Newsletter & News Poster Help Needed!

Hi all! I have a couple of things I need help with… First up is someone who knows what they’re doing with coding and what not who can help me figure out how best to put out a newsletter. Right now, I use accordions to code the weekly & daily schedules. But as far as I know, that won’t work on email newsletters. My husband could help me figure it out, but he’s busy with his own work, so I’d like to find someone else who can help me out if they have time.

Second, I would like to start posting TV news, but I just simply don’t have the time to do it myself. What I’d like is someone who can keep an eye out during the day to different sites (such as TVLine, TV Fanatic, etc) and write up a post once a night with a short recap and a link to each news item. It would be written up in whatever is your choice (direct in email, Word or the like, Notepad/Wordpad, etc) and sent to me, and then I would clean it up, format it, and post it under your name. This is an unpaid position, but you would of course have my gratitude. 😉

If you are interested in either of the above things, please shoot me an email using the form below. And thank you!

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