If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/4/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

On last week’s episode of Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral, after the play premiere, Maya and Kash spent the entire night just walking and talking with one another. Maya was still paranoid about Ainsley finding out about them and was concerned that she would ruin her friendship with Ainsley for a relationship with Kash that might not even work out in six months. So they agreed to get to know one another better without any romance involved. Their quest to find a non-public, non-romantic place to talk led them to Basheer’s apartment, but when they got there, the house was covered in flowers and candles, and Basheer was proposing to Fatima!

So, over the next few weeks as Maya and Kash continued with their non-dating. Kash also continued to pursue his acting career, but his auditions were starting to have an effect on his performance at his real job. And so when he landed a role in a commercial, his boss at Goldman Sachs fired him, a secret he decided to keep from his father. Kash invited Maya to be his plus one for Basheer’s wedding, but she wasn’t ready to make this next step of officially dating him, so she broke things off. And to make matters worse, at the wedding, Kash’s father discovered the truth about his son’s lack of employment.

Meanwhile, Zara was trying to hold on to her 15 minutes of fame and hired publicist Nigel to help her build a brand. Zara set up a game night with her friends as a photo op for social media, but it didn’t really go as planned. This was the same night as the wedding Maya was skipping. Ainsley saw that Maya was upset about something and assumed it had to do with the mystery guy she had spent all night out with. Earlier in the week, Ainsley had seen Maya having a verbal spar with her coworker Marcus and assumed it was one of those love/hate type of relationships you see in the movies. So when Craig told her about the Dear John letter that Duffy had found in his pocket, she and Craig put two-and-two together and thought Maya was in love with Marcus. So Ainsley invited Marcus to game night in hopes of making a love connection for Maya, but Marcus assumed Ainsley was interested in him.

Duffy and Gemma were also up to some matchmaking of their own, inviting Bryce to game night, knowing that despite her denial, Ainsley was in love with him. And to add to the confusion, Andrew also turned up in hopes of reconciling with Tony, who had broken up with him after Andrew announced his support for an anti-immigration bill that he was unaware would affect Tony and his undocumented family members. Once Marcus saw his boss arrive at the party, his time was then split between wooing Ainsley and doing some obvious kissing up to Andrew.

As part of her efforts to establish a brand, Zara had created a new board game called No Secrets, in which the party guests were paired up and asked questions to see how much they knew about their partners. It was like a bedroom farce, with the guests constantly misunderstanding why they were at the party and who was actually in love with whom. Eventually Andrew told a story about his first heartbreak and how he lost the love of his life because he wasn’t willing to risk everything for love. With tears in his eyes, he then abruptly left the party. This got Maya, Tony, and Ainsley thinking about their own situations. Maya ran out of the apartment and headed to the wedding to be with Kash. Tony went to Andrew’s house to tell him the reason why he broke up with him and hopefully get back together. And Gemma and Duffy convinced Ainsley to tell Bryce how she really felt about him. Ainsley headed to Bryce’s home, but things didn’t go well – he opened the door just long enough to tell Ainsley her speech sounded more like a concession and then slammed the door in her face.

Meanwhile, back at the dwindling party, Marcus was told the real reason he had been invited – that Maya had feelings for him. He obviously didn’t feel the same way, and since she had already left, he called Maya to let her down gently, but on the phone call he could hear that she was at a wedding with another guy. So he confronted Craig about the whole situation, and Craig finally put two and two together, realizing that Maya was at Basheer’s wedding with Kash and that he was the guy from the note that she was in love with. Just as he was about to tell Zara this shocking realization, she had a shocking announcement of her own….that she was pregnant. Craig was going to get a chance to be a father again!

I loved the farcical nature of last week’s episode with the game night adventures full of love triangles and misunderstandings and the constant arrivals by “uninvited” guests who threw wrenches into Zara’s plans. We’ve got just two episodes and one wedding left. There’s no way this final wedding isn’t Maya and Kash’s, right? Will Ainsley finally discover the truth about Kash and Maya, and how will she take this betrayal? Both Duffy and Craig know the truth now – will one of them spill the beans, or will Maya do it herself? Ainsley might have taken the news better if she was in her own new relationship, but things don’t look good now that she’s been rejected by Bryce.

It’s a shame that we only have one wedding left, because I also really like the idea of Duffy and Gemma together. They certainly proved they knew one another well during the No Secrets game. And speaking of that, Bryce also showed good knowledge of Ainsley and that he had been paying attention to her stories. Is there really no chance for these two? It’s 100% Ainsley’s fault with that horrible speech, making him feel like a consolation prize! I hope she realizes what she has and can turn things around so that the rest of the group doesn’t feel like they have to walk on eggshells around her. I am really enjoying this show and am sad that there’s only two episodes left. I can’t wait to see how it comes to a close in the final two episodes.

On this week’s episode, “Four Friends and a Secret,” Maya struggles to tell Ainsley about Kash. Fearing their relationship may be getting too friendly, Gemma fires Duffy. Zara finds a way for Craig to reconnect with his daughter. Andrew has a surprising change of heart.

Check it out now on Hulu.

I’ll also be watching/recording Big Brother, Hollywood Game Night, MasterChef, BH90210, Hypnotize Me, and Younger.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Phoebe’s Choice

The excitement started overnight last night on Hulu when Wu-Tang: An American Saga premiered. And yes, that’s the Wu Clan, straight from Shaolin Island, NYC, in a fictionalized TV show about their founding years. Similar to real life, the show will follow the 9 original members of the most prolific rap group of all time make the transition from criminal crack dealers and accused killers to stars on MTV and the silver screen. When they were first forming the group, many of the members were wanted for various charges. Ghostface Killah wore a mask over his face in the early years to evade felony charges he was wanted on by the Long Island police – though the name came from a Kung Fu movie. That’s the general central theme to all things Wu: Kung Fu and being a gangsta in the drug game.

This series was created and executive produced by the founder of the notorious squad, the RZA, or Robert Fitzgerald Diggs as his mother named him (after her two favorite Kennedys). He has been heavily involved in movies and TV dating back to the 90s. Anyone remember that hilarious bit he did in Coffee and Ciggarettes with the GZA and Bill Murray? Yes, that Bill Murray. Bobby Digital is not known for putting out weak content, so I expect this show to slap. I personally have met and smoked blunts with a few Wu affiliates and even did a show once in Los Angeles with Dom Pachino from Wu Killa Army. So I’m definitely gonna watch this week’s first three installments of this mini-series, maybe smoke a white owl to it. Ya best protect ya neck.

Check out the first three episodes now on Hulu.

I’ll also be finishing my binge of Carnival Row.

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