NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 DVD Review

Yes, I’m back with another in the NCIS franchise. This time, I was thrilled to rewatch NCIS: LA (Los Angeles) season 13, just in time for season 14’s premiere in early October.

The five-disc collection includes every action-packed episode from the latest season, as well as exclusive special features, including the 300th episode celebration.

The jaw-dropping season kicks off as the LA division of NCIS continues to apprehend the dangerous and elusive criminals who pose a threat to the nation’s security. Meanwhile, Special Agent G. Callen (Chris O’Donnell) makes it his mission to hunt down Katya after his discovery of her use of deep fakes, which puts them all at risk. The NCIS team works together to make ends meet, leaving everyone on edge who will be the next to fall into one of Katya’s elusive traps.

The season 13 DVD includes deleted/extended scenes, my favorite the gag reel, and three great special features:

Lucky Number 13
This year, the NCIS: Los Angeles team finds themselves in the midst of intrigue and surprises. From dealing with Russian spies and the mysterious past of one of the team, this season is filled with suspense. This year also deals with important social issues, including adoption, hate crimes, and racial prejudice. The cast and producers provide candid insight into this unforgettable season.

Welcome Aboard, Admiral
Although he had appeared on several episodes in past seasons, this year, Gerald McRaney has become a series regular. In this amusing and perceptive interview, Mr. McRaney discusses why he decided to take on the role of Admiral Kilbride full time and why NCIS: Los Angeles is different from other television series he has been a part of in the past. The cast and producers also weigh in as to the addition of this gifted and talented actor.

300 And Counting
Few series can lay claim to having filmed 300 episodes and continue to be one of the top-rated shows on television. As NCIS: Los Angeles celebrates this milestone, we hear from the cast and producers about the success and the history behind this well-loved series.

Season 14 started October 9, but you can still rewatch season 13 now with the DVD from Amazon.


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