If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/8/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Megan’s Choice

I’m torn as to whether or not I am happy with the direction this season of Charmed is taking. On the one hand, it has had a lot of exciting moments, but on the other, I am tired of the sisters not having their powers. Macy still has some powers because of her demon side and Maggie is starting to get bits of power back, but Mel is still just using potions. I want to see the Charmed Ones back to their full strength. Given that the last episode ended with Macy being kidnapped by Harry’s dark lighter, now would be a great time for them to get back to normal so they can save Macy before it’s too late. I’m hoping once their powers return, they will be able to move forward with saving the world again.

On tonight’s episode, “The Truth about Kat and Dogs,” Mel and Maggie attempt to find a missing Macy with a spell while Harry uses a different method – allowing Abigael to help him access his subconscious in an attempt to connect with his dark side.

Find out if they can find Macy tonight on The CW at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching Magnum P.I., Blue Bloods, and Hawaii Five-0.
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Phoebe’s Choice

DCU’s flagship show Titans completes its second season today, and the future looks promising from where I’m seated. The team has been through some intense ups and downs, and of late it has been no different. Dick Grayson, the original Robin turned detective and adult superhero Nightwing, is the group’s leader. Last week he shattered the team’s moral when he confessed that he was responsible for their friend Jericho’s death. Almost everyone packed up to leave, for various reasons and destinations. Only Gar remained to watch over the comatose Superboy, who they dealt with a few episodes ago. It seems every three episodes, this group is breaking up or getting back together. Quick, somebody check on the dating habits of the show runner. J/k.

Starfire learned that her sister had taken over her home planet, and she went with her ex/friend that was also from that world, seeking to find his ship. Superboy woke up, and Gar tried to coach him toward being a hero. He failed to call Bruce Wayne right away. Bad move, Gar. Real bad move. Hawk and Dove returned to Wyoming, where they were from. At first it was nice, but soon the skeletons in their shared closet came back to haunt them. Dick tried to make amends with Jericho’s mom, but she did not accept his apology and confession. Deathstroke was there as well, and he tried to make Dick miserable, but Dick found his peace in the fact that none of them did right by Jericho. They had all failed him.

When Gar took Superboy out in public, it turned into a cop murder spree, ’cause let’s face it, this clone is no Clark Kent. In fact, with half his genes coming from Lex Luthor, he can actually be a real cruel POS. (But he’s really good at video games.) Starfire figured out the guy she’d been traveling with was possessed by her sister Darkfire, and the two had an argument. Starfire vowed to come kick her sister’s ass once she found a new spaceship. Dick was just about to board a plane to Greenland when he saw the news about Superboy killing cops. So he decided to attack a cop and then let other cops arrest him. Idk if that’s his clever way to get in jail with Superboy, but I don’t think he was apprehended, buddy. So I can’t wait to see how they resolve this, and I hope, hope, hope that Doom Patrol comes back soon.

On tonight’s episode, “Fallen,” Titans Tower comes under attack by Mercy Graves.

See how they handle the attack on Titans Tower today on DCU at 9AM/8AMc

I’ll also be watching Ancient Aliens & Black Jesus (RIP John Witherspoon).

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