If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/29/20

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

On last week’s episode of The Magicians, Alice used dark magic to bring Quentin back in golem form in hopes that he would be able to translate the document she had found. However, things didn’t quite go as planned, and Q came back as the 12-year-old version of himself, unable to read the document. Julia immediately recognized her childhood friend and was upset at Alice for using dark magic to bring him back. However, Quentin’s visit was short-lived. He was only there to help Alice properly say goodbye to Q and then vanish.

In Fillory, Margo was locked in a magic-proof cell with no way to get out. However, earlier Eliot had come across Jane Chatwin’s cabin, where he obtained three magical stamps that could be delivered to anyone, anywhere, at any time. So after a couple misfires, they used the stamps to warn Josh, and he, Fen, Tick, and some others managed to transport themselves ahead 300 years and avoid being executed. Now they have to put together a plan to take back the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Kady was in New York City with Pete. They were supposed to be trying to track down who stole the book deposit from the Library, but instead Kady was at a hedge witch bar, where she met and went home with a guy. When she woke up, her memory had been wiped and she had a massive hangover…even though she hadn’t been drinking. The guy she was with also didn’t remember anything. So Penny used a spell to help see what went on the previous night. They soon discovered that her one-night stand was some kind of Manchurian Candidate sleeper agent. He once again activated and attacked Kady. But before she could get him to reveal who he was working for, the man killed himself.

As the episode came to a close, we discovered that Eliot had lied about using the second stamp, so there was still one left, and Eliot held an envelope addressed to “Quentin Coldwater Before He Went To the Seam.”

Who sent the sleeper agents to wipe Pete’s and Kady’s memories and why? And what did they want with the stuff they had stolen? Will Alice finally accept the Library’s offer to be the new Librarian? Will Margo, Eliot, and the others be able to defeat the Dark King and take back their kingdom? Will Eliot mail his letter to Quentin? And will we ever see Q again? The latter seems unlikely, as the producers seem adamant that Jason Ralph isn’t returning, but I wouldn’t put it past these showrunners to work the long con.

On tonight’s episode episode, “The Mountain of Ghosts,” Eliot and Alice go for a hike; Fen gets a haircut.

See why Fen’s haircut is important tonight on Syfy at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Goldbergs, Schooled, Single Parents, Riverdale, Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens, Party of Five, and 68 Whiskey.
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Phoebe’s Choice

OK, full disclosure: Awkwafina is my celebrity crush. I used to send her gawkward tweets of admiration and just generally think she’s the funniest actress out there these days. So when I found out she was getting her own show, Awkwafina is Nora from Queens, I went nuts. The show is based off her actual life as a Chinese/Korean American born in New York. This fictional version of Nora (her real name), however, is not a successful rapper and actress but instead is a Commutes driver who lives with her dad and Gma. Somehow, they landed the amazing BD Wong (Mr. Robot, Oz, Gotham) to play her dad and have already been contracted for season two before episode two has even aired.

The pilot began with Nora being admitted into heaven, but she wound up cursing God out and calling her a bitch. She then woke up to her Gma yelling at her about her horribly messy room. She declared she was going to move out. She moved in, sleeping on the couch of a friend she thought was a successful lawyer. She soon learned, though, that she actually made her money on a website as a cam girl. When Nora lost her Commutes (think Uber/Lyft) job, she decided to try to do cam work. She accidentally lit her tail on fire and ruined the apartment, thus was left sleeping in her car with no pants. After the car got towed and she was left in the streets, pant-less, she called her dad, who came to pick her up. She decided to live with her family again but this time cleaned her room.

It was a pretty solid start to what I think will be a very funny series. I mean, we need something to fill the void Broad City left in our viewing schedule, right?

On tonight’s episode, “Atlantic City,” Nora and Grandma go to Atlantic City, where Nora gambles and runs into an old acquaintance on the boardwalk; Grandma and her friends battle to use a casino power outlet.

Visit Atlantic City with Nora and her grandma tonight on Comedy Central at 10:30/9:30c.

I’ll also be tuning in for Vikings & Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

Jenny’s Choice

Last week on S.W.A.T., Street was still undercover with his foster brother Nate’s boss, Nolan, at the bar, the drug distributer. The team finally got clued in, that Street hadn’t really quit SWAT, etc. Deacon and Tan understood, but while Chris understood, she was still ticked off that they hadn’t been told sooner. After meeting the big boss, Ludlow, and figuring out when the big drug shipment was coming in, SWAT set up around the docks while Street showed up with Nolan. When Street gave the signal, SWAT swooped in. Unfortunately for them, there were no drugs in the piggy banks, which was what were in the boxes being unloaded. That meant not only was Street outed, but the bad guys all had to be let go. Meanwhile, Nate was killed by Nolan when he sneaked off to the bar to get evidence against Nolan and Nolan tracked him back to the motel he was staying at. Street took off, obviously going to kill Nolan. Hondo went after him, but Street was just sitting in the car, watching and deciding what to do. It was good that he did, because they’d found evidence against Nolan and Street got to arrest him instead. Also, before going after Street, Hondo had figured out that the drugs were actually soaked into the boxes the piggy banks had been shipped in, so SWAT and the police were able to find the warehouse and Ludlow and arrest or kill all the bad guys.

It was a really good story line arc, but I have a feeling Street will be feeling it for a long time since Nate died while he was trying to protect him. How all of it will affect his relationship with the team, I don’t know. I do know that tonight’s episode will be fun because portions were actually filmed in Tokyo.

On tonight’s episode, “Ekitai Rashku,” Hondo, Deacon, Tan, and Commander Hicks engage in a manhunt across Tokyo when they escort an extradited fugitive to Japan, where he escapes local custody. Back in Los Angeles, the rest of SWAT search for any contacts the criminal cultivated while hiding out in Los Angeles, and Street isolates himself from the team as he deals with family issues.

See how our boys do overseas tonight on CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching The Goldbergs, Schooled, America’s Top Dog, Criminal Minds, Guy’s Grocery Games, Single Parents, & 68 Whiskey.

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