If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/3/20

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Phoebe’s Choice

Tonight, the second half of Rick and Morty season four premieres on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) at 11:30pm EST, with all five remaining episodes set to debut in the month of May. After that we have no idea how long we might wait to get a fifth season. They are contracted for 70 more episodes, but we just don’t know how long that will take to happen, or if (considering our current Cronenberg of a global pandemic) that is really feasible anymore.

Anywhoodles, let’s hope that the rest of the season is as hilarious as the midseason finale was, when one imagines that Summer entered the writing room and said, “Okay, what if we do Snakes on a Plane meets Terminator?” To which Rick would have replied, “Wow, that’s a pretty specific pitch, Summer.” But they made it anyway, and it was spectacular! With at least 5 minutes of the episode laid out in semi-intelligible “snake talk–only” sequences where they showed us what happened on Snake Planet, they threw exposition out the forking window sideways. They also tangled time in a way that would summon the Testicle Time Lords from the Season 2 premiere. This was a rare call back from a show that has stayed (relatively) fresh by not depending on continuity to drive the episodes.

I rated the first half of this season as 3/5 classics with two “filler” status episodes. I don’t expect them to beat that ratio this second half, but here’s to hoping that they do. #EnjoyYourApocalypse everyone!

Don’t miss the midseason premiere, “Never Ricking Morty,” tonight on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) at 11:30/10:30c.
I’ll also be watching Supergirl, Batwoman, Bob’s Burgers, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and especially, robotically, the Westworld season three finale.

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