Recap/Review – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 11/18/16

This week’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (titled: “Why is Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?”) revolved around Rebecca wanting to have a friendship with Valencia when seeing how her life has changed after Josh.


crazyexgirlfriendrecap1119smallRebecca and Heather are together once again at the top of the episode. Rebecca talks about Josh, and we realize that Heather has created a way to make a quick buck: every time Rebecca mentions Josh, she has to give her money. Rebecca tries to talk to Paula about Josh, but she’s busy with law school. Darryl and White Josh are at the firm when they discuss an event called Electric Mesa, where people come to “connect, refresh, heal.” Rebecca gets the idea to become friends with Valencia by going to this event, since they are both obviously still heartbroken.

Initially, Valencia turns Rebecca down, but then Rebecca tricks her by offering Dairy Queen. It doesn’t look like Rebecca’s plan is going to work until they both accidently take a drug called triceratops. They both experience very different hallucinations. Valencia’s is in a beautiful ballet with Josh that is emotional and heartbreaking, while Rebecca’s ballet has her dressed up as a triceratops while she attacks Josh.

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Meanwhile, Josh is bored at work, and his boss sends him to Electric Mesa to fix the technical difficulties they are experiencing.

When Rebecca and Valencia (who has just vowed to never see Josh ever again) see Josh at Electric Mesa, Rebecca comes up with another scheme to get back at Josh by peeing all over the equipment he just fixed. When Josh catches them, they attack him with everything they felt through their relationships with him, which now solidifies the friendship between Valencia and Rebecca. Josh leaves, making his own vow to swear off dating. And then of course he meets a gorgeous woman and we know he won’t be keeping that vow very long.

Also at the festival, Darryl meets many of White Josh’s previous boyfriends, and it appears he has a “type.” Darryl is obviously upset, thinking that this is another fling for White Josh. White Josh explains that he wants this relationship to work and he’s hurt that he hasn’t met Madison, Darryl’s daughter. They both say “I love you,” and at the end of the episode Darryl introduces his daughter to White Josh.

Back at home, Paula finds a new friend at law school, Sunil. They bond while teaming up to steal a classmate’s computer program that apparently dictates notes to text.

At the end of the episode, Rebecca runs into Paula. It’s a bit awkward since they are both with their new friends. They are obviously bothered by the new friendships, but neither say much about it. Then we flip to Josh, where he can’t stop thinking of the girl he met, and he’s torn on whether or not he should call her.

I felt like this episode was much different than the rest. Probably since it’s the first episode that a part of the love triangle isn’t present. I’m very sad that Greg is gone for good, but I am interested to see the new direction the show will take without him.

I really love the dynamic between Rebecca, Valencia, and Heather. To be honest, I used to only see Valencia as an obstacle for Rebecca, but I was pleasantly surprised to realize I was actually rooting for her this episode.

As much as I love Paula and Rebecca together, it was nice to see her break free from the sometimes toxic relationship and veer off with Sunil. I loved their little scheme to steal the computer program, and I hope their friendship will only grow from here!
Due to Thanksgiving in the US, there will not be a new episode of CEG for two weeks! So join me then for the recap/review of the next new episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which airs Friday, Dec. 2, on The CW at 9/8c.

– Katlyn

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