If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/27/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice

My pick for tonight is the series premiere of Gone on WGN America. As of last month, there’s a chilling statistic in the US, according to WGN America: 83,957 people are missing in the US at any given moment. Chris Noth (Law & Order, Sex and the City), Leven Rambin (The Path, True Detective), & Danny Pino (Law & Order: SVU, Mayans M.C.) star in a missing person’s detective procedural that follows the story of Kit “Kick” Lannigan (Rambin), the survivor of a famous child-abduction case, and Frank Novak (Noth), the FBI agent who rescued her. Years later, Novak is running a special task force dedicated to solving abductions and missing person’s cases, and he recruits Lannigan to join. She’s paired with former Army intelligence officer John Bishop (Pino) and uses her intuitive wit and martial arts skills to solve cases and bring victims home. The show also stars Tracie Thomas (UnREAL, 9-1-1) and Andy Mientus (The Flash, Anger Management).

I love detective procedurals, and I love Chris Noth and Danny Pino. I’ve liked Leven Rambin in everything I’ve seen her in (guest starring spots for me, mostly), so hopefully I’ll enjoy her in this. I hope the show focuses on cases (like a case of the week) more than a dramatic story about Novak or Bishop suddenly being a bad guy. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

On tonight’s episode, “Pilot,” FBI Agent Frank Novak seeks out former abductee Kick Lannigan and asks her to join him in a special task force that solves abductions and missing persons cases.

To meet Novak and Lannigan, tune in to WGN America at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Chicago Med, The Goldbergs, Schooled, Chicago FIre, Guy’s Grocery Games, Modern Family, Single Parents, Chicago PD, & a repeat of Whiskey Cavalier.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Phoebe’s Choice

One of the better new comic book adaptations in 2019 is Deadly Class, an action-packed coming-of-age tale set in the late 80s. It is set at an assassination academy run by a tough old headmaster, Master Lin. We opened last week with Maria being interrogated, accused of killing her ex-bf Chico. The rest of the gang covered for her, ‘cause we all know she actually did do it on their recent romp to Vegas. A month later, and Maria & Marcus were secretly dating, perhaps to distance themselves from the fact she killed Chico to save Marcus? In a weird ploy to get Petra interested in him, Billy hit on their hand-to-hand combat instructor Miss De Luca, asking her to tie him up and call him names. She thought it was an odd request but did it anyway.

We then flashed to Marcus’s old roommate from when he was a foster kid, a deformed sociopathic killer named Fuckface. (Reminds me a bit of Assface from Preacher, tbh.) He killed two people in an alley with a video camera set up because he wanted to mail it to Phil Donahue but realized afterward there was no tape in the camera. We got to see an awesome fight scene then when Maria, Brandy Lynn, & Saya were ambushed by a group of random ninjas in a graveyard. The girls kicked ass, but Brandy sabotaged the other two to make sure she got the most kill shots. When an instructor stepped out to grade them on their performance, he gave Brandy an F for being a backstabbing bitch. Miss Gao, Master Lin’s sister, was not pleased with the grade and twisted Saya’s shoulder out of joint as punishment.

Marcus made Maria a mixtape, which had a whole different meaning in the 1980s. Unfortunately, Maria had been off her meds, and she went manic, and no one knew how to handle her. Saya took her to confront her, and Maria sat alone looking at old photos. Next we entered into another cool animated sequence that this show keeps churning out, this one the origin of Maria. We saw her father stole food to feed them when she was a child. The mayor caught him and had him crucified for it. A young Chico told his dad not to kill Maria, that she was clever and useful. When we got back to the present, Maria stabbed herself through the hand to honor her dad’s death. But now we know how the cartel came to adopt her. The same cartel that now wanted answers about Chico’s disappearance.

Saya urged Marcus to reign Maria in, and the two almost kissed, but then Maria shot an arrow at Marcus, which Saya caught just in time! The two girls fought, but Marcus stopped them. Maria seduced him then. The last big moment was when Fuckface called Marcus to tell him he found Chico’s body in Vegas and he was coming to New York to ruin his life. This show is a great ride, and from what my friend tells me, it’s about 90% true to the comic, which is pretty rad.

On tonight’s episode, “Rise Above,” Marcus confesses the truth about Chester to Saya, which leads them on a citywide manhunt.

See how Saya handles the truth tonight on Syfy at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching You’re the Worst and the new Syfy show Alien News Desk.

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