If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/26/18

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

Early this morning, Netflix released the first season of the new series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which is based on the iconic comic book characters. Set in the small town of Greendale, where it seems like Halloween every day, the series centers around the life of teenage half-witch Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka, Mad Men). After her parents died in an accident, Sabrina was raised by her witch aunts – the bubbly and nurturing Hilda (Lucy Davis, The Office (UK)), and her stricter, more serious sister Zelda (Miranda Otto, 24: Legacy) – who run a mortuary along with Sabrina’s cousin Ambrose (Chance Perdomo), a necromancer who’s been under house arrest and unable to leave the property for the past 75 years.

Sabrina seems like your average teenager – she enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend Harvey (Ross Lynch, Austin & Ally) and best friends Roz (Jaz Sinclair, Paper Towns) and Susie (Lachlan Watson, Nashville). But she has magical abilities, which she often uses to secretly help her friends – such as to teach the misogynistic high school principal (Bronson Pinchot, Perfect Strangers) a lesson when he refuses to stop Susie from getting bullied. As her 16th birthday approaches, Sabrina has an important decision to make – she must choose between the Path of Night or the Path of Light. If she undergoes her dark baptism to become a full-fledged witch, she will need to leave her human life and friends behind and head off to the Academy of Unseen Arts. However, if she doesn’t get baptized, she will grow old and eventually lose her powers. There also seems to be some other unknown ramifications to this decision that Sabrina isn’t aware of. A mysterious witch (Michelle Gomez, Doctor Who) arrives to town, disguising herself as one of the Baxter High faculty members, and uses her powers to try to influence Sabrina into embracing her darker side, trying to steer her toward her baptism. Meanwhile, the three Weird Sisters – Prudence (Tati Gabrielle, The 100), Agatha (Adeline Rudolph), & Dorcas (Abigail F. Cowen, The Fosters) – who are students at the Academy, don’t want a half-blood joining their ranks and try to dissuade Sabrina from taking her oath. To help her make an informed decision, Sabrina’s aunts seek the assistance of high priest Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle, Coupling), but he also seems to be hiding something and has ulterior motives. And to make matters worse, there may be someone in town hunting witches.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a fun mix of teenage drama and supernatural thriller, with a healthy dose of humor thrown in to keep it from getting too dark. Originally the character of Sabrina was supposed to show up on Riverdale, but they decided instead to spin her off into her own series, which is a much wiser choice. While this series has a similar overall tone to Riverdale, the supernatural elements would have felt odd and out of place in that show’s more grounded reality. The cast of this show is excellent. Kiernan Shipka is delightful as Sabrina – though it’s a little strange to see her all grown up because I’ll always think of her as the young Sally Draper from Mad Men. Plus it’s always great to see Michelle Gomez in another deliciously evil role! I look forward to seeing how this season plays out, and with a second season already ordered, there’s plenty more adventures to come!

Check out the complete first season now on Netflix!

I’ll also be watching/recording Child Support.
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Jenny’s Choice

Last week’s Hawaii Five-0 was at its best, combining humor with touching seriousness. The case started off with a cop car chasing a stolen truck containing black market sand (who knew there was such a thing!). The thief decided to get away by dumping the sand out in front of the cops, who did indeed run into the big pile…and the dead body (minus the feet!) that fell out along with it. Steve and Danny talked to Kamekona, who pointed them in Flippa’s direction. Flippa apparently used to dabble in the black-market sand trade. LOL He gave them info on where to find the most likely source of the sand that contained the body, and he was correct. They finally caught up to the bad guy, who told them where the sand had been harvested from in the ocean. When Steve and Danny went to find the feet (which they assumed had been tied to something heavy that the sand sucker couldn’t suck up, ripping the body right off the tied-up feet), they found a pair of feet tied to a concrete block…only they were women’s feet, complete with painted toe nails. They then found the original dead body’s feet and headed back to the sand plant, where they used dogs to scour the piles of sand until they unearthed the woman’s body. Turned out the murder had been a hired hit, and unfortunately, the hired killer first found a transgender woman with the name he’d been given, and when he realized his mistake, he then found the correct woman and killed her as well. Steve and Danny were talking with the woman’s husband and surprised him with “we know what you did” while he watched the others walk the hired killer past the office. There was plenty of humor throughout the case, mainly between Danny & Steve, as always, even though the murder itself was sad, especially for the transgender woman and her friend.

But the serious part of the episode was also really great. Junior and Jerry had flown to the mainland to help escort the body of a fallen soldier home to Oahu. Junior had been asked to do so by the soldier (btw, who knew that was something they did? Sad…), but Jerry had asked Junior if he could go along in order to pay his respects. Turned out Jerry and a friend tried to enlist when they were 18, but Jerry had a panic attack when it came time to sign the paperwork, and the recruiter politely told him the military wasn’t for him. Unfortunately, his friend did enlist, and he was killed overseas. So Jerry has always felt responsible and wanted to accompany Junior to pay his respects to the newly fallen soldier and his old friend. It was sad but sweet. Junior was confused about who the soldier was and why he’d been requested, but when they pulled up the cemetery after arriving home to Oahu, he recognized the bumper sticker on the back of the vehicle in front of him. Years before, he’d given a talk at his former high school, saying how much he loved serving and why and how he gone into the military as a boy but it had turned him into a man. One student came up to him afterward and said how much he’d enjoyed the talk. Apparently enough that he’d enlisted after high school. Over the few years he’d been serving, he’d done great work and been recognized for it, but that hadn’t prevented him from being killed. Junior first said he couldn’t get out and face the soldier’s parents, who he was sure would blame him (like he was blaming himself). That’s when Jerry explained more about his friend and their time of enlistment, etc. Jerry convinced Junior that he couldn’t just walk away. So Junior sucked it up and went inside the little chapel and gave the parents the soldier’s personal effects. The young soldier’s parents didn’t seem to blame him at all. They were appreciative that he’d accompanied their son home. The mom gave Junior a hug and a letter her son had left for him. It was a sweet one, basically thanking Junior for his influence. The entire story line was touching and heartwarming…and heartbreaking when you realize that unfortunately things like that happen on a far-too-often basis.

I’m excited for tonight’s episode because: HALLOWEEN! This show almost always has great Halloween-themed episodes. I’ll never forget Jerry’s costumes. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what the show does this year.

On tonight’s episode, “A’ohe Mea ‘Imi a ka Maka (Nothing More the Eyes to Search For),” on Halloween, Jerry and his friends search his childhood camp for evidence to a murder he witnessed as a boy, while McGarrett investigates a little girl who drew pictures depicting the scene of a recent murder before it was discovered. Mary Lynn Rajskub (24) & Eric Steinberg (Pretty Little Liars) guest star, among others.

See what creepiness the show is sure to bring tonight on CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing MacGyver & Blue Bloods.

Megan’s Choice

MacGyver has been working on different groups out in the field this season, and I really enjoy the change in dynamics, but my favorite is still Mac and Jack together. That said, Mac and Riley worked really well together to get the oxygen tanker to the hospital to save the kids who were about to die. Riley also helped Mac realize that he needed to accept his father how he is and choose to have a relationship with him, because expecting him to change was pointless. In the end, Mac decided Riley was right, and he went to meet his dad to have lunch. It was a big move on Mac’s part, and I hope it works out well for him, because everyone deserves a chance to have a relationship with their parents.

On tonight’s episode, “Dia de Muertos + Sicarios + Family,” when Oversight’s attempt to capture a drug cartel’s leader goes bad, MacGyver and Jack rush to Mexico to pull their boss out while racing through the heart of the country during Dia de Muertos celebrations. Also, Bozer and Riley use Halloween as a distraction to gather intel on a man accused of treason.

To find out if Mac can save his dad before it’s too late, tune in to CBS at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching Blue Bloods & Hawaii Five-0.

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