Recap/Review – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 1/6/17

This week we have a double dose of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The first episode (titled: “Who Is Josh’s Soup Fairy?”) showed off Rebecca’s maternal side while also giving her two things she’s wanted for a while. The second episode (titled: “When Do I Get To Spend Time With Josh?”) brought a new man into her life, which caused a lot of strain on her relationships.


In the first episode, a huge bomb is dropped on Paula. Scott admits he slept with Tonya (the girl from work who obviously has a huge crush on him). Paula kicks him out and then becomes stressed about the decision because she’s now basically a single mother. At work, Rebecca thinks Paula is upset about their continuing feud, but the normally silent Mrs. Hernandez gives Rebecca a major dose of the truth.

Rebecca shows up at Paula’s house and apologizes for real and offers to watch her youngest son, Tommy, while Paula goes on a school field trip. Paula tries to talk Rebecca out of it (knowing she’s in for a rude awakening), but Rebecca insists. Rebecca jumps into a song called “So Maternal,” in which she performs an “Uptown Funk”-esque number about how even though she has no experience as a mom, she is as maternal as they come. When the song ends and we get back to the real world with Paula’s house a mess and Rebecca exhausted, we realize she bit off more than she could chew.

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Rebecca takes Tommy to the store, where they run into Josh, who is picking up tissues for his “cold.” Rebecca puts on a smile and tells Josh she wants to be friends. And she insists on hugging him, even though he’s “contagious.” This small encounter puts her in another Josh-tailspin. She sends him chicken noodle soup with a poetic note that gets wet and ruined in the bag upon delivery. Josh thinks the soup is from Anna (who was previously grossed out by Josh being sick) and posts a picture to Instagram, thanking her. Rebecca sees the post and needs to set things straight.

Rebecca gets Tommy a fake ID, and they go to a club called Spiders. When she sees Anna and Josh together, she realizes she’s made a mistake (Anna can’t see her there after the lie she and Valencia told about who really ran over their cat). Then she loses Tommy in the crowd. Heather is there signing douches as Miss Douche, and Rebecca enlists her to help Tommy. They look for him in the bathroom and end up getting stuck inside of a stall while Anna and Josh hookup.

The main event for the club is a fashion show where the models are people from local businesses. Hector and White Josh try to get Anna out of there, knowing what’s about to happen, but she stays. She makes fun of all the runway models until she sees Josh modeling an outfit with tear-away sleeves and pants. She is embarrassed for him and ends up dumping him. He asks about the soup, and she tells him it wasn’t from her. Josh segues into a song called “Duh!” which shows his epiphany that Rebecca is the one for him.

Rebecca arrives at the house and finds Paula there. Rebecca and Tommy piece together a fib about how they spent their time. But Rebecca eventually opens up to Paula and tells her the truth: she lost her son for a bit there. Paula admits to losing Tommy for a whole weekend once at Barnes and Noble. She is happy Rebecca was honest with her.

Josh unexpectedly arrives at the house and professes that Rebecca is the one for him. He wants her to go with him so they can talk, but she tells him she will talk to him later. It’s her time to help Paula. Paula is grateful to have her friend back, and it appears that Rebecca’s priorities are changing.

In the second episode, Rebecca has been helping Paula out at home for the past week. They discuss why Rebecca has been ignoring Josh. She’s scared after everything that happened between them. When they finally talk, they become official. They even drop the “love bomb.” While they are playing hooky from work, Rebecca receives a bunch of calls from Darryl. She goes into work late and realizes there’s a meeting going on. There is a new co-owner of the firm, Nathaniel. He’s an attractive and arrogant man who isn’t impressed with Rebecca. When she tells him she quits, he’s happy that one of his firings doesn’t need to happen. She backpedals and tells him that she will land a new account to pay for the budget cut so no one needs to be fired.

The others in the office perform an ensemble piece called, “Who’s The New Guy?” which is a delightful musical theater number.

Rebecca and Josh have dinner with his parents, and Nathaniel actually shows up with his own date. Rebecca is flustered and tells him to go away, but he won’t. Instead, he insists on watching her the entire time. All of his tiny comments about Josh ring in her head, and she ends up shouting at herself and leaving. Josh’s parents aren’t impressed, but they still like her better than Valencia.

Rebecca has to lower her standards as a human being, and she and Paula dig up two dead bodies, but Rebecca lands the client with only one person fired, George. His exit song, “George’s Turn,” gets interrupted by a commercial break.

This episode wraps up with Rebecca blowing up at Nathaniel and almost stabbing him in the face with a pen. When she’s with Josh later, she wants to replay this scenario (which obviously turns her on), and he agrees, not knowing what it means to her.

“So Maternal” was my earworm for the night. It was a silly and catchy song that I couldn’t stop singing!

I loved that Rebecca and Paula finally made up. I think their break was for the best and their time spent apart was needed to forge their bonds as friends. And it only took losing a child for Rebecca’s mindset to change for the better. Let’s see how long that lasts!

It was nice to see Rebecca use her sneaky powers for good, even though Paula was the one who smelled like death for a good chunk of the second episode.

I’m excited to see how Nathaniel messes with Rebecca’s life in future episodes. I think he’s going to be like Greg and test her in ways that Josh can’t.
Join me next week for the recap/review of the next new episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which airs Friday, Jan. 13, on The CW at 9/8c.

– Katlyn

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