If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/11/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

Overnight last night, the first season of Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral came to a close with the final wedding. On last week’s penultimate episode, Maya and Kash woke up in bed with each other, professing their love. Maya planned to finally tell Ainsley about them, but the situation never seemed to be right. Ainsley was trying to make things right with Bryce, setting up a romantic date in his garden, but when Bryce arrived home along with an “age-appropriate” women, she quickly took off. Ainsley tried going on other dates, but the men were horrible. However, while she was on a particularly awkward first date with a snobby banker, Bryce showed up to rescue her. This time he did the talking, professing his love and letting her know the woman she saw him with was his sister. The two kissed and made up. (Maybe now Maya can tell her?)

Meanwhile, Maya got a call about an interview for her dream job in New York City. The interview went really well, and she was offered the position, thanks in part to a recommendation from her boss, Andrew. Maya asked Kash to move with her to New York. He was all ready to say yes, until he told his brother, who yelled at him and called him selfish. His father overheard Kash talking to Maya about trying a long-distance relationship and encouraged his son to go and be happy and not to worry about him and his brother. So Kash headed off to the theater with Maya to celebrate.

Elsewhere, Craig and Zara were at the doctor’s office getting a sonogram, and Zara could see that her husband was unhappy. He wanted his first daughter, Molly, to be a part of his life as well, but he had already signed away his rights to see her. So Zara secretly went to speak with Julie, who agreed to let Craig come see his daughter play soccer as long as he stayed in the background and didn’t talk to her. Craig was like the excited, overly proud father and eventually Julie removed her gag order, allowing Craig to meet Molly, though introducing him simply as a friend from church.

Meanwhile, it turned out that Andrew was going to be the swing vote to pass the anti-immigration bill. So his original plan to vote with his party was now in question. He proposed to Tony as a way to show him that everything would still be OK if the bill passed – that he would be legal. Tony rejected the proposal, noting that Andrew couldn’t marry all of the immigrants in London to keep them there. However, Andrew ultimately decided to vote with his conscience and voted down the bill, much to the disappointment of his party.

In other news, Gemma was starting to fall for Duffy. He was a good tutor for her son and even fixed things around the house like her husband used to. When she found out he was going on a date, she got a bit jealous and fired him. Later, she joined Duffy to chaperone a school trip to the theater, where the two realized they had feelings for one another and kissed. However, they happened to be near the theater where Kash and Maya were celebrating their future, and Gemma saw them kissing.

Craig, Duffy, and Gemma all received a text from Ainsley demanding they come over immediately because they needed to talk about Maya. When everyone arrived, they assumed Ainsley had found out about Maya’s relationship with Kash. However, what they would soon discover is that Andrew had stopped by earlier looking for Maya’s advice about the vote and mentioned that she had quit and taken the job in New York City. It quickly became clear to Ainsley that everyone else knew a secret about Maya, and Gemma finally spilled the beans. When Maya arrived, Ainsley went off on her about her betrayal. When Maya tried to explain that Kash was the guy she had met at the airport years earlier, that just sent Ainsley into a rage – that she had been keeping this relationship a secret for years. Ainsley demanded that Maya get all her stuff and leave immediately and that she never wanted to see her again. Maya took a cab to Kash’s place and told him she couldn’t see him anymore and then drove off crying.

And so the main couple is once again broken up, but we still have one more wedding to go. It seems odd for Maya to break up with Kash now that Ainsley already knows – isn’t it already too late to change Ainsley’s opinion of her? It seems unlikely that this is how Kash’s and Maya’s story will end. I mean, how could these two not end up together?! That said, last week’s episode did set up several other candidates for the show’s final wedding – Ainsley and Bryce, Andrew and Tony, and my personal favorite, Duffy and Gemma – those two are hilarious together! While I want to like Ainsley, I find her behavior incredibly selfish, as she makes her “friends” walk on eggshells around her. She has already moved on and found love with Bryce, so why can’t she just be happy that Maya has found someone, even if it is her ex?! It looks like we will jump ahead a year for the finale, and I hope in that time things have calmed down and relationships have bloomed. I look forward to seeing how it all comes to an end in this week’s finale, and I really hope it’s a happy ending for everyone. Isn’t that how a good romcom is supposed to end?!

In this week’s finale, “New Jersey,” a year after Maya and Ainsley’s blowup, the fractured friend group hopes that a wedding may be the perfect occasion for a reunion.

See how it all ends now on Hulu.

I’ll also be watching/recording Big Brother, Hollywood Game Night, MasterChef, BH90210, and Hypnotize Me.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Phoebe’s Choice

Last week, Hulu dropped the first three episodes of their new series Wu-Tang: An American Saga at once, but moving forward there will be one episode a week. This is an exciting and informative, though fictionalized, history of the biggest hip-hop crew in the world. I have both been learning some new things and am being forced to go do more research to sort the myth from the truth as I watch. Since episode two ended with the death of popular neighborhood hustler Jah Son being killed for a robbery he performed in the premiere, it was fitting that chapter three started with a video game graphics enhanced mini-story about how close he and Ghostface actually were. In that moment, we saw how it must be a fictionalized history, because the Ghost album “Ironman” that they show Jah helping get to contract stage didn’t happen till 1996, and they haven’t even recorded 92’s “Protect Ya Neck” yet. After Game Over = Jah is shot, we fast-forwarded to the funeral, where Ghostface flipped out on U-God and told him Stapleton would rather starve than sell Crescent’s cocaine anymore.

Hearing about the money that A Tribe Called Quest was getting advanced on their next album, RZA, ODB, & GZA were encouraged to write more rhymes. Raekwon found himself stuck in his position as a crack chef under Crescent in the Shaolin side of the rock game. U-God, one of Crescent’s generals, put his ear to the streets and found that his boss really had lost popular favor. He decided an Eric B. and Rakim concert hosted by Crescent was the PR solution. In prison, Divine’s lawyer advised him to falsely admit that the crack he was caught with was his personal stash. He didn’t want to admit that, but his mother insisted that he cop the plea. The guys found out that the Eric B show would also feature a rap battle. On the night of the battle, we learned some of the OG rap names that the Wu members used: Ghostface was D-Love, RZA was Dynamite, GZA was Allah Justice. The director chose to juxtapose the rap battle against a riot in prison that Divine got stabbed in. Crescent’s $5000 battle was a fix we discovered when his friends from Flatbush showed up to take the prize after their song. Then RZA got boo’d offstage for a ridiculous “1 sperm in a million” rap. I am serious. This rap was not a good rap, and in this show, this was a ridiculous jab at Canibus maybe? IDEK. That was a weird moment.

After the show, a few future Wu members were getting together and talking about the way it went. RZA pointed out that they could have beaten the Flatbush crew if they had worked together as a squad. They faded out the credits over GZA, ODB, & Rza singing “All In Together.” This was a clique that those cousins established well before Wu-Tang and in many ways is the heart of what the Wu work: the all-for-one camaraderie. I had to go watch the documentary series about the group, Of Mics and Men, to get a full perspective on how lit the street war they evolved from actually was. I highly recommend this show, this is the truth. (But a fictional version for legal purposes.)

This week’s episode is out now on Hulu, so check it out!

I’ll definitely be watching Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and might watch this Lights Out with David Spade jawn too.

Megan’s Choice

It is almost time for all the primetime shows to start their new seasons, but this week the daytime talk shows are starting theirs – including a brand-new one featuring Kelly Clarkson. The Kelly Clarkson Show premiered on Monday, and let me tell you that it is incredibly entertaining.

Kelly is bringing her loveable, quirky charm to our televisions every day, and I am excited beyond belief. Monday’s show was all about strong women and featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as her first guest. Kelly’s casual style of chatting like she’s sitting around a table with a lifelong friend is endearing, and her sense of humor makes me giggle constantly. Give this show a chance now from the beginning!

On today’s episode, Kelly is joined by guests Jennifer Garner; Matt Iseman, and Sandy Zimmerman. Kelly also invites Meryl Streep to join her in studio, and we learn about planting sustainable foods.

To see Kelly shine, tune in to ABC at 4/3c (or tonight on The CW at 12AM/11PMc).

I’ll also be watching America’s Got Talent, MasterChef, and Hypnotize Me.

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