Recap/Review – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 1/13/17

This week’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (titled: “Will Scarsdale Like Josh’s Shayna Punim?”) brought the new couple back to Rebecca’s home for a Bar Mitzvah, where things don’t turn out as she expected.


At the office, Nathaniel cracks down on the overabundance of candy. Darryl fights back, and soon enough everyone in the office backs him up. Nathaniel is not impressed. When his father calls and doesn’t give him a big client, he has a breakdown, eats an extraordinary amount of candy, and falls flat on his face on his desk treadmill. Darryl gives him a pep talk, and it appears that Nathaniel has some humanity in that beautiful stubborn head of his.

Josh and Rebecca seem to be doing well as a couple. And there’s a whole song telling us about it. “We’ll Never Have Problems Again” is a fun disco song that Josh and Rebecca sing as a duet.

They appear to be in their honeymoon phase and are posting pictures on social media religiously. Rebecca meets up with Valencia to talk about her relationship with Josh, but Valencia already knows since she is friends with Rebecca on her social media accounts. Valencia offers some advice to Rebecca, but it’s ignored. As is the advice from Father Brah when Josh speaks with him about Rebecca.

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When Rebecca and Josh arrive at her mother’s house in Scarsdale, Rebecca is brought back to how she felt before coming to West Covina. Depressed and annoyed. And the situation becomes worse for Rebecca when Josh and Naomi (Rebecca’s mom) bond. This appears to be strike one, but then when Josh has fun at the bar mitzvah, Rebecca confronts him about it. He tells her that she’s the only one there who isn’t having a good time. The group breaks into the song, “Remember That We Suffered,” adding to Rebecca’s unease being home and surrounded by her family. This point is reiterated when the Rabbi speaks to Rebecca, who is sitting alone and drinking. And Rebecca finally listens to the advice that maybe it’s her who needs fixing instead of hiding behind relationships.

Back in West Covina, Rebecca goes to see Dr. Akopian. Rebecca tells the doctor that she’s still unhappy even after she and Josh got together for good. Dr. Akopian is a bit giddy that Rebecca has finally made a breakthrough. And in typical CEG fashion, Dr. Akopian is sorely disappointed when Josh interrupts the session and asks Rebecca to marry him.

This week’s episode was entertaining but also had a somber undertone. It was nice to see Rebecca getting a glimpse into her real issues, and I feel like this will continue to be a theme until her real issues are addressed. And I have a feeling that the recent engagement will bring those issues to light quicker than Rebecca expected.

Naomi’s “Period Sex” break was hilarious. I love when CEG does call-backs to their songs throughout the season.
I wanted to note how excited I was this week to hear the renewal news for CEG. Season three of CEG will definitely be happening!!

Join me next week for the recap/review of the next new episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which airs Friday, Jan. 20, on The CW at 9/8c.

– Katlyn

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