Recap/Review – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 11/11/16

This week’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (titled: “When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?”) packed an emotional punch in many ways, and we were able to get a few more musical numbers to round it out!


crazyexgirlfriendrecap1112smallThis episode picks up at the airport at the scene of last week’s cliffhanger. Rebecca confronts Greg and asks why he is leaving. He tells her he’s going to Emory. He was unable to say good-bye to her because then he’d never leave. They tell each other they loved the other, but then Greg recaps their relationship with a song titled, “It Was a Sh*t Show” and then leaves for good.

Paula tries to comfort a depressed Rebecca while dealing with her secret that she is pregnant. She and Scott have a discussion, and he tells her that she has options. Paula immediately refuses and really starts to believe her dream of becoming a lawyer is over.

While Rebecca is attempting to heal, she is visited by “memory spirits” in the corporeal forms of Greg and Josh. She wants them to go away, but they can’t since the memories of them are all over the house. And by memories, they mean sex memories. They jump into an energetic song and dance number titled, “We Tapped That A**”. Rebecca then attempts to torch all the items that remind her of the guys, effectively burning down her apartment. She then turns to Heather for comfort and a place to stay. And we learn that Heather lives with her parents!

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The next day, Rebecca’s ridiculously embarrassing 911 phone call goes viral. She’s even more depressed by the video, and during a meeting with a client (a douche company called Miss Douche), Rebecca gets the idea to rebrand herself. Miss Douche is looking for a new spokesmodel, and Rebecca sees this as the perfect opportunity to show everyone she is okay.

We jump into a song called “Makey Makeover,” where Rebecca goes blonde and revamps her wardrobe. When she runs into Josh and he’s not impressed with her new look, Rebecca spirals again. Heather tells Rebecca that her scheming has paid off and she’s in the running for Miss Douche. Rebecca wants to give up (and is supported by Heather’s parents), but Heather pushes her to get to the competition. Rebecca is asked a question at the contest: “Who are you?” She breaks down and confesses that she only entered the contest to show everyone that she’s okay, when she really isn’t. She points out that someone like Heather should be Miss Douche, and then she leaves.

Meanwhile, Paula is representing Miss Douche for a petition on zoning provisions for a new office building. Once it’s apparent that she’s not a lawyer, she is asked the same question: “Who are you?” She is praised for her work on the case and has more to think about than ever.

Heather tells her parents and Rebecca that she won the contest and she’s going to move out of her house with Rebecca. When they are looking at places, they find a bedraggled Valencia stuffing her face with donuts. Rebecca tries to sneak away but is caught by her nemesis.

Paula is recovering from a surgery when Rebecca comes to visit. It turns out that Paula made the decision to have an abortion and doesn’t reveal this to her best friend.

I think this episode was one of the most notable ones for many reasons. Rebecca is finally given the opportunity to let go of the reason she came to West Covina and truly find herself. There will be bumps in the road (like a crazy makeover), but I will be interested to see where the show takes her from here.

I am so sad that Greg is leaving, and I hope that he finds his way back to West Covina at some point. I love the chemistry between him and Rebecca, and I hope when given enough time to heal, they can come together and at least still be friends! (Aand some more musical numbers!!)

I have to admit the situation with Paula was a shock to me, which is another reason I love this show. It’s unpredictable and brave in so many ways. What’s really bumming me out this season is the hesitance from Paula to confide in Rebecca, even when presented with a straightforward question about her moods. Their dynamic is shifting, yet Paula is resisting. I’m sensing a big blowout in the future (or at least I’m hoping for one).

Join me next week for the recap/review of the next new episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which airs Friday, Nov. 18, on The CW at 9/8c.

– Katlyn

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