and that he can continue AA in Atlanta. Greg wants Guardrail to make a decision for him but Guardrail refuses, saying it’s a choice Greg has to make for himself.

Josh comes to Rebecca’s place after she frantically texted him. Rebecca is all over him and says she feels so close to him now. Josh finds prenatal vitamins, and Rebecca tells him she’s pregnant. She explains to him that the baby is a sign for them to be together. She bounces baby names off him and then excuses herself to go to the bathroom, while Josh sits in silent disbelief. Rebecca comes out and states that she just got her period and that they should have some “period sex,” breaking out into a short song until Josh interrupts her. Josh flips out about how upset he was since she told him she was pregnant. And to him, that was a sign to confirm how he’d been feeling about them lately. He leaves, breaking it off with her.

At work the next day, Paula gives Rebecca a pregnancy test. Rebecca tells Paula she’s not pregnant and that Josh broke up with her. Paula suggests Rebecca takes a break from guys, and Rebecca agrees, leaving to take a walk by herself. Paula still hasn’t gotten her period, and she calls Scott to meet her at home.

At their house, Scott and Paula discuss taking the test. Paula thinks that fate is messing with her when she finally has her life together. Paula goes back to work, taking the test with her.

Rebecca runs into Greg at Heritage Bridge. They talk about how much free time Greg has now that he’s not drinking. He even saved enough money to buy some new shoes! And they talked how much they ship Darryl and White Josh. Greg thinks it’s a strange that they ended up there at the same time while Rebecca thinks it’s only a coincidence. They briefly reminisce about their relationship before saying good-bye, but before Rebecca can get too far, Greg pulls her in for a kiss.

Rebecca is recapping the encounter to Dr. Akopian and tells her that when she stopped looking for signs, she found the biggest one of all. Back at the bridge, Rebecca asks Greg for them to try again and take it slow. She wants to meet the next day at sunset, go to Olive Garden and start all over again.
At the Serrano’s, Greg is packing and finds a photo strip of him and Rebecca. Marco thinks that Greg is sticking around the area because of Rebecca. He tells Greg that Rebecca is bad for him and they are both poison for each other.

At work, Darryl and the staff congratulate Paula on getting into law school. He spoke to the Dean for her and she can start that semester. She starts to cry, and Darryl gives her a pair of shoes like the ones in “Working Girl.” Paula runs off (assumingly to take the pregnancy test) after thanking everyone.

At the bridge, Rebecca is waiting for Greg. He watches her from a distance but sees a “Danger: Drowning Hazard” sign and sees this as a literal sign of how their relationship will end up and leaves.

Rebecca goes home dejected and drinks a bottle of wine. She wakes up the next morning on the couch and gets a Snapchat notification, then rushes out of the house.

At the airport, Greg says good-bye to his guy friends. We flash to Rebecca, a crazed driver, trying to get to the airport as soon as she can. Greg says his final good-bye to Josh, and Josh realizes that Greg isn’t planning on coming back to visit at all. Josh is upset with how bad of a friend he’s been to Greg, and Greg forgives him.

Rebecca rushes into the airport, finds Greg, and asks him where he’s going.

Then we find Paula at home with Scott, and she’s holding a positive pregnancy test.

Holy cliffhanger alert! I am such a huge fan of this show and a shipper of Team Grebecca. This episode (like all of them) has such fantastic one-liners and quips, keeping the show top on my list. Also, they have the most hilarious song interludes. This week’s episode featured one and a half songs, though I’d really like to see the full rendition of “Period Sex” at some point.

The preview for next week shows Rebecca getting a makeover, complete with blonde hair and tattoo, and I for one can’t wait to see the makeover-song they hinted at during the snippet.
Join me next week for the recap/review of the next new episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which airs Friday, Nov. 11, on The CW at 9/8c.

– Katlyn

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