If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/23/19

Welcome back, fall TV! We’ve sure missed you around here! Because there’s so much on this week, we have multiple picks almost every night. Mostly we’ll feature some new shows, but some returning faves may or may not make the list as well. So check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice #1

My first pick tonight is the new drama on CBS, All Rise, although I’d coin it almost a dramedy, rather than a straight drama. I’ve seen the first couple of episodes, and there’s a lot to laugh about in addition to the courtroom drama action. The show stars Simone Missick (Misty Knight on Marvel’s Luke Cage & Marvel’s The Defenders) as Lola Carmichael, former deputy district attorney turned newly appointed judge. Despite what her new judicial assistant Sherri (Ruthie Ann Miles, probably most famous for her roles on Broadway, but she was also in a few episodes of The Americans as well) advises her, Lola is determined to push the boundaries and challenge the expectations of what a judge can be. Unlike the older, stuffier judges who push cases through in rapid fire, Lola is determined to give each case her all, no matter how backed up her case files are. It’s that caring concern mixed with the humor she brings that makes her fun to watch.

Also starring are Wilson Bethel (Hart of Dixie) as Mark Callan, a deputy district attorney who has been best friends with Lola since college; Marg Helgenberger (CSI) as Supervisory Judge Lisa Benner, an influential, powerful woman tasked with overseeing Lola’s transition into her new job; Jessica Camacho (Taken, The Flash, Sleepy Hollow) as Emily Lopez, a young, empathetic public defender; J. Alex Brinson (Travelers) as Luke Watkins, a court bailiff by day, law student by night who takes a liking to Emily; and Lindsay Mendez (best known for her roles on Broadway) as Sara Castillo, a court reporter and reliable source of intel and advice.

I really loved this pilot. It’s funny, but it’s got heart too, and I can’t wait to see more.

On tonight’s episode, “Pilot,” newly appointed Judge Lola Carmichael works to get justice for people amidst a flawed legal process.

Meet Lola, Mark, and the others tonight on CBS at 9/8c.
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Megan’s Choice #1

I cannot express how excited I am that this week brings back all of our favourite shows, as well as a bunch of new stellar premieres. Tonight I’m going to recommend one of my favourite shows, 9-1-1, which brought us a roller coaster of a season last year – with many emotional ups and downs for our beloved first responders. Buck had his leg destroyed by a fire truck; Athena and Bobby got married and then Bobby got suspended from the fire department for his previous deceptions. I think my favourite part of last season though had to be Chimney and Maddy finally becoming a couple. This season coming I have high hopes for this drama, seeing as the writers have managed to keep us glued to our screens every episode so far.

On tonight’s season premiere, “Kids Today,” Athena enlists the 118’s help when a teenager speeds out of control on the freeway. Meanwhile, a routine traffic stop uncovers a shocking kidnapping, and Buck struggles with his recovery.

To see if Buck can overcome the challenges he’s facing, tune in to FOX at 8/7c.

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight, FOX kicks off the new drama Prodigal Son. Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne, The Walking Dead) didn’t have a normal childhood – as a young boy, he discovered that his father was the notorious serial killer known as “The Surgeon.” To rebel against his father, Malcolm changed his last name and became a criminal psychologist for the FBI. He has a knack for getting into the minds of killers and understanding their motivations (I guess he got that from his father), but his odd, erratic behavior gets him fired from the Bureau. Malcolm may even be a little crazy himself – he sleeps with restraints and is constantly popping pills to help him with his night terrors and tremors.

Malcolm heads back home, where he reconnects with his overbearing mother, Jessica (Bellamy Young, Scandal), and reporter sister, Ainsley (Halston Sage, The Orville). Old family friend, NYPD Detective Gil Arroyo (Lou Diamond Phillips, Longmire), asks Malcolm to consult for the department on a particularly interesting and personal case – a copycat has been recreating one of Malcolm’s father’s most infamous crimes. Malcolm is partnered with Detective Dani Powell (Aurora Perrineau, The Carmichael Show) and Detective JT Tarmel (Frank Harts, Master of None), who immediately notice his odd, unorthodox behavior, but are unaware of his past. However, in order to solve the case and stop the killer, Malcolm may need to come face-to-face with his manipulative father, Dr. Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen, Masters of Sex), whom he has avoided for the past 10 years.

I first saw tonight’s pilot back in June at the ATX Television Festival and really enjoyed it. I rewatched it last night and still found it quite entertaining the second time around. What I really like about this show is its unique tone – it is a drama and a thriller, but there is also a lot of humor. Tom Payne really plays up the crazy and has a lot of fun in the role, and Michael Sheen is perfectly crazy in a completely different way – he really feels like this dangerous, insane serial killer who is working his magic to manipulate his son into getting back in his life.

On tonight’s premiere, “Pilot,” criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright helps the NYPD solve crimes, while also dealing with a manipulative mother, an annoyingly normal sister, and a homicidal father.

Check out this great new show tonight on FOX at 9:01/8:01c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Good Doctor, Bob Hearts Abishola, All Rise, Bluff City Law, 9-1-1, and Final Space.

Jenny’s Choice #2

My second pick may be controversial, but I really liked the episodes I’ve seen so far of Bob Hearts Abishola, one of CBS’s new comedies. Billy Gardell (Mike and Molly) stars as Bob, a middle-aged compression-sock businessman from Detroit, who meets and unexpectedly falls for his cardiac nurse, Abishola (Folake Olowofoyeku), a Nigerian immigrant, while recovering from a heart attack. Bob’s family (mom Dottie – played by the incomparable Christine Ebersole, The Mayor Sullivan & Son, Royal Pains; sister Christine – Maribeth Monroe, The Brink, World’s End; and brother Douglas – Matt Jones, Mom, The Farm) is a bit of a mess. Funny, but a mess. Of course, Abishola’s family isn’t perfect. After coming to America to find a better life for her and her son, Dele (Travis Wolfe Jr.), they moved into a small apartment with her super-protective and hysterical relatives, Auntie Olu (Shola Adewusi – that last name is one of my favorites to say, ever. LOL) and Uncle Tunde (Barry Shabaka Henley, Barbershop). Abishola is also surrounded by close friends, including ellow nurse Gloria (Vernee Watson, General Hospital) and Kemi (Gina Yashere).

The course of true love obviously doesn’t run smoothly, or there wouldn’t be a show. But it’s a love story that shows sometimes, opposites do attract – even if that isn’t obvious from the start. It’s a fun story and a terrific cast. Give it a chance, even if you are a bit wary of Chuck Lorre shows. LOL

On tonight’s episode, “Pilot,” Bob, a middle-aged compression-sock businessman from Detroit, unexpectedly falls for his cardiac nurse, Abishola, a Nigerian immigrant, while recovering from a heart attack and sets his sights on winning her over

Don’t miss it tonight on CBS at 8:30/7:30c.

I’ll also be watching 9-1-1, Halloween Baking Championship, A Very Brady Renovation, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, & Prodigal Son.

Megan’s Choice #2

Tonight marks the beginning of a new journey on The Voice, because Adam Levine is not a judge this season – that sound you heard was my heart breaking. It is no secret over all the seasons that I have covered of The Voice that I have always favoured Adam and his banter with Blake, but I suppose my love for Kelly Clarkson is going to have to be enough to soothe my wounded heart. It’s a good thing that we are also getting Gwen Stefani, John Legend, and of course Blake Shelton this year as well. I have to be honest… I’m a little concerned that Blake and Gwen’s relationship will be too cringeworthy to watch unfold during the blinds. Hopefully John and Kelly can offset that couple’s sickeningly sweet nonsense.

On the season premiere, the talent is exceptional and the competition is fierce as the coaches vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon in the “Blind Auditions.”

To find out if this combination of judges works for you, tune in to NBC at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching The Prodigal Son, The Neighborhood, All Rise, Bluff City Law, The Good Doctor, Bob Hearts Abishola, Bull, and Halloween Baking Championship.

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4 Responses to If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/23/19

  1. Kerry says:

    Bob Hearts Abishola has a laugh track, so I only lasted a minute before moving on to another of the new shows.

    • Kyle says:

      Yeah, I’m not generally a fan of the laugh track comedies (it makes it so much more obvious how forced the laughter is), and have never been much of a Chuck Lorre fan in general. I would be way more interested in a comedy just centered around Abishola and her family, without Bob. He came off as a creepy stalker to me.

      • Jenny says:

        Bob is a lot less stalkery in the upcoming episodes that I’ve seen, and her aunt & uncle become more so, but in a totally funny way, imo. 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      I never pay attention to the laugh tracks. *shrug* lol