Recap/Review – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 2/3/17

This week’s episode – and season finale – of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (titled: “Can Josh Take a Leak of Faith?”) is all about preparations for the not-so-long-awaited wedding and some revelations about Rebecca’s past.


Rebecca is in a great mood, as she is getting married soon and her father, Silas, has come to witness the happy union. When Paula comes over to give Rebecca her DIY veil, they break into a heavy metal number called “What a Rush To Be A Bride.” Josh is also excited – but for the wedding to be over. He wants to start his life with Rebecca, and she tries to convince him that weddings are an important step too. When she puts on the veil and looks into the mirror, she speaks aloud, saying this is what happy looks like.

We’re thrown into a flashback from seven years ago, when she’s wearing a veil and standing before a guy named Robert. In her memory, she speaks to him, but actually she is living this moment in the present time, where Rebecca calls Josh “Robert.” He questions this, and she makes up a story about a new client whose last name is Robert and has a case exactly like Erin Brockovich.

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At Josh’s stag party at Home Base, he questions Darryl about this new client, and Darryl tells him that’s the Erin Brockovich story. Josh tries to cover up his ignorance, but now he has more questions. Josh asks Father Brah for some advice. Josh asks if he had any doubts about marrying God, and Father Brah says no. Among the other guys, White Josh and Darryl have different point of views about marriage. (Darryl wouldn’t mind being married again, while White Josh doesn’t see the point) And Hector tells everyone how excited his mom is about the wedding.

At the rehearsal dinner, Valencia is rocking it as a wedding planner, and her assistant (Heather) is helping out. Valencia tells Rebecca about the father-daughter dance, and Rebecca is thrilled that she gets to share a dance with Silas. When he finally arrives, she informs him that she wants to get a choreographer and then goes over some strange song choices, while her mother reminds her of the mother-daughter dance she wants to do as well. When Rebecca introduces Josh to her father, Josh thinks this is a good opportunity to pull him aside and ask about Robert.

When Josh and Silas talk, Nathaniel shows up and tells Rebecca that Silas has invited him since he did SUCH a selfless thing by letting Silas borrow his plane. Rebecca thanks him but asks him to stop talking while she watches the two most important people in her life chat outside.

Outside, Silas gives Josh some vague information about how Rebecca was at Harvard for a little while before she went to Yale and some guy named Robert was involved. This makes Josh even more uncomfortable about the secret that Rebecca is hiding from him.

The next day, Josh and Sarah are coaching, and he admits to her how worried he is about the Robert thing. She tells him not to worry and enjoy himself, but it’s apparent that he’s fallen deeper into his own head.

Rebecca, wearing her wedding dress, shows up to the dance class with her father. Rebecca is giddy when the teacher thinks they are a couple. But her giddiness turns to awkwardness when the teacher tells them use their history to inform their movement. They sway together while Rebecca recounts how the last time she saw him was for twenty minutes for coffee after he had gone to see The Lion King on Broadway with his son, Tucker. And then he drops a huge bomb and asks Rebecca for cash.

Rebecca is then with Dr. Akopian, who doesn’t think it’s right for Rebecca to give her father money for Tucker’s braces. The good doctor gives Rebecca a harsh reality check when she tells Rebecca that she seeks attention from men who don’t love her because of her relationship with her father. Rebecca falls into another flashback from seven years ago, and we learn Robert is a married professor at Harvard. He tells Rebecca he won’t leave his wife, and he breaks it off with her. Back at the appointment, Rebecca shouts Robert’s name again without realizing it. Dr. Akopian is stunned about this “dissociative episode” that Rebecca just had in addition to all her other issues. Once again, Rebecca twists the situation around and goes to give the money to her father.

Josh tries to get more information about Robert from Naomi, but she lies about Robert being their dog who died. When he asks about Harvard, Naomi tells him to drop it. Although now Josh has no intention of doing so.

Meanwhile, we get a glimpse of Trent, who has bribed a woman for the information on Rebecca’s past, which he ends up giving to Josh the morning of the wedding.

We’ve finally reached the wedding day! While Rebecca is busy getting ready, Josh is downtrodden. Father Brah comes over and offers some more advice to Josh about his cold feet. He tells Josh that when he’s upset, he normally runs to the nearest pretty girl. Dressed in his tux, Josh goes to the church gym and talks to Sarah (and there’s a “moment” between them), then realizes he’s doing exactly what Father Brah said he would.

At the wedding venue, Rebecca sings a ballad called “The Hero of My Own Story,” showing that as long as those in her life love her, then she will have happiness.

Then Rebecca and Paula talk together about the antics they previously had when it came to Josh. And of course Naomi ruins the moment by making a selfish comment about how Rebecca’s hairstylist gave her “ocean hair.”

Heather is mingling with the guests when she is instructed by Valencia to bring Josh inside. He drives up and then drives immediately away. Father Brah has to deliver the news to Rebecca that Josh is not coming. Instead he went to San Luis Obispo to become a priest. Rebecca flips out and runs toward the cliff. She looks down and contemplates why all the men in her life leave her.

She flashes back to seven years ago, where she was so upset with Robert that she set her veil and his things on fire. She was taken to court, where she was issued a restraining order and she isn’t allowed at Harvard. Then she is forced to go to rehab.

When she comes back to the present, Rebecca blames herself for everything. And Paula tells her that its not her fault, it’s the guys’ fault. Then Rebecca stands up to her father and he leaves, asking Nathaniel for his jet. Nathaniel refuses and quips that he should enjoy flying coach.

Then Rebecca tells her girl squad that Josh must be destroyed.

What an ending to this season! I’m still stunned by it, and I saved it on my DVR to watch again. I loved the last scene, and I can’t wait until next season to see how Rebecca plots out her revenge on Josh and possibly the rest of the men who messed with her. And maybe she will start listening to Dr. Akopian… Wait, who are we kidding here?
Join me next season for more recaps/reviews of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on The CW.

– Katlyn

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