If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/1/17

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice #1

Tonight, FOX kicks off the new paranormal comedy Ghosted, starring Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) and Craig Robinson (The Office) as mismatched partners recruited by a top-secret government agency to search for a missing agent. Max (Scott) is a brilliant but disgraced astrophysicist who now works at a bookstore. The former Stanford professor lost his credibility after he started making claims that his wife had been abducted by aliens. Meanwhile, Leroy (Robinson) was the best missing persons detective the LAPD ever had, but now he’s a divorced dad working as a mall cop. Heading up the Bureau Underground is Captain Ava Lafrey (Ally Walker, Colony, Longmire), technician Barry Shaw (Adeel Akhtar, Unforgotten, The Night Manager), and Agent Annie (Amber Stevens West, The Carmichael Show).

The series has a bit of an X-Files/Mulder & Scully vibe with the believer and the skeptic partnered up to investigate paranormal cases. Adam Scott and Craig Robinson have great chemistry and comedic timing, which makes this show a lot of fun. There is also a bit of an 80s throwback vibe to the show, especially in the soundtrack and score. The end of tonight’s premiere definitely leaves you wanting to see more, and I look forward to seeing what strange cases and misadventures these two get involved in in future episodes.

On tonight’s premiere, “Pilot,” a key member of a top-secret government agency goes missing, so cynical former detective Leroy and genius “true believer” Max are recruited to find him. The two polar opposites must work together to find the agent, while uncovering possible alien activity and chilling “unexplained” paranormal events in their own city of Los Angeles.

See if this new comedy’s for you tonight on FOX at 8:30/7:30c.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

When we left off the season of NCIS: LA in May, Michelle was dead, leaving Sam heartbroken and the team devastated. Tahir Khaled, who has been targeting Sam and his family for a while now, had gotten her kidnapped to then exchange her location for his release from prison. Unfortunately, though Kensi & Deeks had been at the building where she was being held once already, by the time they figured out she was there and found the hidden room, she had suffocated from lack of oxygen in the air-tight room. Sam, of course, was wrecked, but Kensi and Deeks weren’t feeling great about it, since they felt especially guilty for not finding the room the first time, even though it wasn’t their fault. Yet, there was good news as well, in that Densi shippers finally got what they were hoping for in a proposal – by Kensi, no less! After finding Michelle’s body, Sam was contacted by Tahir, who didn’t know they’d found her yet, and given instructions to meet him for further information about Michelle. Even though the odds seemed stacked against them, the team was able to get Sam out of the situation safely, while Tahir was killed when he set off the bomb in the bus he was riding. That’s when Kensi used a ring off a flash-bang grenade, dropped to one knee, and proposed to Deeks, right there in the middle of the street. It was a fantastic episode, both a high and a low on the emotional scale, and ended with Sam telling Callen he needed to take some time off to spend with his kids.

When the season starts up, Sam is still not back at work, but there’s a new face in town taking over Owen Granger’s position – and apparently Hetty’s, albeit temporarily, I think. Nia Long is joining the cast as Executive Director Shay Mosley, who shakes things up with the teams almost immediately. I can’t wait to see how that plays out over the course of the season!

On tonight’s episode, “Party Crashers,” after Hetty turns in retirement papers and then disappears, Executive Assistant Director Shay Mosley arrives in Los Angeles to oversee the team and immediately makes staffing changes. Also, still mourning the death of his wife and living in a trailer on the beach, Sam is adamant that Callen find a new partner. Patrick St. Espirit & Pamela Reed guest star as LAPD Lieutenant Roger Bates & Roberta Deeks respectively.

Catch all the excitement tonight at 9:30/8:30c. (The episode starts half an hour late tonight because of football, but don’t forget to record long in case of overruns!)

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Ghosted, Wisdom of the Crowd, & Halloween Wars.

Phoebe’s Choice

Tonight, the fall TV season seems to be really getting underway for me with some of the best adult cartoons available returning on FOX. Tops amongst them is Bob’s Burgers returning for its astounding 8th season. When was the last time someone other than Seth McFarlane or Matt Groening kept a cartoon running in a primetime slot for that long?? The show continues to be powered by a stellar cast, featuring H. John Benjamin as Bob Belcher & Kristen Schaal as his daughter Louise, the irrepressible little demon in a bunny hat. Rounding out the fam are mother Linda (John Roberts), Gene (Eugene Mirman), & infinite well of awkward teen angst Tina (Dan Mintz).

If you weren’t around for it, let me bring you up-to-date on how the family ended things last time on the season 7 finale. The episode opened with Bob’s cellphone running out of juice while he spoke with his meat supplier for the burger restaurant he runs. The last thing he’d been discussing was a clearance discount sale that was going on at Outdoor Adventureworld. The kids wanted to tag along with Bob if he was gonna go, but Mom told them they had to stay with her because Aunt Gail was coming over to rehearse her latest one-woman play. Bob left immediately upon hearing that and was soon at the sale. But an annoying sales rep kept getting in his face, so Bob hid in a tent that was set up there. It was so comfortable that of course he fell asleep, only to wake up after the store had been closed down. And of course his phone was dead.

At home, the play was still going on because Gail was literally covering every day of her life in the show. In the store, Bob ran into an employee named Austin who was squatting in the warehouse for the next 6 days. Austin turned the alarm back on for Bob so that they could get the attention of the security company. The security guys just marked it as a false alarm though and turned the system off. Back in Gail’s play, she related an anecdote from a trip to New York City along with sister Linda and a friend: while she was waiting in line to buy a denim bra, Delta Burke walked by and shot her an approving pair of “finger guns.” When she then went backstage for a costume change, Linda revealed that Delta Burke actually shot finger guns at her, not Gail!

At wit’s end, Bob was seeking other options to get out, so Austin recommended they climb out the skylight. They attempted the climb but disaster nearly stuck, and Austin was left dangling 40 feet up by a single foot. Bob was forced to freehand climb the rock wall all the way to the skylight. And shocking everyone, especially Bob, he made it! After the play finished back at the Belchers’, Louise instigated and prompted Linda to confront Gail about the truth from their past. The kids all rallied for a phone call to the third witness of that fateful day: Stacy. On the phone, Stacy informed them that the woman was speaking Italian and had a pegleg, so no way that it was Delta Burke. Linda then decided to side with Gail and give her back the comfort of her fantasy. The last scene was the next morning over brekkie, the fam bonded over the prior night’s events.

On tonight’s episode, “Brunchsquatch,” to compete with Jimmy Pesto, Bob’s Burgers begins serving brunch, but it quickly turns to chaos. Meanwhile, Tina, Gene and Louise decide to help Mr. Fischoeder’s brother hide from him.

Find out what happens at brunch tonight on FOX at 7:30/6:30c.

I’ll also be tuning in to watch the season premiere of Family Guy, new episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Get Shorty, & the season finale of Rick & Morty.

Kyle’s Choice #2

Also premiering tonight, on ABC, is the 10-episode series Ten Days in the Valley. Jane (Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer) is an overworked TV writer/producer who’s in the midst of a bitter divorce/custody dispute. One night, while she’s working late and partaking in some recreational substances, her daughter goes missing. While she suspects her ex-husband Pete (Kick Gurry, Sense8) is responsible, there are several other people with motives. However, Jane isn’t very forthcoming when it comes to giving the police all the details. The series also stars Erika Christensen (Parenthood) as Jane’s younger half-sister Ali, Josh Randall (Ozark, Ed) as Ali’s husband, Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Major Crimes, The Cosby Show) as head writer Matt, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Lost, OZ) as lead Detective John Bird, Felix Solis (Colony) as LAPD Detective Commander Elliot Gomez, and Francois Battiste (The Normal Heart) as undercover narcotics detective Gus Tremblay.

I was pleasantly surprised by tonight’s premiere and found myself really sucked into this world and the characters. Jane is a very different character than the role Sedgwick played on The Closer. She doesn’t have that same likeable charm — she’s a rough, flawed woman whose priorities are a bit out of whack. While she wants the police to find her daughter, she’s also trying to cover up her own illicit activities, which just hampers the case. Tonight’s premiere does an excellent job at setting up several plausible suspects/reasons for the abduction. Each episode of the 10-episode series play out over the course of a day, and we should get a resolution by the end, so isn’t a huge time commitment for this series. I checked out the first two episodes and definitely plan to watch more.

On tonight’s premiere, “Day 1: Fade In,” Jane’s young daughter goes missing in the midst of Jane’s tempestuous separation from her husband. Meanwhile, the controversial police TV show Jane is producing implodes.

Meet Jane and see what happens when she learns her daughter’s gone tonight on ABC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Toy Box, Wisdom of the Crowd, Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Last Man on Earth, Fear the Walking Dead, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Episodes.

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