Tuesday on TV – 9/20/22

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Megan’s Choice

One thing that hasn’t changed and likely never will is my love of procedurals—I can’t help it. I just can’t get enough. I am aware that most of them are very similar, but for me it’s the cast that makes me fall in love with each particular show.

Speaking of casts I love, FBI returns tonight for its fifth season. I enjoy the case-of-the-week style this show presents, but I also truly enjoy the stories surrounding the characters themselves. Maggie and OA are always a great duo to watch, and I look forward to Maggie’s return this season. I am also looking forward to seeing more growth with Jubal and his family—I am expecting to see his son get into some trouble this season and see how it affects Jubal. Overall, this show never disappoints and keeps us guessing as to who the unsub is every episode. If you’re looking for a show that you can watch one episode of and not get lost, then this is the show for you—but be warned, you’ll get hooked just like I did.

On tonight’s season premiere, “Hero’s Journey,” the team pivots when their sting operation to secure a massive bomb from an illegal broker leads them to discover that the device is already in the wrong hands. Also, Jubal’s promise to be present at his son’s birthday party is put to the test as the case continues to heat up.

Find out how the case impacts Jubal’s home life tonight at 8/7c on CBS.

I’ll also be watching The Voice, The Resident, FBI: International, Monarch, FBI: Most Wanted, and New Amsterdam.
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Jenny’s Choice(s)

Megan recommends the O.G. of the FBI franchise. I do as well, but I’m also throwing my vote in for the two spinoffs, FBI: International & FBI: Most Wanted. Both had exciting finales, and both have characters who left and new characters coming in this season.

On International’s finale, Scott Forrester worked against orders to help his mother, who was trying to help Pavel Novikoff, a master spy and high-ranking member of the Kremlin’s inner circle, to defect. But Scott was up against Ken Dandridge, the new liaison to Washington, who truly seemed to have it out for him. In the end, Scott was able to work with Astrid Jensen, Dutch policewoman who was an old contact of Jaeger’s, and got Novikoff into US hands safely (barely). But it was sad because this was Jaeger’s last case, since she’d gotten a promotion at Interpol and will no longer be their liaison. Eva-Jane Willis is joining Season 2 as new Europol agent Megan “Smitty” Garretson, a “street-wise Europol agent with an extensive undercover background who is embedded with The Fly Team and liaises with each host country they inhabit.”

On Most Wanted’s finale, the team worked against Trofim Sarkov (a very bad Russian bad guy who threatened not only his own daughter, but Remy’s and Sheryll’s families), but thankfully, in the end, his daughter, the team, and their families were safe, while Sarkov was killed by his own government. Meanwhile, Remy was getting close with judge April
Brooks, who he met on a previous case. He spent the night before the chase for Sarkov started, and when the case was over, he went back to her house to take her out on a date. But all wasn’t rosy. Ortiz (Miguel Gomez) left the Fugitive Task Force to go home to LA to take care of his sick father. Gomez won’t be returning this season, but all is not lost. Edwin Hodge (Good Sam, Six, Chicago Fire, Jack & Bobby, & many more) is joining the team as Ray Cannon, who started his career in New Orleans as a cop-turned-junior detective, graduated last year at the top of his class at Quantico (following in his retired FBI agent father’s footsteps), and recently transferred to Remy’s team from the FBI’s Violent Crimes office in Albany.

On tonight’s premiere of FBI: International, “Unburdened,” the Fly Team and new Europol liaison Megan “Smitty” Garretson investigate when an American police detective on the Federal task force is murdered in Paris while looking into a U.S. company suspected of selling illegal weapons in France and the Middle East.

Then on the premiere of FBI: Most Wanted, “Iron Pipeline,” when a family of four from New York is found dead in a Georgia motel room, the Fugitive Task Force investigates a connection between the victims and the sale of illegal firearms. Also, Barnes struggles with Remy’s leadership style upon her return from maternity leave, and Remy and his sister plan for their mother’s care.

Don’t miss the exciting start to both seasons tonight on CBS at 9/8c & 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching FBI, Celebrity Beef, It’s CompliPlated, & Supermarket Stakeout.

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