If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/16/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice

It’s time for another big #OneChicago crossover event, and I couldn’t be more excited. There’s no need to do much of a recap, since I doubt any of the continuing story lines for each show will follow up this week, but there were some highlights. On Chicago Med, by the end of the episode, Maggie had given up the pretense of being okay. Looks like she’s going to move her treatments there to Med instead of across town, and she’s going to train April to do her job. She still isn’t telling anyone, but it’s a step in the right direction. Speaking of April… She & Dr. Marcel kind of got into it about a patient, but April found out at the end that Marcel hadn’t exactly done what she’d thought, so now she’s okay working with him – I hope he doesn’t come between her & Ethan, not when they’re in such a good place finally. And finally, Will & Natalie…& unfortunately Phillip. Natalie makes a mistake about a patient, and the parents ask for a new doctor for their son. Will takes over and tells her he’ll be overseeing all her cases until he’s sure she’s back to 100%. She thinks he’s punishing her for Phillip, and he kinda is. Not punishing, really, just not trusting either of them – Phillip because he’s a psychopath and Natalie because she’s suffering from the TBI and crazypants Phillips.

On Chicago Fire, the biggest story line was Brett and Foster treating a boy at a juvenile detention center who they believed to have been set up by a guard. And they were right. In the process of that, they met a cute young social worker, and he & Brett hit it off. The other big story lines were: 1) Mouch & Trudy going in together to buy in to Molly’s with Hermann. It was pretty heartwarming; 2) Boden chose Kidd to represent the district at a leadership conference, which shocked the heck out of her. She’ll kick ass, though, as she always does; And 3) Casey kind of hit it off with one of the reps who installed some new tech at the firehouse, but she was pretty wackadoodle. LOL

Finally, on Chicago PD, a botched carjacking turned out to be much more, involving a female drug kingpin who only worked with young women. Unfortunately for those young women, when one of them displeased her, she killed them (or had them killed). Newbie Vanessa Rojas struggled to fit in with Intelligence but eventually helped take the woman down.

And that brings us to this week. Crossovers can be hit or miss, but I think this one’s going to be a hit. From everything I’ve read, it seems like it’s truly going to be a crossover, with many characters from each show appearing in all the episodes, not just one or two in one of the other episodes. And they’re switch things up so that Chicago Fire is up first, followed by Med and then PD to bring up the rear as always.

On tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire, “Infection Part I,” a rare but deadly bacteria takes its toll on numerous victims around the city, leaving Chicago’s finest first responders to work together alongside the CDC to resolve the dangerous situation. Following a fire at a local university that ties into the outbreak, Severide has suspicions that something bigger is happening.

Then on tonight’s episode of Chicago Med, “Infection Part II,” an entire apartment complex is forced into quarantine when cases of the deadly virus turns into an epidemic. P.D. chases a lead that could point to a case of bioterrorism and Will gets dangerously close to the suspect.

And finally on tonight’s episode of Chicago PD, “Infection Part III,” a fter zeroing in on the suspect responsible for the bioterrorism that’s gripping Chicago, the PD prepares to undertake their biggest manhunt yet. Upton is torn between helping track down the perp and providing emotional support to the scared young girl that needs her. Voight fears his team is being sent on a wild goose chase.

Don’t miss the exciting “zombie apocalypse” crossover event tonight on NBC starting at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching Limetown, The Goldbergs, Schooled, Guy’s Grocery Games, Modern Family, Nancy Drew, SEAL Team, Single Parents, S.W.A.T., & Stumptown.
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Kyle’s Choice

Early this morning, the YouTube original series Impulse returned for its second season. In the first season, teenager Henrietta “Henry” Coles and her mother moved to the small upstate town of Reston, New York. One day Henry was in a truck with high school basketball star Clay Boone, when he tried to force himself upon her. She started to convulse and have a seizure, and the truck started to collapse from the inside and crush Clay, breaking his spine and leaving him a paraplegic. Meanwhile, Henry was somehow safely teleported back home. Henry learned that she had telekinetic powers that manifest themselves when her emotions get high. She could move objects and even teleport herself but had no control over these abilities. Her soon-to-be stepsister Jenna and autistic friend Townes learned Henry’s secret and tried to help her make sense of it all. Meanwhile, Deputy Anna Hulce was investigating Clay’s accident, but some things just didn’t seem to add up. And a mysterious teleporter named Nikolai showed up – he appeared to be working for some unknown party interested in Henry’s abilities.

As last season came to a close, Clay’s father Bill – a local car dealer and drug trafficker – learned what Henry did to his son. So he was out for revenge after Henry destroyed his son’s promising sports career. Bill came to Henry’s house and held her and her mother up at gunpoint, demanding that Henry show him her abilities. Henry ended up doing just that. She teleported, taking Bill’s arm with her, but not before his gun went off.

The second season picks up right where the first season ended, as Nikolai and Henry deal with the aftermath of the encounter with Bill. Matters are likely only going to get more complicated for Henry – both with the snooping cop and this new crime scene, as well as with Bill’s dangerous sons who may be out for revenge. As Nikolai tries to help Henry get more control over her powers, Henry still doesn’t know who he is working for, what he wants, and if he can really be trusted. The mystery behind Henry’s powers, where they come from, if there are others, and who is after her are still looming. Can Henry and her friends figure out some answers before it’s too late?

On last night’s/this morning’s premiere, “Mind on Fire,” still reeling from her violent encounter with Bill Boone, Henry tries to let off some steam at a party.

Check out the season premiere now on YouTube.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Goldbergs, Schooled, Modern Family, Single Parents, Stumptown, Survivor, The Masked Singer, Almost Family, Riverdale, Nancy Drew, and American Horror Story: 1984.

Megan’s Choice

Stumptown is one of those shows that has a cast who make it impossible not to enjoy every episode. This cast isn’t only talented but incredibly attractive as well – I’m looking at you, Detective Hoffman. Dex is a very strong leading lady, and Cobie Smulders does a fantastic job of portraying this badass enigma of a woman. I love how on the one hand, Dex is gambling and fighting, and then on the other she is taking care of her younger brother who has Down Syndrome. Last week, Dex convinced local PI Artie Banks to take her under his wing and help her get her hours in to become licensed. They were going after a wealthy guy named Randall Tapper, who was a sleaze behind his polish and who was trying to get custody of his daughter from his ex-wife, who was a young college student until Tapper swept her off her feet. Unfortunately, when they got evidence of Tapper hitting his new girlfriend, which would guarantee to make Tapper stop from taking the little girl from her mother in order to preserve his public image, Banks took the evidence and went to Tapper, selling it to him rather than basically blackmailing him over it. Dex didn’t like that at all and is now aiming to get back at him and take down Tapper herself. Also, Det. Hoffman looked into Grey after his former associate’s murder. Grey is off the hook for it, since there’s surveillance video footage of him going into the bar and not leaving till morning, but Hoffman is going to push him into helping find and take down the guy’s murderer.

This season is shaping up to be a good starting point for the freshman series, and I look forward to seeing how the show evolves over the rest of the season.

On tonight’s episode, “Family Ties,” Dex faces off against Artie Banks to take down wealthy real estate mogul Randall Tapper. Meanwhile, Detective Hoffman leads an investigation to find Wallace Kane, a prisoner on the loose.

To see how Artie and Dex make out in their feud, tune in to ABC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching S.W.A.T., SEAL Team, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Nancy Drew, Single Parents, Almost Family, The Masked Singer, and Riverdale.

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