If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/30/18

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice

The Conners has pretty seamlessly picked up where Roseanne left off, minus the titular character. It feels a lot like the same show, with the more prominent focus on the other characters. Like last week, a lot of the focus was on Darlene, her soon-to-be ex-husband David, his girlfriend Blue, and David & Darlene’s daughter Harris. (Mark was mentioned but wasn’t really featured much.) Not only was David late to a parent-teacher conference about Mark, but he brought his slightly strange girlfriend Blue. Surprise, Darlene! Yeah, perfect place to meet your husband’s girlfriend… That’s when Darlene found out David & Blue planned to have the kids stay the night with them, much to Darlene’s (again) surprise. Darlene agreed, but she quickly regretted that decision when David came over the next morning to say that Harris had had a boy over and they’d had sex. And (again) surprise, David was working and not at home when it happened, but Blue talked about it beforehand with Harris and gave her permission to have the boy over. Darlene was livid and went OFF on Blue. I was cheering for her. Blue SO stepped over the line on that one. Darlene told David he could have the kids over again but ONLY if he were there the whole time. Blue was not to be left alone with either of the kids again. David agreed. But she also brought up the fact that now that things seem to be serious for him and Blue, it’s time the two of them sign divorce papers. Boo. Hiss. I know he’s busy on The Big Bang Theory, but come on! *sigh* Anyway, Darlene had a talk with Harris on the way home and told Harris she could tell her anything. Harris said she knew that and said the boy hadn’t texted her back yet and asked her mom if they could stop and get the morning-after pill. It was a sweet conversation on a touchy subject.

The other major story line was Becky and Dan. Dan told D.J. that he was really busy on the job site and asked if D.J. wanted to work with him to earn some extra money. D.J. said he was too busy with his job as a vending machine repairman. Becky overheard and said she needed the extra money because she wanted to buy a new trailer. Dan was hesitant but finally agreed. Unfortunately, Becky showed up with a water bottle filled with…vodka, and Dan figured it out right away after watching her take a swig. He called her out on it, said if she got herself or someone else hurt on the job because she’d been drinking, he’d lose his company. She came to him later and admitted she had a drinking problem (and there’s a big DUH from the audience), that what started out as drinking to get through work had now become drinking all day. They agreed on her working part-time, and he gave her six weeks to get sober and stay sober or he’d have to fire her. It was a great moment between the two of them, seeing her admitting the problem she had and him being supportive but tough.

On tonight’s episode, “There Won’t Be Blood,” it’s Halloween, the favorite time of year for the Conners, but an email from the school banning certain costumes, including Mark’s, sets off an argument between Dan and Darlene. Jackie introduces someone new to the family at the Halloween party and insists that Dan vet him, only to immediately wish that she hadn’t. John Billingsley (Intelligence, True Blood, Star Trek: Enterprise) & David Paymer (I’m Dying Up Here, The Good Wife) guest star.

See how the Conners handle their first Halloween without Roseanne tonight on ABC at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing NCIS, The Kids Are Alright, Chopped, FBI, Lethal Weapon, The Little Couple, NCIS: New Orleans, The Rookie, & The Guest Book.
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Megan’s Choice

There were some interesting developments on NCIS: New Orleans last week for Pride – in the form of a half-brother he wasn’t aware of before. This discovery came about when Pride’s father, who was recently released from prison, ended up in the middle of an investigation into some murders. It would appear that Pride’s father was involved in a casino heist years before that had ties to the mob, which led to the murders in this case. However, after some great work on the part of our favorite agents, the money was recovered and some of the mob arrested. Pride and his new brother began working on their new relationship while their con-man father rode off into Witness Protection because of his information on the mob. I’m interested to see how this works out in the long run, but for the time being, it is nice to see Pride with more family around him.

On tonight’s episode, “Pound of Flesh,” after Pride’s assistant, Ginny Young, escapes from a kidnapper, the NCIS team uncovers evidence of a suspect who is harvesting organs from multiple victims. Also, Pride turns to his friend, Commander Calvin Atkins, M.D., for medical and spiritual guidance as he struggles with the ramifications of his recent brush with death.

To see if Calvin can help Pride deal with his recent visions, tune in to CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching The Voice, The Conners, The Flash, The Gifted, NCIS, The Kids Are Alright, FBI, Lethal Weapon, This is Us, and New Amsterdam.

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