If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/6/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice #1

I was a little bit ticked off when I started working on the schedule for this week and realized The Great British Baking Show premiered last week on Netflix, and my main source didn’t have it listed when I was doing the schedule last week. But I was also very excited since that meant the show was back, and I love it! Unlike the previous season (but like the seasons before it), they didn’t drop the full season at once. Episodes will air weekly overnight on Thursday night/Friday morning, which means last night, they dropped episode 2.

I won’t spoil last week’s premiere, which I’ve already watched, since this is the first time I’m bringing it up. But I will say it’s a fun mix of contestants again this season (and one young guy is so nervous, he cuts his fingers 3 or 4 times in the first episode! LOL) and the hosts and judges are still as fun and kooky as ever.

Check out episode 2, “Biscuits Week,” now on Netflix.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Phoebe’s Choice

DCU is almost one year old as a streaming service. I wondered when it first dropped if they’d have the steam to last in this new phase of streaming media platforms. They wouldn’t be as broad a service as Netflix, Hulu, or even Amazon’s contribution to the #NewTV world that we live in now. On the other hand they did have some of the most iconic American heroes copy-written, so eventually a Batman or Superman show, done well, should make the service viable perhaps. They arguably have the best comic book show in TV right now in Doom Patrol, which still gets its own season two, and tonight they debut the Titans sophomore season. This show is based on the group/old Cartoon Channel show Teen Titans. But please don’t get it twisted. This is an R-rated show. The violence is magnificent, and it is often full ham gore-ification for this once innocent team.

Last season’s finale was a mindfuck at more than one turn in the plot to say the least. Our “team leader” Nightwing has lived five years beyond the tribulations that brought the team together over the first ten episodes. (Completely ignore the prior episode ended on a cliff hanger.) He is happy in a new life with Dove, who is preggo expecting their second kid. The new Robin, Jason Todd, requests help in bringing down Batman, who has crossed his own moral line and tried to murder the Joker. DCU then went balls out and actually had Batman kill Joker in the super violent bloodfest this show has shown itself to be. The only way to take down psycho Batman? Psycho Nightwing of course. Once Dick Grayson has killed Batman, we see this was all an illusion in which the Big Bad, Trigone, was luring out Nightwing’s evil side. Looks like we have our work cut out for us tonight when Raven hopefully will pull him back to the “light side” like Luke unto Vader.

Oh. And holy hell, the mid credit teaser was that the clone version of Superboy is apparently loose as well. This season is gonna rock!!!!

On today’s episode, “Trigon,” with Rachel’s father, Trigon (guest star Seamus Dever) having successfully turned Dick dark, he sets out to win the others over to his side by embracing their inner darkness. With everyone under Trigon’s control, Rachel and Gar find themselves fighting what seems like a hopeless battle against the powers of Trigon.

Don’t miss the second season premiere this morning on DCU at 9AM/8AMc.

I’ll also be watching The UnXplained & Ancient Aliens, cause I love this crazy shit!! Yo, that Wu Tang: An American Saga tho… Three episodes on the Hulu, I still haven’t finished yet.

Jenny’s Choice #2

So my second pick is kind of odd and out of the blue, mainly because I doubt you’ve heard of it. I hadn’t heard of it until I got a press email the day after it dropped overnight on Amazon Prime. Age of the Living Dead is a vampire/human TV series that had its initial run on Fox in Asia, of all places, even though it’s set in the US and is an English-language series. But now it’s available on Amazon Prime in the US and the UK, and since I’ve already binged all six episodes, I can tell you it’s worth the watch!

Ten years before the show starts, vampires came out to the public in a dramatic fashion, by decimating about half the population of the United States. To protect themselves, the rest of the world joined forces and basically quarantined the US, cutting it off from Canada & Mexico as well as any help from the rest of its allies or enemies. Since that time, humans and vampires in the US have co-existed on opposite coasts thanks to a peace treaty…but as you quickly learn, the time for peace is quickly coming to an end on both sides.

There’s a bit of a Romeo and Juliet romance, a lot of violence, and a ton of shocks and surprises, and I was super unhappy that it basically ends in a major (yes, MAJOR) cliffhanger. I’ve read that there will be a season 2, but not until 2020. Eek. Still worth the watch, though!

The show stars Nicola Posener (Mythica), Everett Moss, Massimo Dobrovic, Eve Mauro (The Oath), Bill Oberst Jr (Criminal Minds), William McNamara (Copycat), Simon Phillips (No Easy Days), Deji LaRay (Bosch), Julia Farino (Veep), and Estella Warren (Planet of the Apes). It’s a great cast, even though I hadn’t heard of most of those names. I did recognize a few people, but I enjoyed them all, especially Nicola Posener, Simon Phillips, & Everett Moss. And Massimo Dobrovic is especially creepy as one of the head vamps.

Be sure to check out the entire first season now on Amazon Prime!

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