If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/2/18

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight, the third season of TBS’s castaway comedy Wrecked comes to a close with a special one-hour finale. This season the castaways found themselves trapped on the private island belonging to a wealthy hunter named Declan, who forced them to participate in a deadly Hunger Games-like competition. Last week Karen was shot in the stomach with an arrow by Chet, who seemed to have gone wild, calling himself the Chettywompwomp. As Karen recounted her surprising love story to Florence, Danny and Owen went to look for a first aid kit and ended up at Chet’s lair. They were captured and tied up, but Owen challenged Chet to a fight. Meanwhile, Todd, Pack, and Jess were in another part of the island when Jess’s bracelet suddenly stopped working. This meant that she could now safely walk through the shock pylons without being killed. As she passed through the barrier headed to disable the generator, the hunters observed this on their monitor and started to panic.

Will Owen and Danny survive their fight with Chet and get back to Karen in time with the first aid kit? Can Jess disable the generator in time, and will she ever get her memory back about her relationship with Todd? Can the group stop the hunters and escape from the island? This has been another fun season, and I look forward to seeing how it comes to a close. This show always does a great job of wrapping up each season’s storyline while also leaving things open for a future season.

On the first half of tonight’s finale, “Mrs. Stanwick,” the survivors attempt to turn the tables on the rich and lure them into a trap. Then, in “The Island Family,” barricaded in the mansion and surrounded by the rich, the survivors mount one last attempt to escape Declan’s island.

Find out how the season ends tonight on TBS starting at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording FBI, This Is Us, New Amsterdam, The Gifted, Flipping Out, Mayans M.C., and The Purge.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Phoebe’s Choice

I knew of Lethal Weapon the TV show the last year or two but never got bored enough to binge and catch up on the first two seasons. Then they did the one thing that assures that Phoebe is gonna watch your movie or show: they cast Seann William Scott as Wesley Cole, an ex-CIA operative working now for LAPD. They had to cast Scott to replace Clayne Crawford, who was constantly fighting with co-star Damon Wayans. I read some of the back and forth on the set between those two, and it was ugly to say the least. But no worries, because who wins in this scenario? Seann William Scott fans, so let’s dig in!

I watched last week’s season 3 premier with no viewing at all of the first two seasons. But the “last time on” segment gave me all I needed to know – Riggs had been shot by his crazy cousin. So…job opening??? We then flashed to Aleppo, Syria. Cole was about to raid a building that has been identified as a terrorist hideout by his friend, who was a young boy. He killed the five terrorists but the boy, who followed him to watch the fight, was killed by stray bullets. We learned this was the same day that Riggs was shot and died in L.A. Fast forward six months later, and Murtaugh was still in a depressed funk. Police shrink Dr. Cahill stopped by to discover he had a wall of pictures and clues hung up that could put the Charlie Day from Always Sunny meme to shame. He thought that there was more to Riggs’s death.

Meanwhile, Cole now worked as a meter maid in L.A. He noticed some suspicious criminal activity and got into a gunfight that hilariously led to a vehicle Murtaugh was trying to track down falling off a parking garage right in front of him. They commandeered the same truck in pursuit of the last perp, but he got away. Cole screwed up his daughter’s piano audition by showing up in the middle of it unexpectedly, thereby messing her up. Murtaugh followed up on a lead, where the Chechnyan mercenaries from before might be. They were there and captured him and were beating him for info when Cole arrived. He went Jack Reacher on their asses. In true Lethal Weapon fashion, a gas line made the entire house explode. Cole got his arm stitched up by his surgeon ex-wife, who was cold toward him re-entering her and their daughter’s lives. Murtaugh finally accepted the truth of Riggs’s death. There was more with a train, a bomb, and more explosions. Plus Cole getting his daughter the second audition, which she aced. So redemption. Murtaugh finally cleaned out Riggs’s desk, and that led to getting drunk with Dr. Cahill. The last scene was Cole & Murtaugh bonding over some brews when the elder vet officer requested that Cole both be transferred and partnered with him.

It’s not the movies. I mean, no more Riggs, different actors, serial installations, etc. But I do love Wayans’ portrayal of Murtaugh. You can see it’s the same dude Danny Glover played in the movies. And IMHO, you can never go wrong with Seann William Scott, especially his sports comedies. Well, my word count is piling up, so final thought: I’m all in for season three of Lethal Weapon!!

On tonight’s episode, “Need to Know,” new partners Murtaugh and Cole attempt to find a steady rhythm as they work to solve the murder of a finance executive. Meanwhile, Cole navigates his role with his ex, Natalie (guest star Maggie Lawson), and his daughter, Maya (guest star Shay Rudolph), and Avery grapples with the outcome of his campaign for city council.

See how the election goes for Avery tonight on FOX at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching The Gifted, where we hope everything goes well for Polaris’s baby.

Megan’s Choice

New Amsterdam premiered last week, and if you didn’t see it, then you missed out on the beginning of a genius television journey. You probably think I’m being my usual dramatic self – and it is possible you’re right. However, this show left me in awe. I was blown away by the quick pace of the stories, the deep characters, and the talented writing.

Max is a complicated man who has issues in his personal life but is an incredible leader for the doctors at the hospital. I was shocked to find out that he has cancer and am hopeful that this is just a twisted storyline to pull on our strings, because it would be a shame for his character to be a short-term one. I’m intrigued to see how he can change the hospital for the better to make it more patient friendly and save more lives as the season continues.

On tonight’s episode, “Rituals,” Max navigates his diagnosis while Dr. Sharpe encourages him to make a plan. Meanwhile, Dr. Bloom encourages Reynolds to take a chance, and Dr. Kapoor and Iggy work together to help a child.

To see how many more feathers Max can ruffle, tune in to NBC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, The Gifted, FBI, Lethal Weapon, This Is Us, and The Voice.

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