If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/27/18

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Phoebe’s Choice

Tonight, one of the best comedies of the last two years returns when The Good Place airs on NBC at 8pm. It’s a special hour of the show, which follows the afterlife of 4 morally dubious humans, one demon torment architect, & the lovely and polite robotic helper Janet. In case you forgot what happened at the end of last year’s rollercoaster ride of a season, let me remind you! After escaping from the fake “Good Place” to the central city that all angels, demons, and judges live in, the human stars Elanor, Chidi, Jason & Tahani get their moment before Judge Gen.

Played by Maya Rudolph, the judge was ready to have them all sent to “limbo’ style” Medium Places until a more formal decision could be made. Michael made an impassioned speech on behalf of the humans, and instead of the Medium Place, they instead re-inserted them all back into life, at the moment of death. They saved them all with a slight “push” to prevent their disastrous deaths. Struck by her near-death experience, Elanor decided to get her shit together. She quit her job and started working soliciting money for saving the environment. She even became a vegetarian. But after a half year, she grew bored of being good and opted for a Taylor Spliffed concert instead of work. (Yes, that’s a reggae band that covers Taylor Swift songs!)

Michael, who was monitoring them all, sneaked down to Earth to leave her a hint that led her to Chidi. After a night drinking together, Michael asked her, “What do we owe each other?” which led her to a YouTube video of Chidi lecturing on ethics & morality. And like totally sane people do, she tracked him down and flew to Australia to meet him. Cue season three!

On tonight’s episode, “Everything is Bonzer,” Michael intervenes in the near-death accidents of Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason on Earth, in hopes that a second chance at life allows them to become better versions of themselves.

Catch up with the gang tonight on NBC at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching the premiere of the Murphy Brown reboot, because that’s just weird.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

Last season’s S.W.A.T. finale not only introduced us to Hondo’s father and sister but also saw the team and their families both grow and shrink – in fact, family was a huge theme throughout the episode. Hondo’s dad’s story line tied in to the theme of not only the episode but the series. When Hondo was a kid, his dad was an activist, and we saw a flashback of Hondo as a kid get stopped by police basically for being black. It was a scary situation with clearly a racist cop, but it ended up okay. Still, it showed the moment Hondo decided he would become a police officer in order to change things, which was his father’s suggestion (even though later in the episode, he admitted that he didn’t think Hondo would actually listen to him!). Turns out his father is now sick, so his daughter (Hondo’s half sister) was trying to get him to come to LA to live with her, since his doctor had said he could no longer live alone. It took some doing, including a visit with an old girlfriend, but Hondo was finally able to convince their dad that moving wasn’t an option.

Elsewhere, Street’s mom was paroled from prison, and she needled her way into staying with Street and having him find her a job, rather than taking the living and job situations that had already been found for her. She’s a piece of work (not that we didn’t know that already), but that point was hammered home several times over the course of the finale: got caught breaking into their old house to get a necklace she’d hidden, one she claimed was her mother’s; lying to Street about the necklace, since we came to find out from his deceased father’s brother that it was actually their mother’s necklace, not her mother’s. The biggest thing we learned was that back in the day, she did indeed kill her husband (which we knew), but that the fight was over, her husband had gone upstairs, and she got a gun and went into Jim’s room. She told him to go out to the hall and yell at his father to get his dad to come to him. Then she hid in the closet, and he went out into the hall and yelled that his father was a coward. Of course, that brought the man to the bedroom, where she stapped out of the closet and shot him. Then she told Jim to tell the cops that his father went after him, and that’s when she shot him. And she continued to come between Street and his job, so much so that he lied yet again to Hondo when he needed to go attend to his mother’s panic attack, telling his boss that he was needed in court rather than telling the truth. And he yet again drew Chris into it, telling her that he would tell Hondo the truth. When Hondo figured it all out, he kicked Street off SWAT – a situation that COULD be resolved if Street grows up and quits letting his mother walk all over him. Again, a piece of work!

Elsewhere on the team, since Street’s mom moved in with him, that means Luna is yet again out of places to live. The team jumped in with trying to find him someplace of his own, and they finally found the perfect place. They also figured out that Luca doesn’t want to be alone, so Chris spoke to an old friend who had a dog that was retiring from the police force, and voila, now Luca has a dog. It was cute! What wasn’t cute was Jessica learning from a news report that Michael Plank was retiring from the job of police commissioner in order to run for governor. She was angry that he used their reform proposals as leverage.

And finally, Annie stopped by the station to tell Deacon that she’d been given a completely clean bill of health at the doctor’s office, so no more tumors or anything to worry about. Deacon wanted to celebrate by surprising her (which he’s never been able to do) and figured out that a renewal ceremony would be a good idea. Everyone but Street showed up, but it turned out Annie knew about the ceremony. Then Deacon told her that wasn’t the real surprise. Instead, he said that she was only a couple of semesters away from finishing up her nursing degree, so he was going to take some leave so she could finish school. But he got the biggest surprise when she told him that was sweet but wouldn’t work because…not only had the doctor given her a clean bill of health, but he’d told her she was pregnant!

Obviously the case, while important and memorable, about a group of white terrorists targeting black people/neighborhoods, wasn’t quite as memorable to me as the personal story lines. And that’s okay. It was an enjoyable finale, and I’m so excited about tonight’s premiere!

On tonight’s episode, “Shaky Town,” the SWAT team engages in a standoff with human traffickers holding child hostages when a major earthquake hits Los Angeles during their operation and compromises the takedown. Also, while Hondo forms an unexpected personal connection with Deputy District Attorney Nia Wells (Nikiva Dionne), Jim Street has trouble adjusting to his new life as a patrol officer.

See how Street’s adjusting to life on patrol and if the team can save all the children tonight on CBS at 10:05/9:05c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Big Bang Theory, Bite Club, Law & Order: SVU, Murphy Brown, Beat Bobby Flay, & Impractical Jokers.

Megan’s Choice

Young Sheldon premiered on Monday, and it was full of its usual quirkiness. I love Sheldon and the way he tackles life’s issues. On Monday’s episode, it was a life lesson in hard work and paying off debts when Sheldon cost his parents $200 after he took the refrigerator apart. Sheldon got himself a paper route and he worked hard – until he got smart and contracted his work out to Billy. I admire the fact that he tried, and I support his decision to get Billy to help him out, because sometimes you just have to work smarter, not harder.

This comedy is not only funny but heartwarming as well. I like the family dynamics and find it interesting to see how Sheldon grew up to become the man he is today.

On tonight’s episode, “A Rival Prodigy and Sir Isaac Neutron,” when Dr. Sturgis
bonds with Paige, another 10-year-old genius, Sheldon’s jealousy leads Meemaw to intervene. Also, Mary invites Paige’s family over for a play date.

Tune into CBS at 8o find out if Sheldon can learn to handle this friendly competition, tune in to CBS at 8:30/7:30c.

I’ll also be watching Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, S.W.A.T., The Good Place, Murphy Brown, Mom, Law & Order: SVU, and Beat Bobby Flay.

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