If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/18/18

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice #1

Oh, poor Garcia on Criminal Minds. It was so sad last week but so much fun learning more about her past. We knew her parents had been killed when she was younger, but to learn that they’d been out searching for her when she was out past curfew made my heart hurt at how much that had affected her. In the end, after spending time with her stepbrother Carlos and meeting with both the man who was up for parole (who was a boy when he drove drunk and killed her parents) and his sister, Garcia dug deep and realized she needed to forgive, rather than continue to hold on to her anger and bitterness, which is what she told the parole board. Unfortunately, that came as a shock to Carlos, who said he couldn’t even look at her afterward, when she told him why their parents had been out that night. My one complaint about that story line was that she was 18, so why her parents were so freaked out about her being out a little past curfew, I don’t know. If she were 15 or 16, maybe. But 18? I don’t know…

As for the case of the week, when the CDC suspected bioterrorism was behind a string of suspicious deaths, they called in the BAU. Turned out to be one man, and it wasn’t so much bioterrorism as we think of it as it was revenge. His parents’ restaurant was forced to close, so when his father died (his mother had passed away not long after the restaurant’s closure), he flipped and started getting back at everyone he thought played any sort of part in it. It was an okay case, but the focus for me was obviously Garcia. LOL

Tonight is the two-episode season finale. It’s been teased that not everyone will make it out alive. So who is it? I don’t want any of them to go, but there are some more than others that would make me angry if we lost them. Guess I’ll have to wait till tonight to (hopefully) find out, because I’ve also read that it’s a cliffhanger ending. Ahhhhh!

On tonight’s first episode, “Mixed Signals,” the BAU is called to Taos, N.M. to investigate an UnSub who is targeting his victims’ temporal lobes.

Then on the season finale, “Believer,” when Reid discovers former FBI Special Agent Owen Quinn (James Urbaniak) locked inside a storage unit, the BAU questions the credibility of Quinn’s bizarre accounts of searching for an UnSub that he named “The Strangler.”

To see who is in danger at the close of the season, tune in to CBS starting at 9/8c.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Phoebe’s Choice

OK, so maybe I picked the wrong quick-paced, political whirlwind to hop in on 4 episodes in, but Krypton was screaming my name saying, “Hey Phoebe, this is a comic book show. Watch it!” So with only one viewing and an hour’s worth of separate research, I can tell you what happened last week. We start off with Adam Strange and Superman’s grandpa, Seg-El, realizing their friend Rohm, already compromised by Brainiac’s nano-virus, is also dying at an alarming rate. Oh and the high priest who acts as an avatar of the God Rao? He’s initiating a holiday early in order to make an appearance at the site of the recent shooting.

The shooting scene is a public space where a man was shot and an officer arrested in an incident that almost erupted into a riot. The Kandor City authorities were in a constant state of readiness against the rebel faction “Black Zero.” In the aftermath of the recent violence, a scapegoat was needed, and this time around it went to Lyta-Zod, Seg’s secret lover. Oh and somewhere in all this we’re supposed to remember there are important people and then the majority of folks are referred to as “Rankless.” Seg then recruited the help of Nyssa. And I almost missed that Nyssa is Seg’s “wife” in some sort of arranged marriage that restored him to “Rank.” As Nyssa discovered the evidence against Lyta was faked, Seg was getting bamboozled, kidnapped, and then a juicy bug stuffed up his nose.

Some guy with loose connection but not strong loyalty to Black Zero, named The Commander, then confronted him, demanding Rohm and any info he had on Brainiac. (I guess he saw the first three episodes, cause clearly I didn’t.) While this was happening, a subplot was showing us that Rohm’s daughter was just driven closer to the religion of Rao as her mother slowly died in the Fortress of Solitude. Oh the feelz. Seg got The Commander to agree to break Lyta out of holding in exchange for Rohm’s location.

Then at a public offering to Rao ceremony, Rohm’s daughter Ona gave the avatar a figurine as an offering. Rohm died moments later, miles away. Seg didn’t wait to see how The Commander faired in his jail break attempt. He escaped and shoved that bug right up his captor’s nose. Take that! Nyssa seeked out Lyta’s mom in forming an alliance with the Zods against the Church of Rao. The next Rao ceremony featured young Ona wearing the smock with writing all over it, a full-on acolyte of the religion now. We then saw that the figurine she gave to the high priest infected him with a nano-virus booby trap. Brainiac strikes again! Lastly? Seg escaped but directly into the Badlands, where a blizzard seemed to be happening.

On tonight’s episode, “House of Zod,” Jayna grapples with her torn loyalties as Seg fights for survival within the heart of Black Zero.

Find out how Seg fairs tonight on Syfy at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching Full Frontal with Samantha Bee & The Expanse.

Jenny’s Choice #2

Last week’s Chicago PD was both heartbreaking and frustrating. Drug stash houses were being robbed, and one of those, an apartment in the middle of an apartment building, ended up with a young boy home sick from school and asleep on the sofa in his living room getting a bullet in his forehead. It was so sad. His mother said screw the whole “not talking to police” thing and told them she’d seen two guys running down the fire escape and then racing off in a car. In the end, it turned out to be a former cop who was now Ruzek’s CI who was behind all the stash house robberies. I felt bad for Ruzek.

But what was so frustrating for me was Voight and Olinsky. Al is *this close* to being indicted for the murder of the man who killed Voight’s son. Voight got his hands on the name of the witness who saw Olinsky and Erin. He took the info to Olinksy and told him the man is a junkie — only he later learns that the man has been clean for 14 months and is back in his wife’s and daughter’s good graces. Voight told Al to stay away from the guy because he had to have eyes on him. He said he’d find a way to discredit the guy. Unfortunately, Al didn’t listen. We saw him watching as the guy pulled into his driveway, only to be surrounded by police, who searched his car and found a packet of drugs.

I know we’re supposed to root for our guys (& girls) of Intelligence. And Voight’s changed a lot for the better since we first met him via Chicago Fire. He still isn’t completely 100 percent legal on everything he does, but it’s usually for the greater good, which I can get behind for the sake of a fake TV show. But I wanted to cry for the witness after Olinsky set him up… He was pleading for his wife to understand that the drugs weren’t his. It was sad. So I don’t know what to think or what to hope will happen. On the one hand, I can’t see Olinsky going to prison and Voight not…but then, I can’t see them both leaving either. So how do they both manage to stay out of prison without doing something more to make us dislike them for their actions? I just don’t know…and with only a handful of episodes left, there’s not a lot of time remaining this season to find out!

On tonight’s episode, “Saved,” after Voight witnesses the kidnapping of a young woman with a mysterious connection to his past, Intelligence works to find a connection between her kidnapping and several bank robberies. Ruzek gets a tip that a grand jury has been summoned, putting Olinsky one step closer to standing trial for Bingham’s murder.

Find out about the young woman from Voight’s past tonight on NBC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Alex, Inc, Criminal Minds, Iron Chef Gauntlet, Law & Order: SVU, & Property Brothers.

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