Arrowverse “Crisis on Earth-X” Crossover Recap

Okay, last week was another amazing November sweeps crossover extravaganza in the Arrowverse, and this year’s “Crisis on Earth-X” was totally worth the hype! Starting slow on Supergirl, the story initially followed all the pre-wedding preparations. It was an episode that went heavy on the soundtrack, a theme that peaked in Kara singing a beautiful song, that I think(?) was an original tune, at Flash & Iris’s wedding. Until – of course – the alternate dimension Nazi Super Villain Army burst in. For real. It was rad. It was what we signed up for. And this round the good guys won.

The second episode in the series was on Arrow, which revealed some key plot points to us but didn’t end great per se for the good guys. We learned that the army of genetic purists from Earth-X were led by that dimension’s version of Oliver “Green Arrow” Queen & Kara “Supergirl” Danver, who were also in evil-love and unhappily married. Unhappy why? Cause of a super-cancer that was destroying her heart. So they needed Earth-3 Kara’s heart. A veritable War of the Worlds erupted, and by the end of this one, everybody but Iris & Felicity were in an Earth-X concentration camp.

Next up in The Flash, they got rescued from certain death by that Nazi boot stomp dimension’s version of Captain Cold. And as if him being a good guy wasn’t surprising enough, he was also there to rescue his gay lover and fellow fascist fighting superhero, The Ray. But Kara was still held by the evil version of Oliver and would soon go under the knife. Professor Stein took a bullet (that would eventually kill him), saving the day in this chapter, and at the end, tables were slightly turned with only Kara, Iris, & Felicity being captured. But everyone else didn’t have it easy – they were fighting the Red Tornado, who was summarily kicking their collective asses.

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The final installment of this epic happened on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, where they had a mega showdown with numerous alt-dimension versions of heroes pairing off to fight to the near-death: Flash vs. Reverse Flash, Arrow vs. Dark Arrow, Supergirl vs. Overgirl, everybody else vs. an unending typhoon of Nazi stormtroopers. It mostly ended when Overgirl’s heart finally went nuclear and she exploded. But in the descending action of the play, we saw the sad moment of Jax having to tell Professor Stein’s family that he was dead. Follow that thread to a funeral and then on to a weird double wedding of Flash & Iris AND Oliver & Felicity?!? What a weird move… But okay, sure.

Overall, this was the best Arrowverse crossover yet, so I’ll take the forced awkward wedding moment at the end. And I sort of suspect Professor Stein will be back in some weird form because of the strange physics that govern Firestorm’s powers. I had a blast, and I hope you did too!

– Phoebe

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