If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/2/18

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice

Last week’s Hawaii Five-0 was as good as I’d hoped it would be. Jerry is a fun character, and seeing him as a kid, with his friends in the woods, was cute. He swore he saw a murder and believed there was a body buried out there. He and his friends went over to the scary old man’s house in the woods – the one who all the ghost stories were about. Jerry even sneaked inside, only to get caught hiding in the closet. He ran screaming from the house before the man could get him. Jerry and his friends have gone back every year to try to find the body Jerry swore was there. This year, his friends have all decided they’ve had enough. They went along with it for that long just to placate him, but they’re tired of it.

But this year’s different. With Noelani’s & Eric’s help and the assistance of a ground-penetrating radar machine or whatever, they found a bone. Unfortunately, it was a dog bone. It started to rain, and everyone scattered – Jerry’s friends went back to the cabin they were staying in, while Noelani & Eric took the machine back to the car before going back to the cabin themselves. Jerry was so sure he was right that he told them he was going to dig more because sometimes animals were buried on top of humans to keep scavengers from getting to the human bones. He dug and dug and dug…only to find more bones…of a human this time. Turned out he was right after all. The bad guy then came to the cabin and tried to burn it down or smoke them out when they barricaded all the doors and windows, but just before he could start it, Bo Bradley (the man all the scary stories were about) shot him to save their lives. He was simply a recluse who let the rumors about him live in order to keep campers away from his house.

The other story line last week was great too. The team investigated when parents found a drawing their little girl had done a couple of weeks before that depicted the body of a redhaired woman wearing a necklace…and that woman with that necklace was just on the news of being found that day. And that wasn’t the only drawing the parents found. The parents also mentioned that the little girl had an imaginary friend who she talked to and that’s who the daughter said drew the pictures. Five-0 had the drawings checked with a handwriting analyst or something, and sure enough, the daughter’s was different than whoever had colored the pictures with the bodies. In the end, it turned out the “imaginary friend” was a real live little girl who was being forced to help her father kidnap women who resembled his ex-wife, who was a drug addict. Five-0 captured the guy and rescued the girl, who was reunited with her mother, who was now clean and sober. It was a freaky story with a great ending.

Last but not least, Tani heard from Captain Keo about the gun she found in Adam’s kitchen drawer…and he confirmed it had been used to kill Adam’s half-sister. So now Tani has to figure out what to do. Ugh. I hate this story line. I wish she’d just ignored the gun when she found it!

On tonight’s episode, “Aia i Hi’ikua; i Hi’ialo (Is Borne on the Back; Is Borne in the Arms),” McGarrett crosses the line and is arrested while investigating the death of his former SEAL buddy, who died while making an emergency landing on an aircraft carrier, and the only survivor is a baby. Also, Adam returns to Oahu with some devastating news about his marriage.

Learn the fate of Adam’s marriage (no surprise, I’d think…) tonight on CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Last Man Standing, MacGyver, The Cool Kids, Hell’s Kitchen, & Blue Bloods.
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Phoebe’s Choice

I don’t know if Titans is worth the monthly bill you get for subscribing to DCU, the new exclusive DC Comics media platform, but I can assure you it is a very fun ride so far! The first three episodes have revolved around two mysterious ladies: Rachel the young demon girl and Starfire the purple-haired alien who has amnesia and the only clue about her identity is that she was trying to locate Rachel. We started last week’s episode with Starfire beating the tar out of a few cops in her investigation of Rachel’s possible whereabouts. She figured out she was raised by nuns.

The crazy psycho family that tracked Rachel down the previous week had her in a car, taking her to their boss. But Starfire caught up to them and incinerated the father in the bathroom. She offered to help Rachel escape. Throughout the episode, we kept flashing back to Robin’s childhood, when Bruce Wayne first adopted him. We saw he stole a car on the first day he was at the Wayne Mansion. It was also the car he still drove as an adult. There was an awesome scene where Starfire beat another group of dudes, this time a bunch of misogynistic twerps at a diner. The gals bonded on the ride to the convent, where they discovered Rachel was raised as a child. They told her that her mom brought her there to hide her from her evil, unnamed father.

Meanwhile, the psycho family reported to corporate in Chicago, and they gave them a new “Dad” and brought them up to speed on the new threat that Starfire presented. Rachel & Starfire bonded some more at a local roller rink. Rachel even bumped into Beast Boy, and they flirted, instant chemistry. Robin caught up to the girls at the roller rink and, after an angry outburst, shattered all the car windows in the parking lot. The trio fled the scene. Rachel returned to the convent to live, while Robin & Starfire unearthed a local garage that Starfire had been basing her search for Rachel out of. They figured out that her real name was Raven. The nuns drugged Raven and locked her in the back of the convent. Soon she was seething with demonic anger, which enabled her to blast the tower open, and she fled into the woods!

This show is great! It is an adult show, remember that. It has adult language and R-rated violence. They haven’t done nudity yet, but who knows where they’ll go? Will they try to link the Fox show Gotham to this continuity? DC is so flexible because of their modern, 52-worlds setup. There are so many ways to connect their various properties, to replicate the resulting success of the Arrowverse. And on that note we only have to wait one more week for the debut of Doom Patrol, another super hero group that will get a spin-off show in the DCU in 2019. Kick ass, I am so amped.

On this week’s episode, “Doom Patrol,” Rachel hides out with Gar’s family – the Doom Patrol.

This episode is airing now on DC Universe.

Megan’s Choice

Blue Bloods has been tackling a lot of difficult issues for the characters since the beginning of the show, but lately Danny has to handle the most in his life. Since his wife died, Danny has been dealing with being a single parent, and last episode we saw the toll it is taking on him. Shawn was acting out because Jack is packing up to leave for college and he doesn’t want him to leave. Eddie ended up getting a call to help when Shawn was picked up for underaged drinking but gave Eddie’s courtesy card. This led to Danny being angry at them butting in, but after taking a step back, he realized their help was well intentioned and needed. I’d like to see Danny manage to find a new love interest who could be his support system to not only with the kids but especially for himself. It is going to be interesting to see how much help Danny starts to accept from his family going forward.

On tonight’s episode, “Trust,” Eddie and her new partner, Maya, clash with Jamie on the job when they fail to intervene in a public dispute at a convenience store. Also, Danny and Baez investigate the death of a college freshman at a fraternity party, and Frank battles a lawsuit when a sergeant accuses the department of reverse racism and ageism.

To see how Jamie and Eddie handle these work-related issues, tune in to CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching MacGyver, The Cool Kids, Hell’s Kitchen, and Hawaii Five-0.

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