The Walking Dead Bingo!

If you like The Walking Dead and playing games, specifically bingo, you might be interested in this one… You can technically play this with any show, although this card has info specifically for TWD, such as Crossbow Kill, Rick avoids eye contact, and two Negan-centric ones. But it gives you the general idea to use to shape it for any show. If you have watch parties or love watching shows and then chatting with friends about them, you could totally use this to add some fun to it all. My family and I have played bingo with commercials during the Super Bowl, and that was fun too, so being able to do it with a show we all watch would be kind of awesome!

(To download the full version, simply click on the bingo card and then save the big version that comes up!)

If you’re a bingo fan, you can also play online bingo games like I do. It’s a fun time waster when you want to just relax and kind of turn off your brain for a while. Check out the other games available as well.

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