If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/2/18

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight, FOX kicks off the new comedy LA to Vegas, which follows the exploits of the passengers and crew aboard the Jackpot Airlines weekend flights between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Piloting the plane is Captain Dave (Dylan McDermott, American Horror Story, The Practice) – a thrice-divorced guy who’s more in love with himself than anyone else and who puts having fun above everything else. He’ll hit on passengers and joke about getting high in the cockpit. Flight attendants Ronnie (Kim Matula, The Bold and the Beautiful, UnReal) and Bernard (Nathan Lee Graham, Zoolander) aren’t that much better and don’t put a whole lot of effort into doing their jobs properly either. Some of the flight’s regular passengers include Economics professor Colin (Ed Weeks, The Mindy Project), stripper Nichole (Olivia Macklin, The Young Pope, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll), and gambler/con man Artem (Peter Stormare, American Gods, Prison Break).

I thoroughly enjoyed the few episodes I’ve seen of this series – it had me laughing out loud quite a few times. The cast is hilarious and really play really well off one another. The writers have done a great job of coming up with witty dialogue and fun situations and characters. The show’s setting allows for both ongoing developments with the recurring characters, as well as crazy new stories each week with new passengers or temporary crew members who pop in as guest stars. This is one of my favorites of the new midseason shows, and I am really looking forward to seeing more episodes!

Tonight’s premiere, “Pilot,” introduces the shoestring budget airline crew and its eccentric passengers who, every weekend, take the roundtrip flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with one goal in mind: to come back a winner. It won’t be easy, but this unlikely group of miscreants and dreamers will eventually go from being strangers on a plane to a supportive, if unconventional, family – well, at least from Friday to Sunday.

Check out the new show tonight on FOX at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Middle, Fresh Off the Boat, black-ish, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, and The Mick.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

I was so glad to have Chicago Med back for a new season a few weeks ago, and now it’s back after the short winter break. Last time, Drs. Charles and Reese learned that the man who shot Dr. Charles had been killed in prison. They had wildly different reactions about it, which has been an issue about everything between them since his attack. Will and Natalie had to figure out what to do when a pregnant woman came into the ER for contractions (just Braxton-Hicks, thank goodness), but then when her husband came in, they noticed he wasn’t looking well. They took him to another room to run tests and one came back saying he was inconclusive for the Zika virus. Turned out that instead of being somewhere in the US for work, he’d been out of the country (somewhere Zika is obviously prevalent) with his mistress. He refused to tell his wife about the test results and didn’t let the doctors tell her either, since it would mean admitting to an affair, but Will & Natalie were upset because it could mean very, very bad things for the wife and their unborn child if he indeed had the virus. Natalie almost pulled a “Will” when they were leaving (by doing something against the rules/law in telling the wife), but Will saved the day by getting the CDC involved, and the man was going to have no choice at that point but explain to his wife. Thank goodness. He was a creep.

There was also more of the Robin/Connor/Ava triangle. Robin thought she was hearing rats again, but after an MRI and other tests came back clean, she thought she was just going crazy. Turned out it was the heating system in the ceiling she’d been hearing, not rats. And Connor and Ava still have a love-hate thing going on. I can’t decide how I feel about either woman. I don’t particularly like either of them, although Robin’s may have been her health causing her crazy. I guess we’ll see how it goes as she gets back to normal. Also, April and Noah were having problems working together now that he’s a resident – she was really hovering and treating him like he didn’t know completely what he was doing, and even though some of that was warranted, he resented it. They came to an agreement at the end, but that’s gotta be tough. Now April is working with not only her boyfriend but her brother. Tough stuff! And finally, Ms. Goodwin is still having to deal with the hospital board about money – especially after “Santa” died in the waiting room, yet because they brought him back into the ER and tried to resuscitate him, they charged his family something crazy like $16,000. She got the board to clear the charges, but still. Pain in the neck!

I love this show. I love the interesting cases, and I love most of the personal stories for the characters. It’s a show I enjoy every week, so I’m looking forward to rewatching tonight’s episode (since I was lucky enough to view a screener…and I KNOW how good an episode it was! LOL). There’s a lot of cute Natalie/Will stuff in this one and two particularly moving cases involving young patients.

On tonight’s episode, “Mountains and Molehills,” when a young woman with HIV symptoms and no insurance refuses to take the test, Goodwin and Dr. Choi attempt to treat her without taking a toll on the hospital’s resources. Natalie and Will try to diagnose a young girl with increasing paralysis. Noah deals with his first death as a resident and takes it upon himself to inform the family. Sarah continues to avoid work as her fear over the hospital’s security increases.

See how all the medical and personal problems play out tonight on NBC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Ellen’s Game of Games, Lethal Weapon, NCIS, LA to Vegas, Major Crimes, Chopped, NCIS: New Orleans, & Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One.

Megan’s Choice

When we last saw a new episode of Bull, it was a Christmas special, and we got to see a different side of Bull. He took on the plight of a young girl who was struggling with feelings of abandonment from her father after the death of her mother. She convinced Bull that she was being neglected, but in the end while her father wasn’t as attentive as needed, he wasn’t neglectful. It was a happy ending with Bull showing his softer side when he dressed up as Santa for the little girl.

Also, Marissa finally told her team what happened with that jerk she had been dating and him stealing her money. At the end of the episode, she ended up figuring it all out and having him arrested at the airport for all of his crimes.

On tonight’s episode, “Survival Instincts,” Bull represents Jemma Whitbeck, a teenager arrested for robbing a jewelry store with an older man she disappeared with 18 months ago. To persuade the jury she is not guilty, Bull argues that Jemma was actually a victim of his abuse and manipulation and not his willing accomplice.

To find out if Bull can save this young girl, tune in to CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching Lethal Weapon, NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, Chicago Med, and Ellen’s Game of Games.

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