If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/9/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight, ABC kicks off the new comedy Schooled, which is a 1990-something set spinoff of The Goldbergs. Barry Goldberg’s former girlfriend Lainey Lewis (AJ Michalka) hasn’t had much success in launching her music career, so she heads back home and applies for a job as the music teacher at her old high school, William Penn Academy. Lainey thinks that she’ll be able to relate to the students since they aren’t that much younger than herself. In a way that’s true, but she also realizes that she’ll need to quickly step up and take charge if she wants the students to see her as an authority figure. Helping Lainey navigate these new waters are the school’s new principal/former guidance counselor, Mr. Glascott (Tim Meadows) and the familiar Coach Mellor (Bryan Callen). This new peer relationship with her former teachers and calling them by their first names is going to take some getting used to!

A while back, ABC had done a backdoor pilot for this spinoff that wasn’t picked up. They did air the episode last year (and it wasn’t very good). This is a completely re-worked version of the series that is better but is still missing those fun family relationships and sibling rivalry that The Goldbergs offers. This series is not a replacement for the original but has the potential to be a fun 90s counterpart. It follows a lot of the same structure, with Lainey doing narration, photos/clips/interviews with the show’s real-life counterparts during the credits, and lots of great 90s music and fun pop-culture references. It’s hard to tell after just one episode what the focus of the series will be – i.e. does it plan to follow the same students from season to season, will there be other regular teachers in the cast, will we see more Goldbergs cameos after the premiere, etc? But I’m definitely interested in seeing where it goes.

On tonight’s premiere, “Be Like Mike,” Lainey returns to William Penn Academy, where she has a hard time adjusting to being an authority figure; Coach Mellor struggles with Michael Jordan’s influence on modern-day basketball.

See if this new show’s for you tonight on ABC at 8:31/7:31c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Goldbergs, Modern Family, Match Game, The Masked Singer, and I’m Sorry.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

When the #OneChicago shows left off for their winter breaks, all three shows had some sort of cliffhanger, whether emotional (in terms of Chicago Med) or dramatic (Chicago PD) or even life and death (Chicago Fire). So let’s start from the 8:00 hour with Chicago Med…

First, I gotta talk about the sad couple that Dr. Choi treated – the wife had a condition that made her see a total stranger when she looked at her husband, so when she saw him in their living room, she thought it was a burglar and stabbed him. Apparently she has a brain tumor, and the medication holding it in check was causing her problems. She demands the tumor be taken out (even though she’s been told it’s not safe), while her husband refuses to allow it. Sharon steps in and overrules the woman and Dr. Choi, worried about the hospital being sued. (I’m totally not loving Sharon much anymore. Boo.) There was also a horribly sad case of a woman going into labor and the baby being upside down. Dr. Choi & April got the baby turned and delivered, only to find out soon after that the baby had an untreatable condition and wouldn’t live long. The parents decided they couldn’t handle it and left. April was horrified and sat holding the baby until she died. So sad!

It was finally the wedding day for Will & Natalie. Unfortunately, when Will went to the shop to pick up his tux, Ray Price’s sons rush in, claiming their father is worse and Will needed to come right then. And he was indeed worse…but it was more than that. They’d found the bug and knew Will had planted it. Will was about to get taken and killed but then Ray collapsed. Will tried to convince them they needed to get Ray to the ER immediately, but with a gun to his head, he was forced to perform surgery, drilling a hole in Ray’s head to relieve pressure using an actual drill. Ew. Fortunately for Will, his brother Jay worked to get the info from the FBI’s informant about where the Prices might have taken Will, and he and the FBI bust into the warehouse in time to save Will. Unfortunately for Will, who shows up late to the church, blood on his tux, the FBI has decided he needs to go into WitSec, and after hugging a frantic Natalie (and getting blood on her dress!), he tells her just that much and then is pulled away, put into the standard FBI black SUV, and driven away… Ack!

Then there was Chicago Fire… Severide and Stella still weren’t communicating very well. Severide is basically killing the relationship, falling apart after his father’s recent death. He basically pushed Stella out the door when she wanted him to go out with her and her old friend Tyler. But worse than that… Cruz was on the phone with Chloe when there was a crashing sound and then Chloe wasn’t responding. They all got called out then to the scene of a big car pileup, and sure enough, Chloe was in the middle of it. She was unconscious and had to be cut out before being sent to the hospital. In the end, she was going to be okay, and Cruz got to meet her parents, who already like him after hearing Chloe talk about him. Aww. And finally, things between Casey and Naomi start getting hot and heavy and the sleep together…only for Casey to wake up in the middle of the night and realize his apartment’s ON FIRE. Eek!

Finally…we come to Chicago PD. Antonio was so far gone that, when his doctor wouldn’t prescribe any more pain meds, he went to buy some from a dealer. Unfortunately for him, that was right when Intelligence raided the place. Burgess chased down one of the suspects…only for it to be Antonio! Of course, he talks his way out of it, but it really wasn’t very convincing, at least in my opinion. They did lock up Antonio’s dealer, Carter, who argued with Antonio that their deal was Antonio keep them out of jail in exchange for the drugs.

Thankfully, Voight wasn’t convinced about Antonio’s story either, and he not only figured out something was going on with the drug dealer, but he also followed Antonio when he went to buy drugs on the street. He confronted him, telling Antonio he’d get him into rehab and help him get clean. It was a great moment…until Antonio got a phone call saying his daughter had been kidnapped. Because of this, Antonio was forced to tell the team about his addiction. Turned out the kidnapper, Jason, (who was a convicted drug dealer and rapist – because of course he was…) wanted Carter released or else. We learned that Jason was Carter’s cousin. In the end, they found Eva, beaten up but alive, and they tracked down Jason. Voight and Ruzek let Antonio beat on him for a bit, but when Jason taunted Antonio about his daughter, it enraged Antonio (who had once again taken drugs he’d found at the dealer’s house a few hours earlier), and he pushed the guy out the window to his death. And that’s where the show left off.

Like, what the heck?! Will went into WitSec. Casey and Naomi are stuck in an apartment that’s on fire. And now a drugged-up Antonio pushed a suspect out a window to his death. Great cliffhangers the shows left us with!

On tonight’s episode of Chicago Med, “All the Lonely People,” April finds herself in a dangerous situation and Natalie gets an update on Will. Dr. Rhodes gears up for a gala honoring his hybrid O.R. and tries to convince Dr. Bekker to join him.

Then on Chicago Fire, “Inside These Walls,” a dangerous situation leaves Casey and Naomi in peril. Foster and Brett are in charge of planning a field trip visit to the station while Severide and Kidd go through tough times.

And finally, on Chicago PD, “Brotherhood,” Voight and Ruzek lock horns over how to handle the aftermath of the Antonio situation. Meanwhile, a series of violent carjackings turns deadly, and Ruzek must rely on a C.I. he grew up with to help solve the case.

Don’t miss this week’s visit to Chicago on NBC starting at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Goldbergs, Schooled, Guy’s Grocery Games, Modern Family, SEAL Team, Single Parents, Criminal Minds, & Match Game.

Phoebe’s Choice

The last four years have produced one of the most entertaining dark romcoms that TV has ever seen in the form of You’re the Worst, an FX series set in L.A. that follows a narcissistic author Jimmy and his on-again/off-again love, Gretchen. Gretchen is devastatingly clinically depressed and works in the music business as an artist PR rep. Last year Gretchen had been distancing herself from Jimmy by sleeping with their mutual acquaintance Boone. By the finale, however, Jimmy & Gretch had once more slept together. The crazy finale started with a dream sequence featuring Vernon. When he woke up, we saw he was performing surgery when he nodded off, and as a result, he sliced an artery in the patient’s thigh. He fled the hospital in a panic.

Jimmy showed up to pick up Gretchen in the morning in the semi-charred car that she lit on fire the episode before. Edgar was now the on-set writer for the TV show he worked for but didn’t like it. Paul was stalking Lindsay. As Edgar and Linds talked this out, Vernon showed up seeking Jimmy’s advice. The squad united to deal with the situation. They picked up extremely drunk Becca from a bar and united the troubled married couple. Vernon confessed that he had been practicing uninsured. Paul showed up asking Lindsey for a recommendation for his attempts to adopt. Edgar confronted Max, who admitted it was his idea that they be separated at work; he was triggered by Edgar’s traumatic past. Gretchen and Jimmy went to the beach. She told him she was moving in with Boone. So what though. He was skipping town again.

Lindsay came up with a plan that Becca should act as a surrogate for a baby that Paul would adopt because she was a helper “like the glove that makes hamburgers.” Jimmy dropped Gretchen off at Boone’s house but stormed in the kitchen a few minutes to attack whom he thought was Boone. In fact, he hit Niel, a friend. A small brawl erupted when it was revealed Gretchen “fingerbanged” Niel’s wife. It ended with Jimmy & Boone both trying to state a case for why they deserved to be with Gretchen. She chose herself though and walked out alone.

She hid down the block and hopped into the car with Jimmy before he pulled away. She was satisfied that he finally fought to be with her – he really did love her. At a red light, she slapped him then they made out. She pulled out the engagement ring that she’d had since the end of last season, and they agreed to get married by October.

This is the last season of the show, and I am sure it is going to be equal parts sad, hilarious, challenging, and intelligent. If you have never seen it, you ought to binge the first three seasons, fo show!

On tonight’s episode, “The Intransigence of Love,” Jimmy and Gretchen tell the story of their love to a prospective wedding planner.

Check out the start of the final season tonight on FXX at 10/9c.

I will also be watching Vikings.

Megan’s Choice

Have you ever started watching a show just to see what a train wreck it is going to be, but then you are sucked in and find yourself loving it? Well, that is what happened to me last week with the series premiere of The Masked Singer on FOX.

I was so curious about who was singing and who is behind the mask. On the premiere we watched as Antonio Brown dressed as a hippo competed against a bunch of other famous people dressed as animals, such as a peacock, a unicorn, and a lion just to name a few. We only know it was Antonio behind the hippo mask because he was voted off so he had to unmask. The concept behind these stars wearing masks and singing without us knowing who they are is awesome and annoying at the same time because I have to tune back in to find out if I’m right about my guess. (For the record, I am convinced that the peacock is Donny Osmond, the monster is T-Pain, and the unicorn is Tori Spelling.) If you’re looking for a fun show to watch, this is the show for you.

On tonight’s episode, “The New Masks on the Block,” the second group of six undercover celebrity singers take the stage: Rabbit, Alien, Raven, Pineapple, Poodle, & Bee. Host Nick Cannon joins panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke as they attempt to guess WHO is the performer behind the masks.

To see this new group of performers, tune in to FOX at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Gordon Ramsay’s 24-Hours To Hell and Back, SEAL Team, Criminal Minds, and Schooled.

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