If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/12/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice #1

Tonight two very different shows return to kick off new seasons.

First up, airing on both Syfy and USA Network, is the second season premiere of Krypton. In the first season, present-day Earthling Adam Strange traveled back in time to the planet Krypton to warn Seg-El – the future grandfather of Superman – of a pending attack by time-traveling super-villain Brainiac. If this Devourer of Worlds managed to destroy the planet, causing Superman to never be born, the Earth would be doomed. However, Kandor City was currently too distracted by a religious and political war that was going on – an underground rebellion known as Black Zero had formed against those in charge.

As the season came to a close, Brainiac finally arrived and started his attack on Kandor City. Dru-Zod, the future son of Lyta-Zod and Seg-El, had also traveled back in time to stop Braniac, but he had his own ulterior motives, desiring to rule over Krypton. He joined Black Zero, rising up the ranks, while awaiting Braniac’s arrival. Meanwhile, Seg-El’s grandfather Val-El, who was presumed dead, was actually alive and was rescued from the Phantom Zone by Dru-Zod; Jax-Ur revealed to Nyssa that she was in fact just a clone of the original Nyssa; and Doomsday escaped containment. During the big final showdown, Seg-El managed to trap Brainiac in the Phantom Zone, but he was pulled in as well. Dru-Zod destroyed the Phantom Zone gateway, trapping them both in there. He then seized control of Kandor City as well as most of the other Kryptonian City-States, declaring himself the leader. When Adam returned to Earth, he discovered a ruined city, with a giant statue of Zod.

The second season picks up 6 months later, as Zod continues to expand his empire. The others believe Seg-El is dead and don’t want his sacrifice to have been in vain. Even though Braniac has been stopped, the Earth still appears to be doomed. Can Adam and the resistance stop Zod’s evil plan to take over the world and fix things back to how they should be? Will they find a way to save Seg-El from the Phantom Zone? What does Nyssa’s revelation that she is a clone mean? And what does Doomsday’s escape pose another big danger? It looks like this will be another exciting season.

On tonight’s premiere, “Light-Years From Home,” Seg-El is stranded far from home, where his grandfather leads a rebellion against General Zod.

To see if Seg-El makes it home, tune in to Syfy and USA Network at 10/9c.
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Jenny’s Choice

card sharkAnother favorite game show that I loved watching reruns of was Card Sharks, and that’s why I’m so excited because tonight is the premiere of the revival, hosted by the hilarious Joel McHale. Two players face off in a head-to-head competition, where they answer questions in order to play the cards. The winner gets $10,000 and the chance to play seven final cards – and that can turn the $10,000 into a huge payday.

I loved this game because the first player answered a question like: “Out of 100 people asked, how many admitted to having cheated on their taxes?” So contestant one says: “Fifty-two.” Then contestant two has to say whether they think the right number is higher or lower than player one’s guess. Whichever contestant is right gets to turn over cards – like the card game War, but by themselves. One card is turned over, then they say if the next is higher or lower. If they’re correct, they go again. After three or four (I think? It’s been a while! LOL) cards, they win. If they guess incorrectly, the other player gets a turn at the cards. If neither contestant reaches the end, it’s then time for another question and so on. The round ends when a contestant finishes their line of cards. It’s a lot of fun, and I think Joel McHale will make a great host.

Don’t miss the fun premiere tonight on ABC at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Amazing Race, MasterChef, Press Your Luck, Guy’s Grocery Games, Best Room Wins, The Butcher, & Match Game.

Kyle’s Choice #2

Also returning tonight for its sixth season on TV Land is Younger. When we last left off, Charles had finally learned the truth about Liza’s age and the two started secretly seeing one another. However, Cheryl leaked news of their affair to the press, which led to Charles stepping down from Empirical. Millennial became the company’s new flagship brand, and Kelsey was now the head of everything. Meanwhile, Claire made a surprise return, revealing to Josh that she was pregnant with his baby.

Now that Charles is no longer her boss, he and Liza are free to pursue an open relationship. However, how will Diana (and Charles’s wife) take the news? Also, is Josh really the father of Claire’s baby? And if so, will that change Liza’s feelings for him? After all, she originally broke up with him because she didn’t want to be the person stopping him from becoming a father. (I personally hope they drop this whole love triangle and don’t go back to it.) Will Kelsey be able to handle the increased responsibilities of her new position? And finally, when will the final few remaining people finally learn the truth about Liza’s age?

I got to see tonight’s premiere early at the ATX Television Festival this past weekend, and it was so much fun. I can’t wait to see what else this season holds for these characters!

On tonight’s premiere, “Big Day,” Kelsey makes her debut as a publisher, quickly realizing that the company is in trouble; the new regime – and a revelation about Liza – sends Diana into a crisis; Josh finds out the paternity of Clare’s baby

Catch up with Liza, Kelsey, Josh, and the others tonight on TV Land 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Press Your Luck, Card Sharks, Match Game, The Amazing Race, and Archer.

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