If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/19/18

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Phoebe’s Choice

I’m not a diehard American Horror Story fan. I loved Coven. I recently watched Roanoke and thought it was decent. But many of the seasons failed to draw me in. I tuned into the AHS: Apocalypse premiere last week to see if this season would be one for me. So far I’d say so. A fair balance of dystopia and the macabre with a droplet or two of sci-fi mystery hiding in the wings of a secret survival complex.

The episode opened with spoiled rich lady/wannabe-Instagram celebrity Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt at the hair salon getting her hair done. Everyone started to get text alerts that nuclear missiles were inbound to L.A. and they were going to die. Coco’s dad called her, confirming the alerts were real but that she may escape on a private jet if she got to the airport in time. While her boyfriend Brock did not make it, she took with her the hair stylist, his grandmother, and Coco’s assistant Mallory. They were being relocated to a safe place by an organization her father paid 400 million dollars to, named the Cooperative.

In another storyline, we saw how a boy named Timothy was taken from his family in L.A. before the bomb dropped because the Cooperative found him to be genetically predisposed to survival. At first he was taken to a bomb shelter under the city, but in two weeks he and another selectee, a young girl named Emily, were sent to the same safe place as the others, a post-Apocalyptic citadel called Outpost Three. As Tim and Emily were walking into the safe zone in their gawky yellow hazmat suits, they witnessed the execution of two teens guilty of “unauthorized copulation.”

Inside the Outpost, they survive on a diet of jello cubes that were filled with “all the nutrients they require for survival.” Head mistress of the Outpost, a Cooperative agent known as Wilhelmina Venerable (played by Susan Paulson) informed them they had 18 months’ worth of food. A pigeon arrived with the message that three other Outposts had been overrun and society had broken down completely – 99.9% of all humans were already dead. Inside Outpost Three, Purple were the Elites, while Grays were the “worker ants.”

The hairstylist and another young man were found to be radioactive and taken to a decontamination room. After a scrubbing the stylist was clean, but the other man registered as radioactive, so they shot him in the skull. Wilhelmina and Miriam Mead (Kathy Bates) celebrated in private that they faked the Geiger count machine to kill the man as meat. After he was served to the Purples, they had mixed reactions to being cannibals. After dinner, as they all argued over the ethics of it all, the song that had been playing for two weeks straight suddenly changed. They mistakenly took it as a sign the Cooperative will be coming for them soon. Instead we jumped forward eighteen months to when the food was running out. An outside representative of the Cooperative arrived to judge whom amongst them was really fit for survival; he could relocate all or none of them to a ten-year facility that was much more secure.

So far, super rad show. I’ll be tuning back in for tonight at least to give it another try.

On tonight’s episode, “The Morning After,” after the nuclear apocalypse, the world’s chosen elite survive in secure outposts created by the mysterious Cooperative; underneath the surface of humanity’s salvation lies a battlefield for the final conflict between good and evil.

Catch episode two tonight on FX at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

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