If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/13/17

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Phoebe’s Choice

Last year’s finale of You’re the Worst saw Jimmy do the most unlikely thing we’d ever expect from this series: he proposed to Gretchen. Even more shocking? She said yes. Then to get us right back to normal, the prospect of a new family terrorized Jimmy and he fleed the scene. To kick it all off for the new season, we got two episodes back-to-back last week.

Season four opened up a few months after that fateful night with Jimmy living somewhere past Barstow, California, in a trailer park retirement village. It was there that he had grown a beard and palled up with an older man named Burt who loved fast cars and old TV shows. Burt was a curmudgeon of sorts who hated everyone else in the community. He and Jimmy spent the days watching The Fall Guy and talking about what losers all the other retirees were.

One day a neighbor mentioned to Jimmy that she was the one who stole the keys to Burt’s prized muscle car because he just couldn’t see well enough to drive anymore. Instead of holding that in confidence, he told Burt at once and they broke into her house to get them once she went out. Jimmy soon learned that Burt in fact was a horrible driver indeed. After confronting him about it and getting punched, he decided to drive back to L.A. Burt came to terms with the fact he must be a bit kinder to the other retirees if he wanted any friends at all.

Episodes two started in the City of Angels, where Gretchen was now living at Lindsay’s apartment and smoking crack and singing 90s tunes at a frightening pace regularly. It seemed she no longer worked as a publicist and had slumped into relative solitude. Lindsay, recently divorced, was now working with a fashion designer, which was perfect for her. Gretchen, who suffered from severe depression, confessed to Lindsay that she hadn’t left the house in 3 months because she was afraid she’d run into Jimmy, who rejected her. Lindsay went to see Jimmy to find that Edgar had completely redecorated the house and he insisted Jimmy was gone for good.

Lindsay went back to tell Gretchen that Jimmy vanished on the same night the proposal fell through, that he probably “drove back to England.” This gave Gretch some courage but came back to bite Lindsay in the ass when Gretchen came to the fashion design space, cracked out, during a photo shoot. Outside Gretchen cried to her best friend how she didn’t know if she and Jimmy were broken up, since technically they were engaged still. That frantic conversation ended with crunk AF Gretchen chasing Lindsay down an alley singing Bare Naked Ladies “It’s Been” at 90 mph.

To escape the pressures of work and Gretchen, Lindsay went to see Edgar. They realized the two of them had become the serious ones, whereas their besties had become the ones running from their problems. They mocked Jimmy & Gretchen playing around the house, saying things the other two would say. It ended with them in Jimmy/Gretchen’s bed, where finallllyyy (after me rooting for it for 3 seasons!!) they had sex. In the very last scene, we saw Gretchen having sex with some guy, probably on crack, when she saw a text come through on her phone from Jimmy: “Hey…”

On tonight’s episode, “Odysseus,” after Jimmy returns to Los Angeles, he attempts to make amends with Gretchen, leading to their first confrontation. Lindsay and Edgar enjoy their new friends-with-benefits arrangement while Edgar tries to show Jimmy that Gretchen wasn’t the only person he abandoned.

To see how the Jimmy/Gretchen reunion goes, tune in to FXX at 10/9c.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching the season premiere of South Park & Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

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