Recap/Review – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 1/20/17

This week’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (titled: “Josh is the Man of My Dreams, Right?”) has the “devil winds” messing with the personal lives of our beloved characters.


In the wake of Rebecca and Josh’s engagement, everything seems status quo for this couple. Rebecca is giddy at work, showing off her ring, and she and Josh even find a wedding venue. The only hitch is that it’s not available for two whole years. They agree being engaged for two years will be easy…then the “Santa Ana Winds” roll into town with a Jersey Boys-esque song that hilariously weaves its way through the entire episode. These “devil winds” are out to mess up everyone’s lives.

At work, Paula talks to Rebecca about her engagement and mentions that she must be having goosebumps about Josh since the proposal. Rebecca fakes having these feelings for Josh to her friend but instead wonders why her goosebumps appear for her arrogant and attractive boss, Nathaniel. And they even have the same sex dream about each other. Rebecca tries to avoid Nathaniel and their constant bantering until they get stuck in an elevator together. Their saving grace is George, but he’s tired of everyone treating him like a nobody, so when he wants Rebecca and Nathaniel to say his name, they can’t remember it and he leaves them there.

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In the elevator, Nathaniel proposes that he and Rebecca have sex just to see what it’s like. In “Let’s Have Intercourse,” the two perform a contemporary-style dance while Nathaniel tries to convince Rebecca that this is the perfect time for them to explore the sexual tension between them. Rebecca refuses but wants to get to know him as a person. “Harry Potter” is their common ground, and it’s no surprise that Nathaniel is a Slytherin. When the elevator turns back on, it seems that Rebecca was able to overcome her emotions, until she decides to kiss Nathaniel!

Paula and Darryl have their own little subplot in this episode. As always, Darryl is looking to make the “best friend” status with Paula. He comforts her since she’s still distraught over Scott cheating on her. She reluctantly accepts his invitation for dinner, and at the restaurant she realizes she’s been set up. Darryl called Scott to try to get the two back together. Paula is rightfully angry with Darryl but, eventually, forgives him and even offers the title of “best male friend” to him.

The Wind doesn’t let up on Rebecca, and she makes the crazy decision to get married to Josh in two weeks instead of two years.

I really enjoyed this episode. The attraction between Nathaniel and Rebecca has been palpable in the past few episodes. I’m a huge fan of the haters-to-lovers’ trope and office romances. With each episode, Nathaniel’s layers are slowly peeling off, and I look forward to seeing what’s underneath.

My favorite song this episode was “Santa Ana Winds” and how it kept popping up throughout the episode as the “narrator.” It’s one of those catchy tunes that will be popping up in my life until next week’s episode, where I’ll most likely find another ear worm.

And as much as I love how Paula finally gave Darryl a chance, where are my girl group ladies? I miss Heather and Valencia!! I hope to see them at least one more time before the season finale.
Join me next week for the recap/review of the next new episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which airs Friday, Jan. 27, on The CW at 9/8c.

– Katlyn

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