If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/26/17

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

On last week’s episode of Superstore, there was an overriding theme of learning to stand up for oneself. The store was being robbed, and Jonah just stood there – and even moved out of the way so the robber could leave – but Dina jumped on the would-be-thief to thwart the robbery. Store manager Jeff commended Jonah for his lack of action because it was the official course of action that leaves Cloud 9 with the least liability. But Dina felt like she should have been recognized for her heroic deed and started to make fun of Jonah for his wimpy lack of action. Meanwhile, Glenn also had a tough time rising to a challenge – every time he tried to fire the store’s inept security guard, the employee just ended up in some other position. And finally, Amy was upset that the other employees weren’t inviting her to join them in trivia night. Once she finally got up the courage to say something, she ended up regretting it – the reasons they assumed she wouldn’t want to join them were exactly dead on.

This show has such a hilarious ensemble cast, and it’s one of the shows I really look forward to each week. One thing I especially enjoy about this time of year is that it is when most of the TV sitcoms kick off a trio of holiday-themed episodes. Tonight, it’s Halloween at Cloud 9, and I can’t wait to see what these zany employees get up to.

On tonight’s episode, “Sal’s Dead,” a dead body is discovered in the store on Halloween, throwing Glenn and Dina into a panic and confusing the shoppers. Meanwhile, Amy and Garrett get into big trouble using a dating app on Jonah’s phone.

Check out tonight’s fun, spooky Halloween episode on NBC at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Place, Will & Grace, Gotham, The Orville, Nathan for You, Van Helsing, and Ghost Wars.

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