If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/1/22

The Rookie: Feds has been bringing the laughs while still providing the cases we have come to love from this franchise. Simone is the powerful female agent we didn’t know we needed but are glad she’s here. I love that on the last episode her father defended her relationship with her girlfriend. It May have been a little aggressive but I applaud the writers for taking such a clear stance on how haters need to be dealt with. If you haven’t watched this show yet then get with the program because this show is more than worth it!

On tonight’s episode, “The Reaper,” When Simone and Carter go undercover to find an international assassin known as The Reaper, a prisoner seeking bail recognizes Carter and nearly blows his cover. Laura and Brendon trace a lead on The Reaper’s assault rifle while Brendon works to heal his relationship with his father. Meanwhile, Simone’s demanding work schedule puts a strain on her relationship with Dina.

Tune into ABC at 10/9c and see if Simone can learn to balance work and personal life.

I’ll also be watching The Voice and New Amsterdam.

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