If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/1/17

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Phoebe’s Choice

As we move into tonight’s season three finale episode for Syfy’s Killjoys, we’ve wrapped up most of the major mysteries that the series had left dangling but are still plagued by the unanswered question of will this show get a season four? Last week the episode opened with Dutch and D’avin discussing the fact that killing big bad Aneela will also mean that Dutch dies – such is the nature of the green goo which spawned Aneela. Just then an alarm went off because of an unknown ship docking on the RAC without permission. It turned out to be Delle Seyah, or Kendry as they now refer to her, who requested parlay, specifically with Johnny. Once they conferred privately though, she demanded they turn over Dutch and fully surrender.

D’avin came up with the idea to insert a fake memory into the Hullen memory cloud via the captive Hullen they still had, Kitaan. They intended to lure her into an ambush by providing a fake location for Dutch. To achieve this, they pulled in brain/memory expert Pippin Foster. Dutch inserted a knife between Kitaan’s vertebrae to prevent her from moving while they experimented on her mind. Kendry used the terms of parlay to get a sonogram on her pregnant belly, as she didn’t fully understand her pregnancy. DNA tests revealed that D’avin and Aneela are in fact the parents of the child she carries. Dutch took Kitaan to the Latimer 6 System, where the pool of green from which she was birthed is. So they can destroy her if they destroy that pool. D’avin got into her memory using his special relation with the goo and input the false memory correctly.

Kitaan woke up when she was left alone with Pippin though, and lo and behold: the knife had fallen out and she escaped. She forced Pip to hijack the ship. The timid memory expert confessed the plan to her and she sought to merge with the green goo quickly to upload the new memory, which would show the false one to be a forgery. Dutch showed up and kicked her ass, but not before she got her hand in a jar of the green goo, thusly warning the rest of the Hullen of the treachery.

They then decided to space Kitaan, knowing she wouldn’t die but would likely spin in space forever.

At the end of the episode, D’avin & Dutch had a fierce confrontation when discussing the next move to make. She was determined to go kill Aneela, despite the consequences. The Jaqobis boys didn’t like it, but they accepted her choice. Then for some reason, Dutch went and killed the scarback priest Alvis, who was both her ex-lover and recurring ally. It was an utter WTF?! moment for me, so okay, maybe one more mystery other than renewal. Tune in tonight to see if we get any answers!!

On tonight’s episode, “Wargasm,” the Killjoy militia has gathered everything they need, ready to go to war with Aneela and her Hullen using Delle Seyah as bait. But as the battle begins, Aneela changes the entire game.

See how the season (series??) ends tonight on Syfy at 8/7c.

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