TVLine’s TV All-Star Team Voting

This is so much fun for us TV fans! Because of baseball, TVLine is asking their readers to put together their own TV All-Star Teams. You should go check it out. I’ve already voted. I’ll put my team here. Feel free to share yours below in the comments if you want, but make sure you add your lineup to TVLine’s comments! It won’t count here, only there. If you post it here, it’s just for funsies! LOL Read and vote on

My lineup:

1 SUPERHERO: Clark Kent (Superman) – Smallville
4 COPS, FEDERAL AGENTS and/or SPIES: Sydney Bristow – Alias; Michael Weston – Burn Notice; Annie Walker – Covert Affairs; Luke Alvez – Criminal Minds
3 DOCTORS, FIRST RESPONDERS and/or MEDICAL TYPES: Gregory House – House; Doogie Howser – Doogie Howser, MD; Perry Cox – Scrubs
3 SITCOM CHARACTERS: Jake Peralta – Brooklyn Nine-Nine; Danny Tanner – Full House; Will Smith – Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
1 STRAIGHT-DRAMA CHARACTER: Raylan Givens – Justified
Any 3 MISC. CHARACTERS, to fill out the bench: Veronica Mars & Logan Echolls – Veronica Mars; Michael Vaughn – Alias
1 SHOWRUNNER: Hart Hanson – Bones

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