Chuck Lorre Hints at The Big Bang Theory/Young Sheldon Crossover

The Big Bang Theory may potentially be looking to end its series, but Young Sheldon is still very much in its infancy and already enjoying a lot of success. The original series is the no.1 comedy in terms of viewership, while Young Sheldon is the no.1 new comedy. The problem with a crossover is the 30-year time difference between the two shows. So it would be a tricky task indeed to transport characters from a small Texas town three decades earlier to modern-day Pasadena. That doesn’t mean that adult versions of Young Sheldon characters couldn’t show up at all, of course.

Lorre says no

Being a spinoff show, Young Sheldon has a lot to thank its predecessor for, so it would be a treat to see a crossover between the two series before The Big Bang Theory drifts off into the sunset. Chuck Lorre, creator of both shows, had previously insisted that a crossover would be unlikely to happen. Fans shouldn’t be too surprised to see some of their favourite Young Sheldon characters make the occasional appearance in Pasadena, however.

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Crossover culture

Crossovers are enjoying somewhat of a golden age. The more successful franchises are seen everywhere, such as toys, and board and video games. The Big Bang Theory has been getting in on the action, too, with its own board game, and even an online slot game. Slot games, in particular, are renowned for borrowing themes from movies and TV, with free no deposit options making them popular with fans. And with directory sites such as, it’s a lot easier to find these games than ever before. But just because The Big Bang Theory has its own licensed games on the market doesn’t mean that we will automatically see a crossover with its spinoff show. That decision rests on one man’s shoulders.

Lorre says maybe

Recently, Lorre was asked which characters from the spinoff he would specifically like to see in The Big Bang Theory. He responded by saying that both he and the crew love Billy Sparks. Lorre thought it would be interesting to see Sheldon’s former bully pay a visit to Pasadena, although he then went on to suggest that it would only happen if it made sense.

Possible characters

Lorre may have also hinted that Young Sheldon’s George Cooper Jr. could appear. Sheldon has made numerous references to his brother, with the latest coming in the midseason premiere. While Sheldon ignored the wishes of his mother, by choosing Leonard to be his best man over George, the sibling could yet make an appearance at his older brother’s wedding. Lorre did say that discussions were held with regards to George showing up on Big Bang, and even named Matthew McConaughey as his preferred choice for the role. There have also been rumours that an adult Tam, Sheldon’s lone friend in his formative years, could be stopping by to say “hi” too.

The Big Bang is back

The Big Bang Theory is currently airing in the U.S. at 8:00 ET, followed by Young Sheldon at 8:30. Both shows made recent returns to the CBS line-up. A number of new and returning shows premiered in January.

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