If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/8/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight, History kicks off the new scripted drama Project Blue Book. It is set in the 1950s, when there is a general sense of fear of impending doom with the Cold War and a nuclear threat looming. So when people start reporting UFO sightings, Air Force General James Harding (Neal McDonough, Legends of Tomorrow) wants to squash the reports before they cause even more public unrest. He assigns Captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey, The Vampire Diaries) to a new clandestine operation, Project Blue Book, and has him recruit Dr. J. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen, Game of Thrones) to help him spearhead the operation.

Harding is interested in closing the cases as quickly as possible and just wants Captain Quinn to write up the reports and Dr. Hynek to help add scientific reasoning to give the reports legitimacy. Dr. Hynek is a brilliant professor of astrophysics at Ohio State University who had assisted the government during the war. Now he is settled down with wife Mimi (Laura Mennell, Loudermilk, Van Helsing) and their son, who is obsessed with sci-fi comics like Flash Gordon. Dr. Hynek wants to be thorough in his investigations and not necessarily provide the quick answers Harding is looking for. However, during his first case, Allen finds some mysterious and explainable things, uncovers what appears to be a larger conspiracy, and discovers that he’s being followed by a mystery man in a hat. What exactly has he gotten himself into?!

The series mixes sighting-of-the-week cases—based on real cases that Dr. J. Allen Hynek was involved with the 1950s and 60s—with several larger conspiracy/mysteries that are set up in the premiere. The series also stars Michael Harney (Orange is the New Black) as General Hugh Valentine, a man who is colluding on some secret project with General Harding; and Ksenia Solo (TURN: Washington’s Spies, Lost Girl) as Susie, a newlywed woman who is new to town and befriends Allen’s wife, Mimi.

On tonight’s premiere, “The Fuller Dogfight,” astrophysicist Dr. Allen Hynek is recruited by the U.S. Air Force into a top-secret program investigating UFOs; Dr. Hynek joins Capt. Michael Quinn to investigate the case of a military pilot who survived a dogfight with an alien craft.

Check out the fun new sci-fi drama tonight on History Channel at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Kids Are Alright, black-ish, The Rookie, and The Gifted.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice #1

The winter finale of The Rookie was one of its strongest yet, and I loved it. After chasing a suspect from a convenience store robbery into a private home, Nolan cornered the guy in the upstairs bedroom, and when the guy turned with a gun in his hand, Nolan had no choice but to fire his own weapon, killing the guy. The camera work was great in this episode – a little shaky at times, showing Nolan’s state of mind. He was absolutely numb for a good part of the episode. And even though he did everything right, there still has to be an investigation, which rattles him more. I loved that he chose Sgt. Grey to go through it with him. And then of course, there was that ending… Nolan and Lucy slept together, although they weren’t on the same page after (she said it was a one-time mistake, he tried to tell her while she was showering that maybe it didn’t have to be). And then…the shooting victim’s brother, who was all over the media blaming Nolan for killing his brother…broke in and attacked Nolan while Lucy was finishing up her shower. The screen went black as the brother was pointing a gun at Nolan…and then there was a gunshot. Dun dun dun!

The other important story line was Tim’s wife, who was brought back from jail, intending to become an informant to get a free pass on the drug charges. She ended up having to go undercover to make a buy, but she went off script and tried to convince the big dealer dude that she and her partner in crime could sell double what they were giving her. Tim freaked out, worried she was going to overplay her hand, and he took off to bust into the room, which meant all the detectives in charge had to go with him. Unfortunately, when they got inside, the room was empty, the window was open, and there was blood on the floor. So where is his wife? Is she the one who was hurt? We’ll find out the answers to those questions and catch up with Nolan and Lucy tonight, thank goodness! That was a long break with those cliffhangers!

On tonight’s episode, “Standoff,” Officer Bradford’s wife, Isabel, is found shot but alive and he vows to track down the man responsible. Meanwhile, Officer Nolan must protect his home and the truth after a home invasion attack.

See how Nolan handles the attack tonight on ABC at 10/9c.

Megan’s Choice

New Amsterdam has had me hooked since the very first episode, and it continues to make me fall deeper in love with it every week. The heartwarming stories and cases are amazing, but the writers do a fantastic job balancing it with moments that take our breath away. Moments that make me full-on sob with emotions showing me why I love television as much as I do, because every episode is a journey.

When we left off in the fall finale, Max had collapsed on a dock by the lake where he went to spread his sister’s ashes. Max has been putting his treatment off because he’s been focused on running the hospital and taking care of his pregnant wife. Now he’s finally repaired his relationship with his wife and she is doing well with her pregnancy, but he still hasn’t started treatment. I am so nervous to see how he is when the show returns tonight and to see if he can fight his way back from the brink of death.

On tonight’s episode, “Six or Seven Minutes,” Max fights for his life, New Amsterdam is in full swing with a pertinent heart surgery that is not covered by insurance and a potential nurses walk out. As the team feels Max’s absence and the doctors find out that they may have to treat one of their own, Sharpe must finally come clean about Max’s condition.

To find out if the team can save Max, tune in to NBC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, Chopped, The Conners, Ellen’s Game of Games, The Kids Are Alright, Lethal Weapon, FBI, The Gifted, and The Rookie.

Jenny’s Choice #2

The episode of FBI before the winter break was one of my favorites so far because we focused a lot on OA (plus there was the return of Billy Burke to TV, yay!). When an illegal arms broker turned informant was killed, OA assumed his identity and went undercover to stop the sale of danger weapons. OA rocked the undercover gig, so much so that at the end, he visited the FBI academy to talk to a class of recruits about undercover work. I loved how calm, cool, and collected he was each time he was with the bad guys (or girl…). One of my favorite moments was when he was meeting with the bad guy’s daughter (who turned out to be even more of a bad guy, killing her father and taking over the deal herself) for the first time and she asked about when he went to school with another player on the board. Maggie remembered the info just in time to feed it to him, and it all went smoothly.

I’m enjoying this show a lot. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s a lot of fun, and I love the cast.

On tonight’s episode, “Identity Crisis,” when a judge and her daughter are murdered after she sentenced a man to life in prison, Maggie and OA search for the killer behind a possible retaliation. Dana has a vested interest in this case as she has a history with the victim.

Find out who killed the judge and her daughter tonight on CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Conners, Ellen’s Game of Games, NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, The Kids are Alright, & Chopped.

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