My Latest Must-Watch: Hulu’s Future Man

I have not been a huge fan of Hulu in recent years. They used to be a go-to platform for me when they had a bunch of my favorite shows, morning after they aired, on major network comedies & Bones. Then they started wanting to charge me money at the same time they provided LESS new content. So I strayed from the site. But this past week, two things have brought me back ready to rave about their content: Marvel’s Runaways with its hawt debut episodes, and the best comedy sci-fi since Red Dwarf, (huge statement there if ya didn’t know) is clearly Future Man. They dropped it like a Netfilx show, all thirteen episodes at once. I started last Friday and finished Sunday afternoon. Two minutes in and I was hooked.

The story revolves around Joosh Future Man (né Josh Futterman), young adult, in the year 2017 working with Tiger and Wolf, two deadly warriors from the year 2143, naive to the ways of the distant past they have come to. They seek to employ Josh’s help in toppling the “evil” plans of scientist Dr. Kronish. We learn that Kronish really just wants to cure herpes, but the way his cure effects the deep future is a bit insane. The show has an all-star cast featuring Ed Begley Jr. and the recently departed Glenne Headly as Josh’s parents and Haley Joel Fucking Osment (6th Sense) as a bumbling but important-in-some-moments-of-history scientist Dr. Stu Camillo.

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Because make no mistake, folks, this is a time-travel caper. It detours through several decades, including a brief elbow brushing with a fictionalized version of the 80s superstar Spuds MacKenzie. In that time period, Wolf becomes so enamored with the music of pop singer Cory “Sunglasses at Night” Hart that he changes his name to Cory Wolf-Heart and patterns his behavior & clothing off his “message.”

The whole show plays like an inane mash-up of The Last Starfighter, 12 Monkeys, & Rick and Morty. But it’s funnier than the last two seasons of that cartoon, I promise!

I’m not gonna spoil too much because the show is excessively littered with LOL belly stitchers and is done by the guys who wrote Sausage Party. The plot twists are hillair, the comedic lines delivered impeccably. I will say no more than: GO WATCH THIS SHOW! Only caveat: lots of adult humor, drug humor, full-frontal nudity, soft-core sex (which they refer to as “charging up”!) and Ash vs. Evil Dead level gore. PG-16, maybe??

Check out the entire first season of Future Man now on Hulu. You won’t be sorry!

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