If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/2/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight, USA Network kicks off the new reality series Growing Up Chrisley. This spin-off finds two of the Chrisley children heading from Nashville to L.A. to try to launch their own careers. Todd had been trying to get Chase and Savannah to follow in his footsteps in the real estate business, but neither of them is interested. Chase wants to pursue a career in acting, while Savannah wants to launch her own cosmetic and fragrance line.

The new series feels very much like the original – tonight’s premiere is pretty much a normal episode of Chrisley Knows Best, with the kids trying to convince their father to let them go on their adventure. He ultimately agrees to a 90-day trial period, with the stipulation that their grandmother join them on their road trip. And so the second episode is more of the same, with Chase and Savannah on a road trip with Nanny Faye. It’s not until the third episode that the new series really kicks off, and Chase and Savannah move to Los Angeles and start on their quest to launch their careers.

The new series is worth a look for fans of the original show, but it may take a few weeks until you see what the new series is really going to be like.

On tonight’s premiere, “Chase & Savannah Fly the Nest,” Chase and Savannah Chrisley embark on a cross-country move to prove they’re independent grown-ups.

See how Chase and Savannah convince their dad of their plans tonight on USA Network at 10:30/9:30c.

I’ll also be watching/recording black-ish, The Rookie, This Is Us, and The Village.
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Jenny’s Choice

Last week’s FBI was a sad one, with all the victims the daughters of strict and/or religious families, only looking to branch out and meet a nice guy via a dating app. But it turned deadly for them. Gotta love politics. That’s what I kept thinking while watching. That’s because the mayor and his friend, the head of the FBI in New York (or whatever) decided to force Dana to downplay things when she and her team figured out they had a serial killer on their hands. The deputy mayor told her that when word got out about a serial killer, tourists quit coming to town and spending money. Ugh. And the pressure from on high got worse when they figured out the suspect was the son of one of the richest families in NYC. Thankfully, Dana gave Maggie and OA authorization to enter the suspect’s apartment/loft/photography studio (against the mayor’s orders) just in time to save his latest victim. Of course, they might not have been as close as they had been if they’d been able to surprise him, rather than having to knock on the door a few times and announce themselves.

I’m super excited about tonight’s episode, though. We’re getting a spin-off next season: FBI: Most Wanted (I believe that is what the title will be…). It’s basically just what it sounds like: FBI agents working to find and capture those on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. And tonight, like many spin-offs, we get to see what is basically a planted pilot, meaning we’ll meet all (or most) of the people in the spin-off and see how they work together and what they do. I’m just excited because Kellan Lutz is in the new one, and yummy. LOL

On tonight’s episode, “Most Wanted,” OA and Maggie team up with members of the FBI’s Fugitives Department to track down a person wanted for murder who is also on America’s top 10 most wanted list. Guest stars include Peter Facinelli (S.W.A.T., Supergirl, Nurse Jackie), as well as the following from FBI: Most Wanted: Julian McMahon (Runaways, Nip/Tuck) as FBI Agent Jess Lacroix; Kellan Lutz (Twilight Saga, The Comeback) as FBI Agent Crosby; Roxy Sternberg (Mars, Emerald City) as FBI Agent Sheryll Barnes; Keisha Castle-Hughes (Game of Thrones, Roadies) as FBI Analyst Hana Gibson; Nathanial Arcand (Heartland) as FBI Agent Clinton Skye; and Alana De La Garza (Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Forever, CSI: Miami, Law & Order) as Assistant Agent in Charge Isobel Castille.

Meet the new FBI team tonight on CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Ellen’s Game of Games, MasterChef Junior, NCIS, Chopped, Mental Samurai, NCIS: New Orleans, & The Rookie.

Megan’s Choice

The Village wasted no time making the viewers become emotionally invested in the characters. I was getting teared up by the end of the series premiere. It was a smart decision on the part of NBC to schedule it right after This Is Us, because it is definitely within the same target audience.

On the last episode, Nick was struggling to adjust to life in the apartment complex and being back from overseas. Sarah and Katie worked through their different views on Katie’s pregnancy, with Katie planning on keeping the baby. It’s going to be a very interesting journey for the people of the building.

On tonight’s episode, “In Your Bones,” the Village family is made whole again when Ava returns. Sarah and Katie deal with unexpected reactions from the family of her baby’s father; the strain of Patricia’s cancer threatens her relationship with Ron; Gabe gets a surprise visit from his overbearing father; Nick confesses to a war friend’s widow and makes a deep connection.

To see how Nick handles this important conversation with his friend’s widow, tune in to NBC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, FBI, The Rookie, Ellen’s Game of Games, MasterChef Junior, and Mental Samurai.

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