Top 5 Super Bowl 2018 Commercials

The 2018 Super Bowl was one of the most highly anticipated televised events of the year, coming is second only to the Winter Olympics. Many fans look forward to the new commercials nearly as much as watching the game. The American public has become used to new and exciting takes on ads for popular products. Millions of dollars go into the production of these often hilarious but always thought-provoking new commercials that keep us on the edges of our seats. Here are the top 5 Super Bowl commercials for 2018.

1. Tide Ad

When viewers saw David Harbour of Stranger Things, there was instant excitement and approval. He just kept appearing throughout the game, and it was a real treat. The series is applauded for its use of nostalgia that relates back to all types of iconic pop culture themes, and the Super Bowl ad was no exception. It was a brilliant execution of the theme of the show that just happened to promote Tide laundry detergent in an amazingly effective way.
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2. Amazon’s Alexa loses her voice

Amazon spent some thought and funding in putting this great ad together to show what may happen if Alexa were to lose her voice. Amazon used a grand combination of celebrity and even threw its CEO into the mix. This ad is very humorous, but it’s also a relevant ad that most people could easily relate to. It was a great way for the giant to give a product demonstration.

3. Verizon Tribute to Emergency First Responders

This may have been the most emotionally moving Super Bowl commercial of the 2018 lineup. Verizon pays homage to the first responders who arrive at the scene when we need them most. It included the audio from real people who just phoned in to say thank you to the workers who made a difference in their lives, just by doing their jobs.

4. Touchdown celebrations to come

Hands down, this has to be the most side splitting and funny commercial from the 2018 Super Bowl. It was actually shocking at first, when Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning did their own take on a remake of Dirty Dancing with one another. Nobody was expecting this funny act, and it takes on the lighter side of the players that we’re so used to seeing in their most serious frame of mind when they’re playing the game for the win. Most of us are hoping that they’ll make this an annual saga that will pick up where it left off this season.

5. Budweiser’s Stand by You Ad

Budweiser performed a class act when they rolled footage of the Budweiser trucks delivering fresh, clean water to the people who needed it most. The giants in the brewing industry put aside their money-making beer brewing operations to distill one of the most precious life-giving resources on the planet and to embark on a humanitarian effort in this touching ad that shows one of the many ways that Budweiser gives back to the communities of the world.

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