If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/21/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

On last week’s episode of Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral, we finally got our second wedding. Craig announced to everyone at a surprise engagement party that Zara had returned and that the two of them were getting married. The wedding was going to be quite an event, as it was being paid for by Love Chalet (with a sponsorship from Hotels.com), who were going to air it as a special episode, and all of Zara’s castmates from the show were going to be there as guests. Craig asked Duffy to be his best man, while Zara told Maya she was too pretty to be her bridesmaid. Missing from the party was Ainsley, who wasn’t talking to Craig and had no plans to attend the wedding. So since Ainsley wasn’t coming to the wedding, Craig invited Kash, who then asked for a plus three so he could bring Fatima and their dating chaperones, Basheer and Nani.

After seeing Kash at the party, Maya wrote another therapeutic breakup note that she planned to rip up and toss way, but when she went to throw it in the river, the same cop who caught her littering her note to Ted stopped her. So she put the note in her jacket and forgot about it. However, she had been wearing Duffy’s jacket – the night before, Duffy could sense that she wasn’t as excited about their relationship as he was, and so he offered her an out, to just be friends again. And unfortunately for him, she accepted.

On the day of the wedding, Ainsley was spending her time redecorating Bryce’s apartment instead of attending the ceremony. Everyone else was at the party. Maya was surprised to meet Fatima and hear about the plans for an arranged marriage. However, for folks thinking about marriage, Kash and Fatima didn’t really have a lot to say to one another and often sat in awkward silence at their table. Kash stepped away to confront Maya about the feelings they had for one another, which she denied. While Kash was gone, Basheer asked Fatima to dance, and she suddenly became a completely different person – all lit up, talkative, and delighted as Basheer recounted a lot of the small details and stories her Nani had told him about her. There was a palpable connection between these two, much more so than between Fatima and Kash.

Meanwhile, Duffy ran into Gemma and told her about the note he found in his pocket. He was convinced that he was the subject of Maya’s letter, in which she stated that she still had feelings, despite calling off the relationship. So he decided to use his best man speech to win her back. Gemma tried to convince Duffy that this was a bad idea and that the note probably wasn’t about him, but he took the stage anyway. Just as Duffy was about to declare his love for Maya, Ainsley showed up – Bryce had convinced her to drop her jealousy of Craig getting married and be there for her friend. She gave a rousing apologetic speech to Craig and Zara and congratulated the happy couple. As Ainsley talked, Duffy saw Maya and Kash together and realized that Gemma was right. When it was time for him to resume his speech, he was at a loss for words and awkwardly took his seat. Afterwards, Ainsley went home with Garrett, who had literally hit on every woman at the wedding, including Maya and Gemma, and was rejected by them all. Duffy confronted Maya about Kash, and she pleaded with him not to say anything to Ainsley. Later, when Kash dropped Fatima off at home, she told him that she wanted to break things off because she had feelings for Basheer – he was the thing she always looked forward to most about their dates. Ouch, but a happy turn of events for everyone involved, as Kash was now free to pursue Maya and Fatima was able to pursue Basheer.

This show is so much fun, finding interesting ways to integrate many delightful rom-com tropes into each episode. There are always laugh-out-loud moments, like Craig and Zara’s first dance swap-out, Garrett trying to hook up with everyone at the wedding, and Ainsley’s joking with Kash about finally getting to see the end of a wedding. At the same, time there’s also lots of great, heartwarming character drama and plot twists. Fatima and Basheer make a wonderful couple – while I didn’t necessarily see that one coming, it’s perfect…and her Nani is already a big fan of Bash. While I certainly see those two characters married in the future, I doubt it would be one of the two remaining on-screen weddings – they don’t really have the connections to the main four characters that would give all of them a reason to attend. Another nice thing about the Fatima breakup is that this finally leaves things open for Maya and Kash to go for it…well, except for that one small detail of how Ainsley is going to feel about her best friend dating her ex-fiancé. Also, even though Duffy gave Maya the out, he seemed quite heartbroken over learning that Maya broke up with him because she loved someone else – how is he going to take this breakup, and does he still even want to remain friends with Maya? We also saw more hints of a relationship forming between Duffy and Gemma, as she was the one who tried to prevent him from making a fool of himself and likely will be the one to console him about this breakup revelation. We’ve got just four episodes and two weddings to go, and my money is still on Duffy/Gemma and Maya/Kash. Though both relationships still seem a bit too new to be talking marriage anytime soon, so perhaps we’ll jump ahead in one of the upcoming episodes.

On this week’s episode, “The Sound of Music,” Maya feels guilty that her work is forcing her to interact with Ainsley’s ex; Andrew and Tony 2 realize they have an unexpected connection; Bryce tries to take his professional relationship with Ainsley to the next level; and Gemma gets on Duffy’s case about his lazy teaching.

Check it out now on Hulu!

I’ll also be watching/recording Big Brother, Hollywood Game Night, MasterChef, BH90210, Hypnotize Me, South Side, and Younger.

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